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Ulala: Idle Adventure Farming Guide: A Complete Guide to Get More EXP, Food Ingredients, Shells and Starfish

No other idle game has been as engaging as Ulala: Idle Adventure in that most players who actually love and enjoy the game spend some decent amount of time on it. While Ulala: Idle Adventure is designed in such a way that you continue to make progress while offline and away from the game, certain aspects of the game make spending time on it heavily contribute to your progress. Although, various mechanics suggest waiting around and practically direct you towards going offline, full efficiency as far as gathering resources require a well-timed sequence of logins to the game to restart numerous cycles.

In any case, while luck and RNG plays a role in how to get the best items and materials, dedication and effort can make up for lack of the former. As such, if you really yearn to become a top adventure in Ulala: Idle Adventure, then farming efficiently is practically a necessity you should engage in early on.

If you have just started playing Ulala: Idle Adventure and still getting to know the basic mechanics and features of the game, be sure to read our beginner’s guide as it provides several tips and strategies to help jumpstart your adventure. If you are undecided as to which class best suites your play style, we have our class guide that discusses the roles, strengths, and top skills for each of the 8 classes in the game. We also have our Ulala: Idle Adventure pets guide that can help you learn how to train your favorite pets and unlock their skills. Last, but not the least, visit our Ulala: Idle Adventure cards guide and discover everything you need to know about clatter cards.

Our focus this time around will be the best courses of action to take for you to earn the resources you need and the best sources to farm each one of those resources in Ulala: Idle Adventure.

1. Challenge Area Bosses For More EXP

One of the most basic resources you will constantly be earning while idle are EXP and shells. As you stay idle in a particular area, you will see the maximum amount of experience points and shells you will earn from it per minute. For the most part, the amounts will increase the further you progress through the continent, so pushing as far as you can go before heading offline is always the best way to go.

how to get more exp in ulala idle adventure

Beyond pushing to reach as far as you can, continuing on to challenge area bosses one after another will further boost the EXP and shells you earn. While you will naturally reach a point where you will be underleveled or underpowered and lose from the area boss battle, keeping on with the challenges after losing will still earn you more and even reward you with various other items.

As you will definitely find it a lot difficult to make progress all on your own, especially with only the generic NPCs as your other party members, it is crucial to find a full team that you will go on an adventure with. It may happen that you are not as fortunate to have real-life friends who play Ulala: Idle Adventure but there are certainly a lot of players in the game who can provide as much dedication to farming as you do. In any case, there is quite a gap in terms of progress when you consistently play with a full party as against being with NPCs so be sure to find a solid group to belong to with equally determined members.

Beyond having a full team to work with, having a highly coordinated one with each member being consistently active is, of course, a perfect team. As no single person can stay online all the time activating area boss challenges one after another, having your team working on shifts daily to have an assigned period of time wherein each would handle challenges continuously would be the way to go. Not only challenging area bosses as many times in a day benefit you from earning more EXP and shells, but there are various other loots to gain from bosses that you will always be needing to get stronger.

2. More Area Boss Challenges Means More Shells

Like experience points, the area where you are currently adventuring on will constantly earn you shells over time and the amount of it will be based on how far you are into the continent. Earning shells will likewise be boosted if you constantly challenge area bosses and push as far across areas as you can before going offline.

how to get more shells in ulala idle adventure

While there may be points in the game early on where you will always run low and shells to perform all sorts of upgrades, you will soon have a plethora of it as you run out of other resources needed to upgrade or enchant your equipment. Although the shopping street may occasionally offer something worth buying with shells, you will hardly find a lot that would drain you overabundant supply of it later on.

In any case, if you find yourself running low on shells and need a lot of it fast and easy, you can always have your pets go through expeditions that require huge amounts of shells as a reward. As a last resort, you can tap on the “+” button beside your shells at the top right corner of the screen and exchange starfish for shells.

3. Always Accomplish Quests For Starfish

Starfish represents a premium currency in the world of Ulala: Idle Adventure that can be used for purchasing skills, special items at the shopping street, speed up capture time for pets, and all sorts of conveniences to help speed up your game. As these are hard to obtain than shells, you would naturally be more careful spending these and likewise want more of it as much as possible.

how to get more starfish in ulala idle adventure

For now, though, the only way to earn starfish in Ulala: Idle Adventure is to accomplish each daily quest. Each one gives 30 starfish and there are five easy quests to complete each day for a total of 150 starfish. With the exception of drawing a new skill, all 4 other objectives can be completed without spending any starfish so be sure to dedicate a minute or two of your play time to accomplish each of the daily quests as much as you an.

