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Duskwood Episode 10 Walkthrough

We’ve got our culprit cornered. We’ve come so far, too. From finding out what Hannah was guilty of, to chasing a local legend and even linking two seemingly unrelated cases. We know who the culprit most likely is, and why he’s doing what he does.

That’s not to say we’ve been entirely successful. Our enemy moves in the shadows and the corners of our vision, and now his trap is sprung. It will take all we have now to save our friends and find Hannah!

A Foreword

Before we dive into the walkthrough, you should be aware of some things.

First: the final chapter of Duskwood has three decrypt sequences instead of two. This means that episode ten will be significantly bigger than any previous chapter.

Second: you must solve every single puzzle in each section. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. Once again, I’ll refer you to the excellent puzzle guide/overview written by Reddit user u/photohn. Find their post here.

Third and last: as this is the game’s final hurrah, now is the time to judiciously spend your credits. Once again, it’s better to buy lives than extra moves, but you do you.

Duskwood Episode Ten

duskwood episode 10
Face off.

Thomas will get the lights back on. But what did Michael Hanson do in the dark? And what else does he have planned?

duskwood blackout

Jake will reveal what Michael’s trap was: the map app on Hannah’s phone gave him the location of the safehouse. Now that the others are in imminent danger, they have to leave. Jake will bear the burden of the blame – after all, he told you to open the app. I told him to stand down. Nobody knew about it until it was too late, so it’s nobody’s fault.

Go to the friend group and tell them that Michael knows where they are now.

duskwood trap
I KNEW finding the phone was too convenient…

While our friends will be understanding of our mistake (after all, nobody realized the phone was the trap until it was sprung), they’re still in very real danger. Cleo proposes that the group pack up and move back to Duskwood, while Lilly will suggest going to Duskwood’s motel.

Dan has a completely different plan in mind: stay and let Michael expose himself, then take him down once and for all. If it’s a fight he wants, it’s a fight he’ll get. He’ll outline his plan – there are four entrances in the house, and there are five people. With one person watching each entrance, there’s no way Michael can get in. Dan will also point out that they have a gun, so they do have a way to defend themselves. And for the first time since Hannah’s kidnapping, the group is together.

Slowly, the group will agree to Dan’s plan; first Cleo, then us, then Thomas and Jessy, and finally Lilly.

duskwood tactics
Up until now, we’ve been immensely predictable. But this sick bastard goes down tonight!

Jake will express his concern and surprise but admits that a switch in gears may give us the edge over Michael. However, he will advise caution – Michael already caught us unaware once. What other traps has he prepared?

Lying In Wait

Switch to your DMs with Jessy. She’ll note how it’s weird that they’re waiting for a murderer yet everyone – including herself – is deathly calm. One way or another, this ends here.

duskwood dan gun
I’d position myself away from the door though.

Jessy will ask who you think the gun belongs to, a question you can pass if you don’t feel like it. I answered that I think the gun belongs to Dan. And I don’t blame him. But that’s not what Jessy really wants to talk about.

In the end, she’ll voice her fears that something bad might happen tonight. And if something does, she tells you here and now that you’re not to blame.

The Pine Glade Festival, Ten Years Ago

Switch to the group chat to discuss the Pine Glade Festival and what Hannah did during that event ten years ago.

duskwood cleo

Cleo will say with certainty that she wasn’t with Hannah. Even back then, Cleo was helping the Gate of Hope with the festival, so she was too busy to enjoy it properly with friends.

Jessy will say she’s sure that she went with Hannah and the others at some point, but there was also one time when she was sick and couldn’t go. She can’t remember if that was the one ten years ago.

duskwood dan

Dan can’t remember, but Lilly can. The two of them went together – Dan got Lilly some cotton candy, let her ride the carousel, and won her a prize at the shooting range. Dan will remember that Hannah asked him to keep an eye on Lilly back then. However, Hannah was on her own back then, but Dan remembers that she was in a hurry.

Dan will also remember that Hannah said she’d be back for the fireworks, so he took Lilly to Black Water Lake. Hannah never arrived, so Dan took Lilly home. When asked why he didn’t wait for Hannah, Dan said that drinking starts after the fireworks, and that was no place to have a little girl around.

Jessy will break down what we know:

Hannah met Amy at some point during the Pine Glade Festival. Amy wanted help with something, so Hannah asked Dan to look after Lilly. Hannah assumed she’d be back in time for the fireworks, but then the accident with Jennifer Manson happened.

duskwood amy chat history
Here are the relevant messages.

Thomas will chime in – he didn’t know Hannah or anyone from the friend group ten years ago.

That ends our Q&A about the Pine Glade Festival ten years ago. The group will get back to watching the entrances.

First Encounter?

Switch to Jake’s DMs. He’ll also arrive with some good news: Michael made himself visible when he used the connection to Hannah’s phone to find you. With a little more time, Jake can zero in on his location.

