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Toppluva Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Master the Game

Skiing is a lot of fun, especially when there is no danger of falling off a cliff and breaking all your bones. Live out the exhilarating experience of gliding down the snowy mountains in Toppluva! This brand new skiing game from Appsolute Games, a company that’s responsible for mobile titles such as Viking Hunters, Mini Car Club and Pixel Craft Space Shooter to name a few, is all about conquering summits, and aiming for the best time. Do not underestimate the simplistic graphics and straightforward gameplay mechanics. The game is known for being one of the most challenging skiing games in the market. Even the tutorial can make the most seasoned veteran players break a sweat. There are over 45 levels to complete across 8 different mountains. Do you have what it takes to conquer them all? If you need help, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Toppluva tips and tricks to help you overcome all the obstacles, and complete more levels!

1. Two-Fingers Are Better Than One

Toppluva has very simple controls. In fact, you can play it with just one finger. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should just stick to one finger when playing. Since reaction time is crucial to your success in this game, it will be better if you use two fingers. You will need to switch directions quickly, so having one finger for turning left, and another for turning right, can greatly reduce the time it takes for you to turn. Remember, when your speeding down the slopes, even a fraction of a second can make a huge difference.

2. Practice Your Turns

Since there is no way to predict where the obstacles will pop up, there will be plenty of times when you need to make tight turns. In order to make a tight turn, you just need to tap and hold. It sounds easy at first, but when you realize that you need to make this decision and execute it in less than a second, you will know just how hard it really is. You have to be able to make tight turns instinctively, or you will end up losing control.

3. Let Your Tracks Guide You

The game is helpful enough to save your tracks and show them to you on your succeeding runs. This makes it easier for you to adjust your route accordingly. Just follow your tracks for the parts where you did well, then switch to where you need to go for the areas where you failed. Keep trying until you master the level. If you find that there are too many tracks left behind due to restarting multiple times, you can just quick the game and start it up again. The snow will be back to its pristine condition then.

4. Unlock New Characters, Here’s How

There are several characters available for you to unlock. Keep in mind that these characters are purely cosmetic, so they don’t have any impact on your game. It is also very difficult to unlock them since you will need to complete complicated challenges for each new character. In a way, though, that makes them similar to trophies. If you are the competitive sort, you can opt to unlock them all.

There is one character that you can easily unlock. The Yeti can be accessed by simply watching a video advertisement. Unfortunately, this does not unlock him permanently. You will need to watch a video every time you want to use him in a run. It may be worth it, depending on how much you actually like using him as you play.

That’s all you need to know in order to succeed in Toppluva! Don’t forget any of the tips and tricks above, and you will be conquering mountains in no time!