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Viking Hunters (iOS) Guide: 4 Tips & Strategies to Master the Game

Appsolute’s new iOS and Android game, Viking Hunters, is an action game that should appeal to those who are into games with an epic theme, but with less complexity than your average RPG. In this game you will be fighting giant monsters that emerge from the water to feed, and while these monsters come from below the waves, they also happen to be very strong and smart. It’s your job to slay these creatures with the right weapons, and take their treasures as you hope to return fro your conquest as a hero. Are you up to the challenge of becoming the most epic hunter in the Viking era, or will you sink with the rest of the would-be conquerors?

As the game is made by Appsolute, we can’t blame you if you’re expecting a casual gaming experience. But there is a deceptive amount of depth in this new title, and that’s the main reason why we’re coming to you with our second Viking Hunters strategy guide. (Please, make sure you read our first guide for the game as well, for some additional hints). Now, it might take a bit of practice before you get things right, but our second strategy guide for Viking Hunters focuses on the monsters and weapons, which should ease your transition along as you start playing this game.

1. Monster Patterns And How They Vary Per Region

As you travel from one region to another, you will encounter a variety of different monsters, and each of these regions has monsters that behave in a certain way. By that, we’re referring to their movement patterns, and it’s essential that you memorize these patterns and use what you know to take aim at them wisely. So what patterns can you expect from the monsters of certain regions?

Over at Monster Bay, you don’t really need to think of much, as the monsters’ general tendency is to be at a similar line to where you’re located. There’s only a tiny bit of offset, and since they’re almost lined up with you, there should be no problem in disposing of them. That changes over at the Frozen Sea, which is populated by giant squids that can get cross if you disturb them in their chilly habitat. Unlike the monsters of Monster Bay, the giant squids of Frozen Sea are much smarter, as they usually stay close to the edge of the screen, trying to avoid your attacks at all costs. Because they move deceptively fast, you’ll also need to time your attacks carefully and waste as little time as possible.

Crimson Ocean has an even tougher breed of monsters that make their home there, and these are the hammerhead sharks that populate this area, which can be described as a series of volcanic trenches. The creatures of the two aforementioned regions try to hang back, but the hammerheads of Crimson Ocean prefer close-contact combat, essentially serving as melee monsters who are happiest when they’re as close as they can get to you. Use this tendency to lead them in and lure them into your attacks, instead of going for the obvious and matching their aggressiveness.

2. Hunt Materials With Crafting In Mind

Although Viking Hunters has a lot of casual action elements, it is also loaded with its fair share of RPG features, and that includes the crafting mechanic when upgrading your weapons. In other words, that means acquiring the right upgrade materials in order to improve your weapons at the blacksmith, meaning the gold, pearls, and gems for the job. You can find gold for the most part in Monster Bay, pearls in the Frozen Sea, and gems in the Crimson Ocean. Depending on the crafting materials needed, focus your attacks on any one of those three regions, and watch the ad videos once the game asks you if you want to watch, as that’s going to double your resources.

3. Keep Your Weapon Upgrades As Even As Possible

In Viking Hunters, you start the game out wielding a boring old axe, but as you progress, you will be able to use three special weapons — this is where the game keeps it simple, as it doesn’t overwhelm you with a wide variety of weapon choices. That means you have less to worry about when upgrading, as you have only four weapons which you should try to upgrade as evenly as possible. Don’t favor one weapon more than the others, as you don’t want the rest of them to be weak. But if you really insist on focusing on one weapon, then you might as well upgrade the axe and neglect the other three — it’s the weapon that you’ll learn how to use first, and we can’t blame you if you want to focus on the tried and tested.

4. Different Tasks Require Different Weapons

Last, but not the least, let’s take a look at the weapons, and discuss the areas of the game where you should be using them primarily.

As we mentioned, the axe is your stock weapon, and it is, by default, the weapon your ship will be using. It’s pretty much an all-rounder weapon with solid range and an arc of movement that’s quite easy to figure out. Likewise, damage is also good, but not great, though if you pour your upgrades into the axe, it could be a deadly weapon, and one that you could throw out on a regular basis. Make sure you practice with the axe, like you would with other weapons, as it could turn out to be a very accurate weapon.

The arrows are the first of the three special weapons, and they work as follows — your ship will fire three of them at a time in a fan-like motion. That motion may sound cool, but it also makes for a lack of accuracy by default. They’re also quite weak in the power department, but if you get lucky and make a precise aim, you can hit more targets at once, especially when firing a whole slew of them. Upgrading the arrows allows your ship to fire more of them at the same time; that could theoretically mean a swath of destruction if you’re accurate enough!

The harpoon is, quite obviously, a larger weapon, and it has a high arcing motion and a distant range. Due to their size, they stand out in Viking Hunters as the strongest of the single-hit weapons. Even more so than the arrows, you’ll need to make sure your aim is precise, as it’s easy to waste a harpoon when you’re not aiming properly. Once you’ve mastered your aim, you can use the harpoon to get rid of tough monsters in one go. Upgrading them further increases their damage stat, and allows you to fire more harpoons simultaneously.

Lastly, you cannot have a Viking-themed game without a hammer, and just as the game says, the hammers you use in this game are blessed by none other than Thor, the god of thunder. That means they let out bursts of thunder when they make contact with their target, though the catch here is that they’re slow, with shorter movement arcs. Use the hammer if you’re trying to inflict splash damage, which works best if you’ve got monsters with multiple eyeballs bunched together.