You’ll get a call from Jessy. She’ll inform you that she’s gone through the files thoroughly and that she found zero evidence of an AMC Gremlin involved in the accident. The call will be interrupted soon…

duskwood jessy

…by Dan knocking something over. He’s not used to the wheelchair just yet.

Thomas will DM Dan. He’ll confirm it was just him hitting something. However, Thomas will ask for the gun. Thomas does have a point: while Dan does have some shooting experience, his current condition leaves him unable to move around quickly.

However, there’s something more important we can glean from their conversation: Dan did not bring the gun and will accuse Thomas of bringing it. Thomas will deny it was his, and that the reason he kept looking at it is that he’s positive it’s Hannah’s dad’s gun. Was it Lilly who brought the gun?

duskwood dan and thomas
Honestly guys, I don’t think it’s important who brought it. What matters is you do have it when you need it.

Thomas will try to get Lilly to talk. Until Dan finds out the truth about the gun, he’s keeping it.

Dan’s Past

Dan will send a DM expressing his gratitude for being able to calm the others down earlier. As he’s just watching the doors, he’ll tell you a story:

When Dan was 13, a man with a big white scar on his left hand rang the doorbell and asked Dan if his mom was home. This man was his dad, who had thrown a bottle of beer at Dan’s mom while he was wasted but instead injured himself. Dan told his dad to stay away and not come back. A few days later, his dad was on the porch again, this time with Dan’s mom. His mom was crying and covering a black eye, and when Dan approached his dad, he just shrugged. Dan “graciously” helped his dad off the porch, and the man never showed up again.

duskwood dan past

Remember when Dan was mad at Cleo about riling up his mom to go search the forest? She had weak knees because his dad pushed his mom down the stairs for putting peas in a casserole. Long story short, Dan knows what to do when a monster shows up at your doorstep.


Switch to the group chat where Jake will request help from everyone. He’s managed to backtrace Michael’s connection to Hannah’s phone and now has access to Michael’s microphone! This means that we can now hear what Michael hears. Jake will ask the friend group to listen closely for any sound – any small detail can and will help.

duskwood counter attack
Any way to hurt him is good.

After a glitchy interlude, you’ll gain access to Jake’s wiretap interface. If you have headphones (in real life), now’s a good time to use them to get the full experience…

duskwood tap

We’ll lose the connection, but at least we know that Hannah Donfort is still alive.


The friend group will reconvene after a break to discuss what you heard:

  • Michael Hanson was driving down a road. There was no traffic and his speed indicated that this is a place he’s been to many times.
  • Michael Hanson was carrying something, possibly Hannah. His footsteps got slower and heavier.
  • There was a strange metal sound. I think it sounded like a chain link fence, but don’t quote me on that.
  • There was a loud static noise that Jake had to filter out. Lilly suggests that it may be because Michael was close to an object that produced radio interference, such as a broadcasting tower.
  • Jake will mention the importance of tomorrow’s date. Wherever it was that Michael brought Hannah, it must be significant.

Dan will bring up the possibility that the loud sound was not static, but a waterfall. After all, the horse carriage tour at the Pine Glade Festival showcases the Grimrock Waterfall. It’s possible that Hannah went to the Grimrock during the Pine Glade Festival ten years ago. The waterfall is blocked off this year for the festival, but now we need to find out why – and we need to find Hannah before it’s too late.

duskwood grimrock
Definitely not the final dungeon.

Jessy will recall the comment that Alfie made at the beginning of the case, saying that he saw “the dead girl’s friend”. What if Alfie was talking about Amy? And more importantly, does that mean that Alfie witnessed Amy’s murder?

Cleo will return after getting through to Miranda. The reason the Grimrock is blocked off is that a poisonous substance was detected in the waterfall’s catch basin. Very likely the same toxic substance we found in the barrels in Michael’s house. Michael Hanson has created a controlled environment for himself.

Time is of the essence now. With what we now know, the Pine Glade Festival is most likely when Michael will complete his revenge. However, charging headfirst into the Grimrock Waterfall without a plan is a great way to get us – or Hannah – killed. He already trapped us once, remember?

duskwood rush

Thomas, however, will brook no argument. He will go find Hannah now. He’ll give the rest of the group 5 minutes to decide if they’ll go with him or stay. Cleo and Lilly will point out that the Grimrock is around 45 minutes away by car from the safehouse. They also have to walk some distance to get to the falls. That leaves Dan out of the question. And despite your protests, it looks like everyone will be going to the Grimrock.

The Grimrock Alternative

As Jake sees it, there’s only one way to stop the group from leaving the safehouse and playing into Michael’s hands. We need someone else from Duskwood to go there.

duskwood grimrock alternative

Let’s break down what we know:

  • Michael Hanson is most likely still at Grimrock and may be armed.
  • Thus, the person we send must have some combat experience.

Jake won’t like it, but the most capable person we can send to Grimrock is Alan Bloomgate. It might get us in a lot of trouble, but this is all we can do to help our friends.

Thomas will announce that he’s leaving. Interrupt him with our proposal. Dan will point out that we’re very likely going to get in trouble because we’ve been ghosting Alan, but stopping the group from walking right into Michael’s hands is paramount.

