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Ferdinand: Unstoppabull Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is a funny puzzle game courtesy of Koukoi Games, that’s now available for download on Android and iOS. In this game, you will help Ferdinand bring the joy of music and dancing to the whole world. In order to do so, you must solve match three puzzles that will make Ferdinand bust out his best moves. There are hundreds of levels for you to complete. What is unique about this game, however, is that it also incorporates idle mechanics into the gameplay. Unlock your hedgehog friends Una, Dos, and Quatro, so they can auto-match puzzles for you. You can also step up your game by upgrading your dance moves in the upgrades menu. Use your special abilities and dance powers in order to succeed in dance offs. If you need help in getting your groove on, don’t worry! You can always rely on our Ferdinand: Unstoppabull cheats, tips and tricks for some important pointers!

1. Save Your Special Notes

As with any match-three game, making matches of four or more notes will create special notes. Unlike most other games in the same genre, however, you do not need to use up all the special notes you make. If you can complete a stage without using the special notes, feel free to save them. They will not explode at the end of the round as you would expect. Your goat friend will come in and will suck up all the special notes in the completed round, and he will spit them all out in the next round. This gives you a great head start for the next level.

You can use this trick to help solve a particularly difficult level. Just play a round before the level you are having trouble with, and create a lot of special notes. You can then carry over all the special notes in the difficult level, making it easier for you to complete it.

2. Focus On The Bottom

New notes come in from the top. That means whenever you make a match, all the notes will fall to fill in the gap. If you make matches at the bottom, there will be a greater chance that additional matches will be created as the notes fall. Additional matches create chains, increasing your scores even more. Even if you only have simple matches at the bottom, it can still turn into chains, so don’t hesitate to keep matching!

3. Get More Coins

Coins are used for purchasing upgrades. You will need a lot of it, so make sure you collect as much as you can. When you reach level 5, you will be able to unlock Bones. He is your first collector. This means he will automatically generate coins for you. Unfortunately, the coins are not automatically sent to your pockets. You will need to manually collect the accumulated coins in order to make space for more. Remember, the coins will stop generating after two hours. If you don’t check back often, you will be missing out on more coins.

4. Upgrade Your Points

Once you have enough coins, spend them right away to purchase upgrades. Prioritize upgrading Note Points and Special Points. Purchasing these upgrades will increase the number of points you earn from matching those respective notes. Each upgrade has a maximum. If you reach the maximum, your next upgrade will double the bonus that you have, and will increase the cap some more. Getting more points for notes means it will be easier for you to reach the goal for each level.

5. Hold On To Your Skills

Skills are special boosts such as adding special notes to the board. These can help you complete any level easily. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase new Skills every time you consume them. The only drawback of using Skills is that it takes several hours for them to recharge. Make sure you use your skills only when you really need them, or when you are about to log off for the day. This way, the long cool down will not affect you as much.

Get the whole world to shake their booty in Ferdinand: Unstoppabull! Just follow the tips and tricks above and you will be spreading the groove in no time!