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We Are Illuminati Tips, Cheats & Hints for World Domination

We Are Illuminati is a quirky clicker game from Tapps, where you take on the role of an Illuminati member who is determined to take over the world. There are many paths to world domination, and you can pick one, or take them all! You can forcefully control the minds of the masses, or embed subliminal message into music videos. If you want, you can even follow the steps of some famous evil villains and mess with the water supplies in order to reach even more people. The goal is to influence as many people as you can, through any means necessary. Compete with other Illuminati members, and show them who the true world leader is. If you do well, you could expand your influence even further to take over other planets. Do not stop until the universe is at your feet! Read our collection of We Are Illuminati tips and tricks to ensure world domination!

1. Unlock The Managers

A true Illuminate master knows how to use others. Make sure you hire managers to do the dirty work for you. Managers will automatically collect resources for you, so you don’t have to manually tap on everything. Pay attention to which areas each manager is for. You can actually buy managers for areas that you have not unlocked. That means you will end up wasting the resources you spend on getting those managers. Just get the ones for the areas you already have access to, so that you will have resources available for other investments.

2. Aim For Upgrade Milestones

Upgrades are always good, but make sure you try to hit the milestones as soon as you can. Whenever you reach a milestone, the time you need to collect resources is cut in half. That is why you should focus on reaching milestones right away instead of trying to spread upgrades evenly. The milestones for upgrades are at level 25, 50, 100, and so on. If you are near those levels in a certain category, then prioritize it first before investing in others.

3. Increase Profits With Ads

While the game developers are no doubt increasing their profits through ads, your Illuminati can do the same by taking advantage of the bonuses you get every time you watch a video. There are two types of bonuses that you can get from ads. The first one is always available, and it will double your income for four hours after watching the advertisement video. The second one randomly appears as a one-time offer. If you accept it, a video will play, and you will get a time-warp worth several hours. This means you will instantly get several hours’ worth of profits after you watch the video. Make sure you accept this offer because there is no way to bring it back once you dismiss it. You will have to wait for the next random offer in order to get the time-warp bonus.

4. Get More Lackeys Through Prestige

We Are Illuminati’s prestige system is similar to most other idle clicker games. When you choose to start over, you will gain a number of Lackeys depending on how far along you were in the game before you restarted. Each Lackey will give you a 3% bonus in profits. You can also choose to spend your Lackey’s in order to unlock permanent bonuses. Keep in mind that spending Lackeys means losing the bonus they give you. Weigh the total gain that you will get from unlocking the permanent bonuses. Sometimes it is better to wait for a few more levels before spending your Lackeys.

World domination is within your reach! Just make sure you follow our We Are Illuminati strategy guide in order to succeed! In case you have any other tips or tricks for the game, be sure to drop us a line below in the comments!