Jake will step in with a final line of defense: if the conversation with Alan gets out of hand to the point that we will be arrested, Jake will throw himself into the line of fire.

duskwood jake
Evidence that Jake has a heart.

Thankfully, Thomas will back down – if and only if we promise that Alan will go to Grimrock immediately and that we inform him of Alan’s decision.

Jessy will send a DM to tell you please be careful. After all, Phil was arrested.

Send a message to Alan. He won’t be online yet.

Jake will shoot us a DM saying that he suspects Alan will be very suspicious of you, so watch what you say, and pay attention to his words. This guy is a professional, after all.

The Police Chief

Alan will respond. Remember Jake’s advice. Tell Alan (as calmly as you can) that you suspect Hannah Donfort is being held at the Grimrock and that there isn’t much time left.

duskwood alan
Someday, somewhere, a debt will be repaid.

Jake is right – Alan wants you to sit and talk about how and where you got this information. Dodge the question by saying you discovered it by yourself. Slowly, slowly, but surely, he’ll agree to go to the Grimrock. However, he’ll warn you that he’d better find something there. He’ll also be going alone as the rest of the police force are busy with the Pine Glade Festival. Warn him that it may be dangerous.

Go to the group chat and inform them of your success.

At The Grimrock

Alan will message you that he’s arrived at the Grimrock. Just as our friends mentioned, he’ll have to traverse the rest of the path on foot. Alan will take the opportunity to continue grilling us.

duskwood alan 2
The man works fast.

From this session, we’ll learn that (of course), Michael Hanson’s house was empty when a police officer showed up. Alan will be incredulous, even after showing him some pictures taken from the house. He does have a point – those could be staged and don’t prove anything. He’ll also bring up a fair point – you gave him info that only the culprit knew, so we could technically be behind this.

Finally, the conversation will drift toward Michael Hanson. Alan will drop a bombshell on us…

duskwood michael

Michael Hanson is dead.

His divorce and the loss of his daughter took a heavy toll on his mind, and one day, he closed the Aurora, walked into the forest, and never returned. A note left by Michael confirmed that he had done this of his own volition. You have exactly one guess as to who this employee was.

Yup, it was Phil. Michael hired Phil shortly after Jennifer’s death. He also mentioned that had he hired Phil earlier, none of what had happened would have happened. He would have had more hands to work the bar, meaning he could have gone looking for Jennifer.

duskwood phil

Phil opened the bar on the day the note was found – it was lying on the counter. And even before the note was opened and legally processed, Phil already knew he was the sole beneficiary of Michael’s last will. Almost too convenient, right? But because they never found a body, Michael may just be presumed dead.

Alan will want to know about Jake. I refused to give any information about him.

duskwood angry
Both, Alan.

We’ll also get to solve something we haven’t addressed for a while: Hannah’s call to Alan. According to Alan, Hannah wanted to report that she was being stalked. There was one more thing – Hannah asked Alan if he could find out who the buyer was on a certain receipt. This is new!

The conversation will be interrupted when Alan reaches the Grimrock.

What Alan Found

Alan will call you shortly.

duskwood alan call

He found nothing. No Hannah, no faceless man, no nothing. He’ll head back to the station.

Go to the friend group and report his findings. Jake will DM shortly after. While Alan found nothing, you may have noticed that the background noise was exactly the same as on Michael’s microphone. We’re on the right track.

While Alan’s search was fruitless, Jake’s was fruitful. He took the chance to snoop around Alan’s computer. Jake found that Alan had already begun investigations into Amy’s murder, and he conveniently saves his thoughts via recording.

What Alan Actually Found

Tap on Jake’s link to go to Alan’s recordings. Listen to each of them.

duskwood record
Alan still uses a cassette player?

Here’s the new information we have from Alan’s investigation:

  • There was a sign of the raven on Amy’s door.
  • The sign was drawn in blood.
  • Amy’s apartment was suspiciously spotless, which seemed off to Alan.
  • Amy’s body was taken to the forest after she was killed.
  • There’s a small safe in Amy’s bedroom closet.
  • There was an envelope beside Amy’s bed. There was no address nor return address on it.
  • The envelope had been sealed but carefully reopened. Alan couldn’t find the letter.

Go over your findings with Jake.

  • The fact that the sign of the raven wasn’t cleaned off despite the apartment being spotless is very strange.
  • The envelope was likely opened by the culprit. They probably took the letter, too.
  • There was no address nor return address on the envelope probably because Amy wrote it but never intended to send it.
  • Amy’s body was used to send a message. We know what that message is – “Jennifer Hanson”, to link Amy’s and Jennifer’s deaths. Alan figured out that a message was being sent but was unable to decipher said message.
duskwood findings
It’s almost too convenient…

Discuss whether you think Michael Hanson is dead. For what it’s worth, I think he’s really gone. However, the possibility that he’s simply assumed an alias and lay in wait for his revenge is also plausible.

