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Beasts Evolved: Skirmish Guide: 10 Tips & Cheats to Build the Perfect Team

Beasts Evolved: Skirmish is a highly addictive strategy title from R2Games, that’s available for iOS and Android devices. The game’s simple yet evocative graphics does away with the fancy trimmings and lets you focus on pure gameplay. Collect different powerful monsters, and assemble a team that will help you in battles. You will be in charge of developing, evolving, and even breeding all the monsters in your team. Bring out the big guns in battle by summoning the Astras. You can also go head to head with other players from around the globe in the Arena. Challenge them, and see how your monsters fare when faced off with seasoned players. If you succeed, you can win amazing prizes that will help make your team even stronger. Make sure you read our Beasts Evolved: Skirmish tips and tricks in order to build the perfect monster team!

1. Don’t Forget To Equip Glyphs

Glyphs are important gears for your monsters. A considerable amount of their power comes from the glyphs that they equip. One common mistake most new players make when entering the Arena, is assuming that the monsters will automatically have glyphs equipped. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You will need to manually equip all the glyphs inside the Arena. The monsters do no carry over whatever gear they had for PvE. If you have been struggling in the Arena, and you can’t understand why, this is probable the culprit.

2. Visit The Mines

There are several resource-producing mines that can be unlocked in Beasts Evolved: Skirmish. You will need to visit them often in order to collect resources. Make sure you do this regularly whenever you are logged into the game, or the resources will be wasted. It is a good habit to make one last trip to the mines to collect everything just before you log off for the day. This is to make sure you have plenty of space as the mines will continue to produce resources even when you are offline.

3. Send Monsters On Missions

Monsters can be sent on missions in order to get items and other rewards every 10 hours. Try to send as many of your strongest monsters as you can. Don’t worry about sending monsters from your main team because they will still be available for battle even when they are dispatched on missions. Don’t forget to unlock monster slots with coins, so that you can get even better items after each mission. Just make sure you only use coins as the premium currency slots are not worth it. Save your premium currency for other things.

4. Get Good Healers

No team can survive for long in this game without a good healer. There is a surprising need for having back line support, so make sure you take time to invest in finding your team’s healers. Bliss and Lunaria are two of the best healers in the game. Try to include them in your team as soon as you acquire them. Invest resources on them, as they will literally be saving lives in the long run.

5. Pick The Right Ancient

Choosing your Ancient is one of the most important decisions you make in Beasts Evolved: Skirmish. There are several things that you need to consider. Ultimately, the best one to choose depends on your team and personal preference. Generally speaking, however, there are two Ancients that can help you out a lot, if you have not decided on a path to take. Kensei is especially useful when in Awakened state. Ultimus, one the other hand, is the best option for non-awakened states.

If you want to take advantage of both Ancients, pick Ultimus first to help you breeze through the lower levels. Once you are able to awaken, you can spend gems to switch to Kensei. Keep in mind that switching Ancients costs 300 gems at Tier 3, and 800 gems at Tier 4. Make sure you are sure in your decision before making the switch.

6. Dominate The Arena

Enter the Arena in order to challenge other players. You will need to achieve a high rank in order to get the best rewards. Make sure you pay attention to the power rating of your opponents, though. The battles in the arena are automated, so you will not be able to help your monsters out should things go south. Try to choose the weakest possible opponents to ensure your victory in Arena battles.

7. Think About Your Glyphs

As we mentioned above, the glyphs that your monsters equip can make a huge difference in battle. That is why it is extremely important that you choose your glyphs carefully. There are different types of glyphs that you can equip your monsters with. Choosing ones that complement their types can make monsters even stronger. For example, if you have a tanky monster, equip them with glyphs that give them more health or decrease knockback in order to turn them into impenetrable front liners. On the other hand, if you have ranged monsters, it would be better if you give them more speed and damage.

8. Make Stronger Glyphs

Glyphs can be merged to make them even stronger. Since you will be getting a lot of glyphs in the game, make sure you take time to merge the ones that you don’t use. Avoid using the ones that your monsters are equipped with because merging has a small chance of failure. When that happens, you could lose the merging materials permanently. This will leave your monster vulnerable until you can find more glyphs to equip them with.

9. Finish Your Daily Battles

There are several missions and events for you to complete each day. Make sure you try to finish all of them on a daily basis in order to maximize your gain. The more rewards you get, the easier it will be for you to strengthen your team. It is easy enough to find all the missions that you need to complete. Just go into the menu and check out all the options until you have finished all the missions.

10. Get Rewards, Here’s How

R2Games is pretty generous when it comes to giveaways. Make sure you take time to visit the game’s Facebook page as they often give out codes their followers. Take advantage of the events they host on their page in order to get codes you can redeem in-game. You can get awesome rewards by simply staying active in social media!

These are all the Beasts Evolved: Skirmish tips and tricks we have for you. Make sure you follow them in order to build the best team of monsters in existence!