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Pixel Craft Space Shooter Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 8 Hints to Defeat Your Enemies

Pixel Craft Space Shooter is a new Android and iOS game by Appsolute Games that puts you in control of a spacecraft traveling “through a hostile, pixelated world,” one that’s teeming with different types of enemy ships and bosses. There are more than 30 spacecraft for you to unlock and upgrade, a total of eight bosses with specific strengths and weaknesses, and that’s only the start – the game’s makers plan to update it with new missions, new enemies, and new bosses, though we don’t know for sure when to expect this new content to arrive. You’ve also got more than ten weapons to use in battle, and aside from upgrading your ships and its weapons, you can also upgrade its shield to improve its mettle on the defensive end.

For an arcade game, this title has quite a lot of depth, as you will be responsible for making your ships more powerful and making sure they’re always ready for any type of enemy or boss that comes their way. We can help you get those ships up to speed and improve your game in general, so read on as we now present to you our Pixel Craft Space Shooter strategy guide.

1. Enter Fever Mode By Stringing Combo Kills Together

Your combo meter is a key element of success in this game – yes, you guessed it right, this is one of those games where you have to “string ‘em together” for better progress. Each enemy you destroy will allow your combo counter to go up – you can find it on the top part of your screen, and you want to fill up that meter all the way. Once that happens, you will enter the game’s Fever Mode, which means everything you destroy would be worth double points. Your bronze coins, for instance, will be counted as silver coins – that’s pretty much two coins for the price of one. Best of all, the game’s combo meter will keep filling up even when you’re in Fever Mode, and filling it up at that point will put you in Triple Fever Mode, where all kills are worth thrice the amount of coins, with silver coins becoming gold coins.

2. Don’t Allow Any Ships To Get Past You

While it’s very important that you keep your combo string going for as long as possible, you should be careful not to let any enemies escape you. If one enemy – yes, just one of them – escapes you and disappears through the bottom part of your screen, you will see that one dreaded word in big red letters – MISS! Your combo meter will then go back to zero, regardless of your multiplier at the time you missed, and you will have to start from scratch. And in case you’re wondering, don’t worry if the debris you’re normally firing away at gets past you. That is NOT a ship, and does not count toward your combo meter, nor does it count as an enemy.

3. Stick To What’s Tried And Tested, But Buy A New Ship If You Have To

With more than 30 ships to collect, you may be eager to go ahead and collect them all, much like one would catch as many Pokemon as possible in Pokemon GO, or collect as many cars as possible in most racing games. That’s all well and good, but you should, as much as possible, hang on to your current ship and upgrade it for as long as it remains useful. The good thing about ship upgrades is that they will be active regardless of the spacecraft you’re flying – an upgrade for one is an upgrade for all. That means you can go ahead and buy those new ships and take advantage of their unique effects once you’ve milked your stock ship for all that it’s worth.

4. What Upgrades Are The Best?

We’ve established that it’s best to stick to what you know works for you and resist the temptation to buy a new ship even if your current craft is doing well against most, if not all enemies. But what are the upgrades that will work the best in your favor? We would recommend going with the coins upgrade first – that’s going to increase the coin drops you get after killing enemies, and with more coins, you can buy more upgrades, this time covering the other areas.

After the Great Coins upgrade, you can then go with any one of these areas – Machine Gun and Super Weapon (for more offense), Double Score (for more points), and Force Shield (for more defense). We would only recommend Force Shield, Coin Magnet, and Nuclear Bomb on a case-to-case basis; as these items don’t spawn too often, you’re better off spending on the other available upgrades.

5. Place Your Finger On The Bottom Of The Screen

Aside from improving your finger control, you also need to ensure your finger placement is on point. You want your finger, more often than not, to be at the bottom part of the screen, or any other part that doesn’t obscure the action. It’s easy to get carried away in battle and not notice that your finger is covering your ship – when that happens, expect to have a really hard time against the enemies. Be careful not to slide your finger too much, and if you have to, you can also go to the options and increase the movement sensitivity settings.

6. About Super Cards And Ads

Once you complete a round, the game will give you a chance to double your coin total, and you will also be getting a “Super Card” every few hours or so, and that results in a nice boost to your ship, which can be further boosted by watching an ad video. Super Cards do come with a cool down time, and you can bypass this too by watching ad videos; in effect, you’ll be getting another Super Card even if you don’t play a new round.

If you get killed in the game, you can start from where you had last left off by watching ads. The game also allows you to do this for 500 coins, but those coins can be better used on upgrades and new ships – if the ad option is available, go ahead and watch the video and you’ll be taken back to the point where you got killed.

7. How To Deal With Mad Gun

This strategy guide also includes some tips and tricks for dealing with the boss ships, and we’re going to start out with the very first of them – Mad Gun.

When trying to beat Mad Gun, you may need to practice your finger control, as that’s the best way to avoid the bullets it fires your way. It will generally launch two streams of bullets around your spacecraft, which creates a “tunnel” effect of sorts. When you’re trapped in that “tunnel,” Mad Gun will then throw slower-moving, yet more powerful missiles in an attempt to take you out. That would require you to stay in the comparative safety of the tunnel so you can avoid the missiles.

Aside from that attack, Mad Gun throws a canister your way – it works by spraying bullets around it a few seconds after it launches. It will then self-destruct after doing this twice. Mad Gun will still be going with the tunnel attack while throwing the canisters, and you can deal with this by collecting a Shotgun power-up if you see it, and using it to blast Mad Gun from up close. Use this close-contact attack and you’ll take it out quickly.

8. How To Beat The Queen

The Queen is another boss ship we’d like to discuss in depth, and it primarily attacks by firing a sizable bunch of green blobs and firing a spinning disk while this is going on. The green blobs don’t deal out any damage per se, but they could do a number on your wiggle room, and cause you to veer closer to the spinning disk, which WILL do some damage. Use the Mitotic Dart for fighting the Queen – firing the dart once at one blob will lead to a plethora of darts getting fired. Aside from the Mitotic Dart, there are some area-of-effect weapons worth considering. You want to go with these types of weapons because they can get rid of the blobs, thus allowing you to better avoid the spinning disk.

This would be our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Pixel Craft Space Shooter. Do you know additional tips for the game? Let us know in the comment section!


Sunday 10th of June 2018

Any tips of beating The Tetris bot in less than 80 seconds so i can unlock the ship?