The Garage Files

Jessy will send a DM with some news regarding the AMC Gremlin. Roger’s Garage was the only repair shop in town, so it’s impossible that there are no records about it. Jessy couldn’t get it out of her mind, so she checked the files again and again. This time, she focused on the Pine Glade Festival ten years ago. That’s when she noticed something amiss.

Files in Roger’s Garage are labeled numerically, and files 1102 and 1104 check out. File 1103 is missing as if someone took it out on purpose.

duskwood 1103
I don’t like where this is going.

That’s not all though. Jessy took a look at file 1102 and noticed that the paper was uneven with pressure marks. She took a pencil and traced over the markings and found Ted Madruga’s signature. This means that Ted Madruga was likely the owner of the AMC Gremlin. Is the tampered file the reason Richy was killed?

The Challenge

An unknown number will add you…

duskwood captives

Go to the friend group and show them what Michael showed you. At the very least, we know that Richy is also still alive – and this is a live broadcast, too!

Thomas will also call attention to the walls behind the pair. They look like they’re in a shaft of some sort. Jake will use this information, as well as the stream’s details, to try and pinpoint their location.

Send the link to Alan. Maybe he can help us pinpoint this spot.

Return to the group chat. Jessy’s spotted something while on watch. According to her, it’s far away but seems to be a light or lamp. And whatever it is, it’s getting nearer. They’d best prepare. Jessy will send you a video call so you can see what she’s talking about.

duskwood challenge
You have one chance, Dan.

Lilly will point out that this scenario is exactly what Hannah was describing: a man standing in the forest, watching her.

Dan will send you a DM, but Thomas will interrupt him. The man is on the porch, and Thomas wants to rush him.

duskwood ambush

He won’t listen to us, and he’ll run out. Everyone will follow suit, sans Jessy. But since everyone’s already there, I encouraged Jessy to help them too.

Jessy will send you a video call…

duskwood mask

I told you guys the gun was a good idea! And Jessy is okay, too!


Dan will send another DM, saying that there’s an atmosphere of departure and that the friend group wants to go down to the police station. Dan will concur; he did, after all, just put a bullet hole into a legend made real. However, the guy didn’t go down. He may have been wounded, but until we get and unmask him, this isn’t over.

Dan will shrug off questions about what it was he wanted to tell you earlier and will point out that it’s weird Jake wasn’t on when the faceless man attacked. I guess it’s rote for him now.

duskwood tires
He did some damage anyway.

Thomas will return with some bad news – the faceless man was able to slash the tires of the cars. He’s also worried about Hannah and Richy; the culprit may harm them as revenge for getting shot.

The Negotiation

You’ll get a message from the unknown number. Michael will say that he will let Hannah and Richy go – but the price is that you must come to Duskwood. He’ll even tell you where to find them; there’s a secret hatch near the Grimrock Waterfall that leads to the Ironsplinter Mine.

Go to Jake and ask him if he saw what happened. No response.

Switch to the friend group and inform them of the deal Michael is proposing. While Jessy, Cleo, Lilly, and Dan will protest every step of the way and echo the idea that this is a terrible idea, there’s a lingering question: why is Michael suddenly offering this exchange?

Thomas will speak up and ask you to go through with the deal.

duskwood deal 2
Please don’t tell me you’re as dumb as Michael thinks you are.

Jake will finally, finally reappear to talk Thomas down. He’ll ask to speak to you in private.

Firstly, Jake will say he’s done working on Michael’s stream. It was a total waste of time – nothing new was learned. More importantly, he wants to talk about the deal. The only reason Jake can see for this deal is that Michael will complete his plan this way. As he’s likely too injured from the gunshot wound to fulfill his initial plan, he’s making this up as he goes.

You’ll need to make your decision here: are you going, or not? Of course, I didn’t go.

Switch back to the group chat to inform them of your decision. Jessy will share that she and the others have been talking, and as far as they’re concerned, you’re one of them now and to trade your well-being for another doesn’t make sense. But we must act soon.

Ironsplinter Mine

Jake will make an important announcement – he will go to Ironsplinter Mine.

duskwood jake
Where’d this come from?

Jake will reveal his intentions here: he’s not going there to sacrifice himself as Michael demanded us specifically. Moreover, Michael will likely just kill everyone when you arrive, and there’s no guarantee he will honor the deal.

Ironsplinter Mine is a gigantic cave system that sprawls over 60 miles. Duskwood is far from the only entrance. Jake intends to enter the mine from Terrendale while Michael’s attention is focused on the Grimrock entrance. Then, he’ll use the coordinates he got from the stream to locate Hannah and Richy and escort them out of the tunnels.

While Jake admits it’s risky, it’s a lot better than just walking straight into Michael’s hands. He’ll set off at once.

Into The Depths

Jake will send a DM asking for one last favor – tell Michael you’re on the way.

duskwood jake last
Don’t you die on me.

Wish him luck and send him on his way. Switch to Michael’s DMs and tell him you’re on your way.

