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Mini Car Club Cheats, Tips & Guide for Lasting Longer and Unlocking More Cars

Looking for a more casual racing game for your Android or iOS device? Appsolute Games has just released Mini Car Club, where the racing isn’t merely about making sure you’re faster than all your other opponents, but rather changing lanes and avoiding obstacles. There are more than 50 vehicles for you to collect in the game, and as you get further into the game, you can upgrade your skills and abilities. The game also comes with various missions that can earn you some nice rewards and increase your score multiplier. But at the end of the day, your main objective may be collecting the entire fleet of 50-plus cars.

Although this title is ostensibly a racing game, we should also remind you at this point that this is more of an endless runner than a true-blue racing game. But would you have expected something else, considering the casual design and premise? You want to last longer in your runs and beat your previous high score and then some, on top of collecting more vehicles, and we shall be addressing those two concerns and others, as we now present to you our list of Mini Car Club tips and tricks.

1. Earn More Points By Drifting On The Blue Strips

Anyone who’s trying to chase a high score in this game would be best advised to do a lot of drifting, and to do that drifting on the blue strips. While drifting on the green strips would recharge your car, drifting on the blue strips would allow you to string together a higher score, thanks to a temporary score multiplier increase. Drift as long as you could, and you will be able to likewise run up that score multiplier. Always be looking out for the blue strips, and when you see one, make sure to drift, and to make it as long as possible! But don’t drift at the expense of neglecting your mini car’s charge; occasionally, you’ll need to drift on the green strips to give your car a little pick-me-up.

2. Be Sure To Recharge Your Power-Ups

Mini Car Club comes with three different kinds of power-ups, including the Shield, the Magnet, and the Ice Cube. And if you’ve got one of these power-ups active at any given time, you’ll notice that the blue multiplier strips become orange strips instead. Drifting on these strips increases the duration of your power-up, so train yourself to look for orange strips instead of blue ones; you could be able to enjoy invincibility and extend your runs if you, in specific, are able to extend your Shield power-up!

3. What Should You Spend Your Coins On?

Getting the main issue out of the way, you can unlock more new car models by spending your coins, which are the game’s main currency. But here’s the thing with the new cars — there are more than 50 options, but they all look and drive the same. This game is mainly a test of your skill as the player, and the folks at Appsolute didn’t want to overwhelm anyone by making every car different apart from their appearance. There’s also no guarantee you will get a specific car you’re looking for, as Mini Car Club uses the gacha system.

Instead of taking a shot at the gacha machine to the tune of 500 coins per car, you’ll be better off saving that money for car upgrades. These are upgrades that could make your power-ups, such as your shield, magnet, and ice cube, last longer, and even make your temporary score multiplier last longer. Spend those hard-earned coins on something that could actually be useful, and only spend it on new cars if you’ve got way more than enough on you.

4. How To Access The Missions

Mini Car Club comes with quests, or missions for you to complete, and it might not immediately be apparent. But you will have to go to the main menu in order to access those Missions, and earn yourself nice rewards for their completion. Missions are given out in batches of three, and if you complete all the missions in the batch, you could get a massive multiplier or other boosts as your reward. For instance, you’ll get a x6 multiplier if you clear the first set completely. Keep on completing those missions and you’ll be sitting pretty in the game.

5. Watch Out For Obstacles Later On

Once you’re well into the game and a couple minutes into your run, you’ll start encountering more obstacles, and have to keep obstacle placement in mind more than ever, as the placement does become rather tricky. But don’t worry if you bump into a box, a tree, or any other small obstacle. You will lose a second of your time, but that’s about it — your car won’t blow up right away, so you can keep extending that run even if you encounter a small obstacle or two. But be careful of the bigger obstacles, such as the walls, as crashing into a wall or any bigger obstacle will instantly end your run.