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Ulala: Idle Adventure Currencies Guide: How to Gain More Clatter Coins, Pearls, Rainbow Stone, Shells and Starfish

Ulala: Idle Adventure is an epic idle game for Android and iOS devices. It takes an auto-battle system to allow players to skip the mind-numbing grind, then throws in surprisingly complex character development features that will keep you on your toes. You start off by creating a character and choosing a class. You then hit the ground running with a four-man team with your character and three AI fillers.

You will then need to look for other players to fill up your team in order to keep battling. The game has cooking, crafting, boss raids, clans, gear upgrades, and a whole lot more. For all of these, you will need different kinds of currency. As of this writing, there are five different currencies, and multiple ways to acquire them. If you are starting out in Ulala: Idle Adventure, you might want to check out our beginner’s guide first, as it comes with a number of useful tips, tricks and strategies. Otherwise, keep reading, as this new Ulala: Idle Adventure guide will explain you how to acquire the different currencies in the game!

1. How To Earn More Shells

Shells are the basic currency of the game, and for the first 40 levels or so, you will amass a ton of it. You might think it’s useless because you earn a lot more than you can spend, but that will quickly change once you unlock Tempering. Make sure you collect as much of it as you can in order to prepare for the massive amounts you will need in advanced levels.

ulala idle adventure shells

The good news is, Shells are the easiest to earn. You earn Shells passively as time progresses. What you can influence is the amount of Shells you get per minute. Head over to the Combat screen to view your team as they fight monsters. On the upper right side, you will see Exp per minute and Shell per minute. If you see the word Max beside it, then that means you are earning the maximum for the current stage. To earn more, just keep progressing through the map by hitting the Challenge button.

Another source of Shells is through Pet Expeditions. These are unlocked when you reach level 32 and beat the boss for Bata Desert 10. Check out our Pet Guide if you want to learn more about Pet Expeditions. As far as earning Shells go, though, there is a chance to send your pets on an Expedition for Shells. The higher the rarity of the Expedition, the more Shells you earn.

The final way to earn Shells in the game is by spending Starfish or Pearls to pray to the goddess for some. We don’t recommend this option because Starfish and Pearls are better spent in other parts of the game. You are better off just waiting it out until you earn what you need.

2. Starfish Versus Pearls

There are two types of premium currency in the game: Starfish and Pearls. The difference is that you can earn Starfish for free in the game, and Pearls need to be purchased using real money. These two are usually interchangeable in terms of use. You can spend either of them to accelerate timers, reroll for things, special upgrades, and so on.

The game prioritizes the use of Starfish, which is a good thing because you wouldn’t want to accidentally use Pearls after you spent your hard-earned money on them. If you don’t have enough Starfish, that’s the only time the game will ask you to use Pearls. The only exception to this is Black Market Shopping. Starfish cannot be spent to purchase anything in the Black Market.

ulala idle adventure starfish

Your primary source of Starfish is through the Daily Quests. You can see your quests for the day by tapping on the list icon on the left side of the Camp screen. Daily Quests usually just involve a few simple tasks that you would normally do anyway, so there is no reason to skip any of them. There are five quests per day, and you earn 30 Starfish for each of them.

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Another way to earn Starfish is through the Season rewards. The game is divided into Seasons, and you are given rewards based on your progress ranking in comparison to other players. You can check your rank and the number of days you have left in the Season to improve your position. Just tap on the totem pole in the Camp screen. The game gives out 200 to 500 Starfish depending on how well you performed. The game also occasionally gives out Starfish as rewards for events, or as compensation for maintenance. Check out your mailbox regularly for possible rewards.

3. Do You Really Want Pearls?

As mentioned before, the only way to earn Pearls is by spending real money. The most straightforward way is to buy the amount of Pearls you need. You also have the option to purchase Season Passes that give you 300 to 900 Pearls depending on which Pass you purchase, plus an additional 80 Pearls per day. Passes also have different effects depending on the type that you purchase, and you can check them out by tapping on the Passes button at the top right of the Camp screen. If you really feel like spending on the game, we recommend the Passes over purchasing Pearls directly.

ulala idle adventure pearls

You are probably wondering if Pearls really are worth buying in this game if Starfish work just as well. Since the only real difference between the two currencies is the Black Market. When you go to the Black Market, you will see an assortment of items for sale. These include food ingredients, equipment, fossils, and skills. Most of these are purchased using Pearls, with probably two or three items that can be purchased with Shells.

The problem with these is they are usually overpriced, and not really worth buying. Ingredients can be farmed, gear can be crafted, fossils can be earned from pets. The only time a Pearl purchase from the Black Market would be worth it is if you stumble upon a Legendary skill that you need.

Legendary skills are hard to come by and it will probably take you over a month of wishing before you can get one from the fountain. If you are lucky enough to see a Legendary skill that you need from the Black Market, you may not want to pass it up. Just be prepared to spend a considerable amount because skills are the most expensive items in the Black Market.

4. Collect Clatter Coins For Better Cards

Clatter Coin is a special type of currency that can be used in the Clatter Card Shop. You can earn them by defeating Bosses through the Challenge function, but that’s not all there is to it. If you haven’t unlocked the Clatter Cards function, you will not be seeing any Clatter Coins drop from any of the bosses you defeat. To unlock Clatter Cards, you need to reach level 42 first. You also need to defeat Bata Desert 50 before you can access the Clatter Card menu. To learn more about using Clatter Cards, you can check out the Clatter Card guide we released earlier.

how to get more clatter coins in ulala idle adventure

The good thing about Clatter Coins is that they are refundable. That means if you didn’t like a card you bought, or you found one that is better, you can just sell the card back to the store. You will be given the full amount you spent to purchase the card. This is an efficient system to have considering you won’t always have the luxury to keep beating down Bosses. You also have very limited inventory space, so don’t be afraid to sell back any cards that you don’t use unless they are Epic or Legendary.

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5. Rainbow Stones For The Old Man

Rainbow Stone is another special currency that can only be spent in the Toy Store. The old man running the store only accepts this currency, and you will want to buy what he is selling. The Toy Store won’t be unlocked until you hit level 51, but unlike Clatter Coins, you can earn Rainbow Stones way before you can spend them.

how to get more rainbow stones in ulala idle adventure

The primary source of Rainbow Stones in the game is through PVP. Go to the Camp Screen and tap on the Arena. You earn a certain amount of Rainbow Stone every time you win a battle against another team. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to challenge the Arena if you don’t have a full team of four players. You can only win five times per day, regardless of earnings. Make sure you work on those five victories because the game only gives out a handful of Rainbow Stone per win.

Another source of Rainbow Stone is the Hero Hill. You earn a certain amount of Reputation points every time you complete a Season. When you accumulate enough Reputation points to reach a milestone, you earn a reward chest. These reward chests contain a lot of Rainbow Stone. The downside is you only get to earn a chest once, and you have to keep working to reach the next milestone. PVP is still the more consistent way to earn Rainbow Stones.

Money makes any world go around, and the world of Ulala: Idle Adventure is no exception. Make sure you follow our tips and tricks above in order to get a lot of the different currencies! If you happen to know additional tips to gain more currencies in the game, feel free to let us know in the comment area!