Jake will message shortly after to say that he’s already in the mine. He’ll also mention not to worry if his signal dies as the signal inside is terrible. He’ll also share some of his insights, such as Michael using Ironsplinter Mine as his lair because of its great size. Jake will be a little worried as this is Michael’s home turf and Michael has the advantage here.

Jake will stop as he’ll need to descend a tunnel. He’ll have to put the phone away. You’ll need to wait a bit in his chat. Send messages whenever the prompt appears. After around 2 minutes, he’ll reach the bottom of the shaft.

duskwood bottom
That was harrowing.

Jake will mention that while the ladders were stable, they’re very corroded. Now that he can see them in their entirety, he’s unsure whether to make the return journey on them or not – especially since there will be three people leaving the mine.

The mine itself isn’t spared from Duskwood’s aura of spookiness. It was closed in 1899 after a large explosion that claimed the lives of 800 of the mine’s 1000 workers. As the cause for the accident was never found, Terrendale residents ascribed it to the supernatural – an urban legend that the mine uses today for tourism. Legend has it that the voices of the dead miners still ring loud and clear in the abandoned shafts. But on a practical level, this means that it’s full of dangerous and abandoned tunnels.

duskwood lair
There’s always time for some sniffing around.

Jake will suddenly stop. According to his map, he should be at a fork, but there’s nothing but a dead end in front of him. He’ll have to backtrack a bit. However, he’ll pause at a strange room full of documents and files. Is this Michael’s true lair?

What Alan Found (Because We Gave Him Something)

Alan will message again, apologizing for his late reply. He’s been busy on his end as he already forwarded the stream to Bob Lindner, one of his coworkers. This 100% confirms that Hannah and Richy are being held in Ironsplinter Mine.

Now for the bad news: Alan is on the way to the Grimrock and is going to enter the Ironsplinter Mine from that side. Yes, the same side that Michael expects us to come from.

duskwood alan 3

Warn Jake about Alan’s impending arrival. If the two of them should happen to cross paths…

Jake will reply, and he’ll have some great news. The documents he’s been leafing through are the same ones from Michael Hanson’s house. Finally, definitive evidence. However, if Michael sees Alan, he’ll know that we bluffed him, and he might do something drastic.

The Letter

Jake also found something incredibly important that can tie everything together: the stolen letter from Amy’s apartment. Alas, he can’t take a picture as the lighting is too bad, but he’ll be able to scan the letter…

duskwood letter

Amy’s killer is Amy herself.

Unable to bear the guilt of what she and Hannah did on that fateful Pine Glade Festival ten years ago, Amy ended her own life. She could find no reprieve from the stares of the man in the forest who wouldn’t go away even when the lights were on. And so, she escaped the only way she could think of.

This puts a lot of our assumptions in a different light, doesn’t it?

Jake will be interrupted by footsteps.

Switch to Alan’s DMs. He’s already in the mine and he’ll mention the hatch was wide open. We’re expected. Alan will say he’s found something – the evidence room.

duskwood alan 4
Can you let us off the hook now please?

However, he’ll be interrupted by a noise…

duskwood hannah

Hostage rescued! But Hannah will beg Alan to find Richy.

Are We Safe Yet?

Go to the friend group and give them the good news: Alan rescued Hannah!

Dan will return with some dire news, though. Open the stream. There are still two people in it. Before we continue though, tell the group how things went down in the mine.

duskwood group chat find
I don’t like where this is headed.

Thomas will propose that the stream is fake. It’s just a loop and the only real thing about it is the timestamp. The mine is likely a trap. Tell Jake and Alan, quickly!

Alan will make it easy for us. He’ll send a DM telling us he’s just finished escorting and securing Hannah in his car. She’s safe. On the other hand, the hatch just closed, and he can’t open it from the outside.


Alan will ask who else you’ve told about the mine because the FBI is now on the scene and he’s sure they’re not here for Hannah. Oh crap.

Switch to Jake’s DMs. He’ll confirm that the video is indeed fake as it’s playing on a computer, but that’s not important. Tell him the FBI are here.

duskwood under
Jake has a unique and special talent for understatements.

He won’t have much time. He’ll explain that the computer broadcasting the fake stream is also connected to a massive surveillance camera network within the mine. You’ll need to tell him that Hannah is safe as he presents his plan to use the cameras to find Hannah and Richy. We’ll need to tackle the task of finding Richy; Jake needs to leave. Now.

Jake will say that there’s likely no way out for him right now, but he’ll think of something. Go save Richy with Jake’s parting gift!

The End

You’ll get a DM from Alan asking if you tampered with the stream somehow. He’ll suggest you take a look yourself…

duskwood mine cam

Scroll through the cameras and follow the kidnapper’s movements. They’ll eventually sit down, and you’ll get a DM from them. He’ll even compliment you, saying that you were so close to the truth. Except you had one basic fact wrong. There weren’t two people during Jennifer Hanson’s accident. There were three.

MEGA SPOILER ALERT. If you’ve read thus far, this is the moment that the culprit will unmask themselves. You have until the end of this paragraph to turn back. The image below shows the masked man unmasked.