4. Keep On Hunting To Earn Food Ingredients

For the most part, everything in Ulala: Idle Adventure revolves around hunting area bosses for most of the basic resources you will need for a lot of things. For Example, one of the basic things you would want to collect as you progress in your adventure are pets as they serve as a great companion in combat on top of needing them to go on expeditions for other valuables. As you would constantly want to have more or better pets, it all goes down to gathering basic ingredients and cooking them to use as bait for trapping the pet monsters you want to have.

how to get more food ingredients in ulala idle adventure

Like skill cards and pets, various recipes for cooking are also region locked in Ulala: Idle Adventure, which is why pushing to go as far as you can is important all the time as you would want to unlock more of everything available as you battle through enemy after enemy in each stage. If you do manage to keep on reaching new areas each day as you tend to beat bosses who previously owned your team, then that is good for you. However, you should not feel bad if you end up losing a boss battle and winding up starting over at the region.

What is important in Ulala: Idle Adventure is that you ceaselessly hunt for area boss monsters to earn various loots. Like gears, food ingredients also drop randomly from each battle so the only way to really farm them is to spend a lot of time hunting although you will still earn some if you are offline and away from the game.

5. Capture More Pets Whenever Possible

Having the pet or pets you want in Ulala: Idle Adventure simply is not enough and you will have to continuously try and capture more especially if you have unlocked new ones as a result of reaching an new area in the game. While you can only use one pet in combat and keeping at least one fighting pet for each one of the 4 elements is ideal for boss battle scenarios, there is a lot more to pets than simply having companions in combat.

how to capture more pets in ulala idle adventure

We discussed above that you constantly need to farm ingredients to be able to cook some food as bait for pets. While each cook results in a random quality that determines probabilities as to the rarity of monsters captured, viewing each recipe to determine the type of monsters it attracts is important. Being able to collect as many types of pets in Ulala: Idle Adventure goes well beyond bragging rights as unlocking 50 pets will allow you to send them through 4 pet expedition areas simultaneously.

As a pet management strategy, the first thing you should consider is keeping the optimum number of pets in hand to cover expeditions as well as have 1 fighter representing each element for boss challenges. So if you have unlocked a total of 20 different pets and can go on 2 simultaneous pet expeditions, then keeping at least 24 pets in your inventory is recommended. As you will constantly need to earn normal fossils to fuse into rare fossils to train your pets, feel free to release some of your more common pets back into the wild.

Pet expeditions, which costs nothing and earns you fossils, shells, skills, stones, and all sorts of goodies, show the rewards and probability percentages before you send your pets to proceed with it. Depending on your need, you should check what each area has to offer even if its rarity is lower than the others. For efficiency, always take note of the time it takes to complete an expedition so you can make an effort to be online when that happens to immediately launch another expedition.

6. Smelting And Crafting Leads To Having Better Gears

Gears are an essential aspect of the game when it comes to building your hero to be as powerful as he or she can be. For the most part, though, you do not technically need to farm for equipment as you will constantly find yourseld with an abundant supply of it over just a few minutes of being idle. While you may consistently obtain more powerful gear within the first few hours of gameplay, finding better ones across battles will soon be more difficult but it does not necessarily mean that all the new gears you have looted are a waste.

how to get better gear in ulala idle adventure

Through smelting, which can be quickly done via your storage at the home screen, you can instantly convert all unwanted gears into gear shards. Gear shards can then be used to craft better equipment for your hero. While craftable items displayed may not always indicate that it offers better stats for your hero, you can always refresh the choices. Products offered refresh within a specified time and you can refresh the same twice before having to spend starfish for additional refreshes.

The truth is while gear shards are easier to spend than to earn, the key to having more of them is constantly keeping an eye on your storage space. It does not take a full day for your equipment space to be filled by new gears so keeping tabs on how long it usually takes to run out of space is important. As having a full inventory leads to not being able to loot any more equipment, make it a habit to keep it empty as often as you can. Keep in mind as well that there Is no point in keeping gears that are weaker than the ones you have equipped so feel free to smelt everything other than the new ones acquired from crafting.

That very much sums up everything we can share with you as far as farming in Ulala: Idle Adventure is concerned. We hope that the tips and strategies we mentioned in the article will help you become more efficient in farming for the resources you need to boost your progress in the game. Again, while the game is categorized as an idle one, actually making effort to be online and hunting, amongst other things, will tremendously impact the speed of your progress. If there are some other farming tips you would like to add relative to what we have covered, do not hesitate to share what you know via the comment section below!


Friday 30th of July 2021

the pets on your expedition comes from your unlocked manuel not your pet inventory.