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Idle Balls Cheats: 7 Tips, Tricks & Hints to Unlock All Balls

Idle Balls is an addicting new idle clicker game from Voodoo. This iOS-exclusive game consists may seem too simple at first. When you start off, you only see a plain white ball bouncing around on the screen as it hits numbered orbs, all on a black background. As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock different types of balls, including basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, and so on. They will all be bouncing around the screen, helping you clear more numbered orbs at the same time. Of course, that doesn’t mean the game will get any easier. Each new ball is harder to unlock than the previous one. The price for unlocking new balls will keep going up and you will need to have a good strategy if you want to be able to keep up. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Idle Balls cheats, tips and tricks to help you unlock all the balls!

1. Keep Unlocking Balls

As mentioned above, having more balls bouncing around on the screen will help you clear more numbered orbs quickly. Since this is an idle game, it will mostly play on its own without needing much input from you. One thing you do need to watch out for, however, is when you can unlock a new ball. You may be leave the game running while you attend to other things but make sure you regularly check back to unlock new balls as soon as you can. There is no good reason for you to hold off on unlocking new balls and the sooner you can get them, the sooner they will be able to help you get more orbs. If you have to choose between upgrading and unlocking a new ball, choose the latter. You can always upgrade later when you become rich.

2. Upgrade Your Tap

The balls aren’t the only things that can clear out orbs. You also have the option to tap on the orbs to clear them. If you have time to focus on the game, tapping will be a much quicker way to progress through the levels. Make sure you upgrade your tapping power so you can clear orbs manually. This is especially important when you are trying to clear corner orbs. The bouncing balls will rarely hit orbs that are in the corners so you will need to manually remove them yourself. If you do not upgrade your tapping power, you can just imagine how long you will be tapping to get rid of a 50k corner orb.

3. Use Multiple Fingers

When you decide that it’s time to do some manual tapping, make sure you use multiple fingers. This will help you tap more quickly, which in turn, clears the orbs faster. Remember that 50k orb? It will take forever to clear that, even with an upgraded tap, if you just use one finger. The best thing to do is to put your device down on a surface, then use multiple fingers to mash on the screen until you clear all the orbs. It can be tiring but it is a good way to maximize your tapping power.

4. Double Your Offline Earnings

The game is a nice way to spend your quick breaks. You can pick it up any time and quit when you need to. The good thing about it is that you continue to earn even when you are offline. In fact, you will earn more while you are offline than when you are actively playing the game. Your earnings will depend on the number of balls you have unlocked and what their levels are. However, make sure you have internet connection when you log into the game. This is to ensure you get the offer to watch an advertisement in exchange for doubling whatever amount you earned while offline. This is an easy way to get massive earnings so take advantage of it whenever you can. Don’t worry if you really can’t connect to the internet, though. You will still be able to collect your offline earnings, you will just miss out on the double offer.

5. Watch Ads For Boosts

Another perk you can get from watching advertisements in the game is through the boosts menu. You can get three different boosts from watching video advertisements. The first boost will double your revenue for four hours. This is the most important one so make sure you always get it. The second will give your taps 10x value but it only lasts for 20 seconds. You can pick it up only if you’re planning to do some major manual clearing. The last boost will double the balls you have in the game but it only lasts for a minute, which isn’t really much better than the second one. Of course, any boost is still a big help in the game so if you have time to watch three advertisements, it’s always good to get all three.

6. Prioritize Bigger Balls

This is one of the strategies you should keep in mind when upgrading balls. Bigger balls have the tendency to hit more orbs, therefore clearing the board more quickly. Prioritize them when you are upgrading so that you can get the most out of their clearing power. Once you have upgraded the big balls to a decent level, you can work on making all upgrades even in the sense that they all cost approximately the same. Doing this will help make sure none of your balls are rendered useless in higher levels of the game.

7. How To Advance In Level

If you have been dependent on your offline earnings in order to unlock balls, you will probably notice that you have not been advancing in level. The reason for that is the levels are not dependent on your idle points. The only way for you to proceed to the next level is to clear the orbs on the current screen. If you have not been clearing the orbs, you will stay on the same level even if you have earned millions from your offline time. More advanced levels offer more points so make sure you don’t neglect your manual game time.

Unlocking all those balls can be a daunting task but with the help of the Idle Balls cheats, tips and tricks listed above, you will get all the balls you want!