Ready in three?




duskwood richy

The culprit is Richy.

Richy’s Story

Richy will help us out here by completing the story…

  • Ten years ago, during the Pine Glade Festival, Hannah and Amy showed up at his doorstep.
  • The Pine Glade Festival was almost over, and Richy had been drinking.
  • The two girls asked Richy to drive them to a location as Amy had lost something. Richy refused as he was drunk, but as they insisted, he offered them the use of an AMC Gremlin that had been scheduled for scrapping in a few days.
  • A few minutes later, the two girls showed up again. The car was badly damaged and there was blood on the windshield and bumper. The two didn’t say a single word.
  • Richy initially thought they had hit a deer, so he drove them to the location. There, he saw the body of Jennifer Hanson.
  • The three of them worked together to bury Jennifer’s body in the forest. They never spoke of the incident again.

Go back to Richy’s phone. The regular one. Ask him why he did all this. Note that you can sympathize with him or vilify him; in the conversation below, I sympathized with him.

Richy: I hadn’t thought of the accident for a long time until Hannah came to the garage one day. Her oil sump was broken because she had driven into a pothole. I noticed immediately that there was something wrong with her, but she didn’t want to say what it was. And I would have probably just left it at that if I hadn’t seen Amy in Hannah’s car before she turned into my driveway. That worried me.

Player: I suppose you weren’t in contact with Amy since the accident. She was always a lone wolf.

R: That’s right. So I took a look at Hannah’s satnav.

P: To find out where she had been.

R: Yes. The address in the satnav was that of Iris Hanson. And then I knew that my worries were justified. I drove to Amy, and she told me everything. Hannah found that bracelet and then she suddenly saw a figure by the edge of the woods.

P: So it really was just her imagination?

R: Yes. He never existed. I knew it was time. We had run away from it for long enough. He would only go away if we finally faced our past. Jennifer deserved it. And so did Hannah.

P: You wanted to do the right thing, which is usually a good thought…

R: But it’s not just the thought that counts.

Richy will stop for a moment here.

R: I’ve got a pretty bad gunshot wound and my bandages just came off. Who even released Dan from hospital (sic)?! Argh. I thought they said laughter was the best medicine. Well, it doesn’t apply to gunshot wounds.

P: I’ve missed your jokes.

R: And I didn’t think I’d ever be able to joke around with you again, not after I saw Alan down here in the mine. I told Amy we should finally turn ourselves in but she didn’t want to hear about it. She said Hannah was only imagining the man without a face and that she just wanted to forget everything. So I made sure Amy would see him too…

P: So Amy would change her mind.

R: But it didn’t go the way I planned. Amy killed herself because of me. And when I found Amy…

P: You realized it was your fault.

R: Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Hannah. Because nobody picked up, she left a voice mail and I listened to it.

P: She wanted to come to Amy, meaning she would have seen you.

R: No, she didn’t. She said she had something to go against her pursuer.

P: But she didn’t.

R: She did. She really did. Hannah had set up a camera in front of Amy’s house, directed towards the forest. She must have filmed me with it.

P: I know that camera. It was in Hannah’s apartment before.

R: There must have been a receipt in my pocket. It must have fallen out, which Hannah saw on the footage.

P: If she had gone to the police with it, you would have been caught.

R: I got scared.

P: You could have just told the truth!

R: I was overwhelmed by the situation, and one thing led to another.

P: Why did you mark Jessy?

R: I did it because of Phil. I wasn’t expecting him to get arrested, so I had to prove it couldn’t have been him.

P: Who is Ted Madruga? How is he connected to all of this?

R: Ted Madruga was the original owner of the Gremlin. He gave us the car so we could scrap it. After the accident, I made the file disappear.

P: I understand.

R: I think personally telling Ted the truth was part of Hannah’s plan to fess up to the truth.

P: I’ve heard enough.

R: If I told you I was sorry, would you believe me?

P: Yes. I believe you.

R: You know, the video with Hannah and me in the mine had a second part.

P: What do you mean?

R: In the second part, you would have seen me free myself of my shackles, then me saving Hannah and us fleeing from the mine while Michael burned to death in the fire in which he tried to burn the evidence.

P: But your plan was foiled because of your gunshot wound.

R: Yes. But don’t worry. I’m done with running away.

P: So, you want to turn yourself in?

The End

Jessy will interrupt your conversation to ask why Richy is online. She and Richy will have a conversation where he’ll admit he did everything. She will understandably be in shock, and he’ll tell her that you will explain everything. He doesn’t have a lot of time left.

She will refuse to believe him. Join their private call…

duskwood confession
Honestly, this is tragic.

I said we would find many ugly truths. I hope you were all prepared for this.

What Have We Learned?

The case of Hannah Donfort ends on a bittersweet note. Hannah Donfort is safe and well, but we’ve had to swallow many, many bitter pills to get to the truth of the matter. And don’t even get me started on Richy.

Let’s wrap this up as we always do. It’ll help us get that closure.

The Case of Jennifer Hanson

  • Hannah Donfort, Amy Bell Lewis, and Richy Roger were involved in a car accident that led to the death of Jennifer Hanson ten years ago, during the Pine Glade Festival.
  • Hannah and Amy asked Richy to drive them to a location because Amy had lost something. Richy was drunk so he refused, but he lent them an AMC Gremlin belonging to Ted Madruga. Said car was scheduled for scrapping soon.
  • On the way to the location, Hannah Donfort struck and killed Jennifer Hanson with the AMC Gremlin. Hannah and Amy returned to Richy with the damaged car. He accompanied them to the location and helped the two girls bury the body of Jennifer Hanson in the forest.
  • The three never spoke of the incident again. Richy destroyed the file of the AMC Gremlin to bury the evidence.
duskwood hannah alarm
  • Michael Hanson, Jennifer’s father, was the owner of the Aurora Bar during the time. As he was busy with work, he only noticed that his daughter was missing the next morning. Perhaps due to a broken heart, he mysteriously departed Duskwood one day and left the Aurora Bar to one of his employees, Phil Hawkins. Michael Hanson is presumed to be dead.
  • Jennifer Hanson’s body was never found by the police.

The Case of Hannah Donfort

  • Hannah Donfort was kidnapped by Richy Roger in connection to Jennifer Hanson’s accidental death and Amy Bell Lewis’ suicide.
  • Richy was repairing Hannah’s car, which had a broken oil sump/oil pan. During the repair, Richy happened to notice Hannah’s satnav. On the satnav was the address of Iris Hanson, the mother of Jennifer Hanson.
  • Richy was worried that Hannah had started talking about the accident to other people. He visited Amy and she confirmed that Hannah had seen and bought an emerald bracelet with the initials J.H., which began to remind her of the past. Presumably, Amy accompanied Hannah during one of these trips to Iris Hanson’s home.
  • Amy said Hannah began having visions of a man watching her from the forest.
  • The man in the forest was connected to an urban legend, the man without a face. This figure serves as an avenger for wrongdoings. Richy confirmed that there never was a man by the forest and this was all in Hannah’s mind.
  • Amy’s confession convinced Richy that the only way to bury these ghosts was for the trio to finally face the past. Richy attempted to convince Amy to confess to the police with him, but she refused.
  • Richy believed that the only way to win Amy over was to ensure that she started seeing the faceless man herself. Presumably, Richy did the same for Hannah to stoke the feelings of guilt in the hope that Hannah would ask the three of them to admit their crime to the police. Thus, Richy donned the guise of the faceless man to spur the two to do the right thing with him.
  • Unfortunately for Richy, this backfired spectacularly as Amy was overwhelmed with guilt and committed suicide.
  • When Richy discovered Amy’s body, Hannah called. As Amy did not answer, the phone went to voicemail. Hannah claimed that she had solid evidence of being stalked, namely, a receipt that Richy must have dropped during one of his faceless man appearances.
  • Because of this, Richy panicked and kidnapped Hannah.
duskwood rich fire
  • Before this, Hannah and Amy had agreed to meet in Michael Hanson’s abandoned house. It was there that Richy kidnapped Hannah.
  • When Hannah was kidnapped, she was in a video call with her half-brother, Jake. Jake is a hacker wanted by the government. Hannah had previously pursued a romance with Jake, which he put an end to by revealing their true relationship with each other.
  • Hannah had called Jake as she had wanted help with something, presumably a way to backtrack the receipt she got from Richy’s faceless man act.
  • Before her kidnapping, Hannah sent a number to her boyfriend, Thomas Miller. Said number was most likely deleted by Jake. This number caused the Player to be pulled into the mystery.
  • The Player became a person of interest within Hannah’s friend group, which consisted of Cleo, Daniel “Dan” Anderson, Thomas Miller, Jessica “Jessy” Hawkins, Lilly Donfort, and Richy Roger himself.
  • The Player became the sole contact of Jake. Jake and The Player initially did not trust the friend group as they believed the culprit to be among them. Despite this attitude, The Player came to care for and be cared for by their friends, assisting them in dire situations and helping them resolve their personal problems.
  • Richy initially treated The Player with some hostility as they were a spanner in his plans. However, he too warmed up to this person.
  • The Player and Jake pursued several leads regarding both Hannah’s kidnapping and her connection to Jennifer Manson’s disappearance. This culminated in The Player, Jake, and the friend group marking Michael Hanson as the culprit.
  • The arrest of Phil Hawkins by the Duskwood police force made the group wary of approaching the police. Phil Hawkins was arrested because of his connections to Michael Hawkins, but no further information regarding his arrest could be found.
  • The friend group initially believed Phil Hawkins to be the faceless man. This led to Richy marking Roger’s Garage, as well as Jessy’s apartment, with the fabled sign of the raven – the calling card of the faceless man. Richy hoped that this would be enough evidence to prove to the police that Phil was the man they were looking for.
  • During this time, Richy as the faceless man made several threats against The Player to get them to leave the investigation alone. However, each of these threats only strengthened the resolve of the friend group to find Hannah.
  • After Jessy was attacked by Richy as the faceless man, the friend group decided to relocate to a safehouse outside Duskwood. This presented a problem to Richy as he couldn’t continue his plans in such a confined space. He escaped this problem by faking his own kidnapping while on a video call with The Player.
duskwood rich fake
  • As Richy would not have been able to carry out his plans while near his friends, he faked his own kidnapping which The Player witnessed. This backfired once again; Richy’s supposed death steeled his friends to the point that they wouldn’t rest until Hannah was once again safe.
  • At this point, Jake and The Player had created a strong link between Hannah’s kidnapping and the death of Jennifer Hanson. This led the friend group to investigate Michael Hanson’s abandoned house, which Richy was using as his hideout.
  • Thomas and Jessy scoured the house for clues. The two were able to find Hannah’s phone, which was invaluable in proving the connection between Hannah, Amy, Jennifer’s death, and the current case.
  • The duo also found evidence of kidnapping in the form of duct tape and rope, as well as an unknown toxic substance in a barrel. This substance was used by Richy to contaminate the Grimrock Waterfall, creating a controlled environment for himself.
  • Richy as the faceless man scared Thomas and Jessy off. This led to the friend group going to the safehouse. The friend group informed the police of the evidence, but Richy managed to clean everything up before the police arrived.
duskwood raven
  • Richy was running out of options here, so he sent another threatening call to The Player, this time promising he would kill each and every one of the friend group.
  • Richy taunted The Player by saying he had left a trap for them. Said trap turned out to be the phone, which gave away the current location of the friend group. Jake turned the tables on Richy here by using the momentary connection to hack into Richy’s phone and gaining access to his microphone.
  • By using Richy’s microphone, the group was able to discern that their culprit was at a place with a lot of noise. Initially, this was believed to be a broadcasting tower, but further investigation proved it to be the Grimrock Waterfall.
  • Alan Bloomgate, Duskwood’s police chief, was persuaded by the player to investigate the area instead of the friend group, who were still awaiting the faceless man’s revenge. However, Bloomgate’s search yielded nothing.
duskwood mask end
  • Richy contacted The Player privately and sent them a “stream” – really a loop – of both himself and Hannah Donfort as captives of “Michael Hanson”. This stream was also sent to Alan Bloomgate by The Player.
  • Based on the background of this video, Jake was able to determine that the two were being held at the Ironsplinter Mine.
  • Shortly after sending The Player this video, Richy attacked the safehouse. He was foiled when he was shot and wounded by Dan.
  • The gunshot wound forced Richy to switch to another plan – trade Hannah and “Richy” for The Player. The friend group decided that The Player should not, under any circumstance, take this deal. Jake offered an alternative: pretend to accept it so that he could enter Ironsplinter Mine from another town and rescue the captives.
  • Alan Bloomgate confirmed the Ironsplinter Mine via a coworker, who also revealed to him that there was a hatch leading to Ironsplinter Mine from Grimrock Waterfall.
  • Jake found the evidence that Richy had swept away from his first hideout. He was interrupted by Alan Bloomgate’s arrival, which forced him to go into hiding.
  • Alan Bloomgate found Hannah Donfort in Ironsplinter Mine and escorted her back to the police car. He reported his progress to the player and noted that the FBI had arrived, but as part of a separate investigation.
  • The Player alerted Jake to the imminent danger. Before leaving, Jake used the computer running the fake stream to help the player find the culprit.
  • The Player watched the faceless man walk through the corridors before falling and contacting them on the phone while removing their mask. Here, Richy Roger admitted to everything.
duskwood fire
  • Richy called Jessy on his old number, confessing that he was the mastermind behind everything. He apologized profusely.
  • Richy claimed that he would no longer run, but before the FBI or Duskwood’s police force could enter the mine, Richy piled all the items related to the case – along with the faceless man’s mask – in the middle of a room, poured gasoline on them, and set them on fire. It is unknown if Richy Roger committed suicide via fire.

Mysteries That Remain

Can you say, “sequel hook”? Don’t worry. Everybyte is hard at work on a second story that happens a few weeks after the end of Duskwood.Here’s some of what we can expect:

  • Why did Hannah have our number?
  • Did Hannah ever realize that Richy was the kidnapper?
  • Is Richy alive, or did he commit suicide in the fire?
  • What is Phil guilty of? Did he kill Michael Hanson to take over the Aurora Bar?
  • How did Phil get his hands on the J.H. bracelet?
  • Did Jake make it out alive?

Finally, be sure to copy and save your Duskwood code for the sequel. This code is a special string that saves your decisions, relationship values, and answers – all of which will continue to have consequences in the next game.

The End, For Real

And here we are at the very end of the Duskwood walkthrough/playthrough. What a ride it was! If you enjoyed Duskwood, the devs, and the actors, have a look at their Instagram page.

duskwood episode 10 end

And thank you too, for sticking out with us to the very end and finding Hannah in your own way. Adios!


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