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Ro: Idle Poring Cheats, Tips & Guide to Win More Epic Battles

Ragnarok Online is undoubtedly one of the most iconic MMORPGs of the century. That is why game developer Gravity has decided to come out with a spinoff that is specifically designed for mobile devices. Ro: Idle Poring is the officially licensed idle mobile game of Ragnarok Online for iOS and Android platforms. The game isn’t just a generic, Ragnarok-themed idler either. Gravity has pulled all the stops in making sure they put out a compelling game for the genre. The game successfully integrates several MMORPG elements such as the Guild system, job changes, in-game equipment, class-specific skills, and an adorable pet system. While you character will continue to level up even when you are offline, there are still a lot of things you need to do in order to succeed in the game. Make sure you check out our Ro: Idle Poring ultimate strategy guide for some important pointers!

1. Keep Your Equipment Updated

When you start out as a Novice, you will notice that experience can be very slow. While this mirrors your life as a Novice in the original game, it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to progress a little quicker. Your character will play on his own without any help or input necessary. Your job is to make sure he has the best equipment available because it is the best way to get stronger in the game. Equipment will automatically go to your inventory whenever an enemy drops it so all you need to do is watch out for the red notification on your Hero menu. When you see it, just go to the Hero menu and tap on the equipment slot that has an icon on it. The game helpfully lists down the available equipment in descending order based on power so just equip whatever is on top.

2. Follow The Recommended Attributes

One of the best things about the original MMORPG is the ability to customize your character’s attributes. That feature carries over to the game and you will be able to freely assign attribute points that you earn with each level. You can assign these points however you want and you will still be able to progress in the game. However, there are recommended attributes that will lead you to the build optimized for your current job. It takes the guesswork out of assigning points since you just need to tap on the Recommended button and it will automatically distribute all the available points you currently have. Don’t worry if you want to tweak it a bit because you will still need to confirm the distribution of points before they are permanently applied.

3. Smelt All Unwanted Equipment

As mentioned above, all the equipment drops are automatically picked up by your character, and they go straight to your limited inventory. That means after a couple of hours, your backpack will be full of equipment that you don’t really need. Make sure you regularly check on your inventory and smelt all the items that you won’t be using. Just go to the Smith menu and you will immediately be taken to the smelting screen. The game automatically fills up the six item slots with equipment from your inventory so all you need to do is hit the Start button. All the equipment you smelt will turn into smelting points. The rarer the equipment is, the more points you get. These points can be used to forge new items. Just go to the second tab of the Smith menu to check out the equipment available for forging.

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4. Know Your Skills

Each job in the game, except for the Novice, has its own set of skills that can be unlocked and upgraded. You start off with just one skill slot. This means your character can only use one skill during battle, regardless of the number of skills he has learned. As you level up, additional skill slots will be unlocked, allowing you to use up to five different skills in battle. Make sure you read each skill carefully and think about which you should use given the limited number of slots. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your skills whenever you can.

Skills and skill order can make a lot of difference in battle, especially for Boss battles. For example, the Swordsman’s Berserk skill makes your next attack crit while the Multiple Attack skill deals damage twice. If you assign Berserk in the first slot and Multiple Attack in the second slot, you will end up dealing double critical damage. Using the correct skills in the right order can make quick work of even the toughest bosses. Keep this in mind when assigning skills to their respective slots.

5. Manage Your Pets

Once you reach complete Prontera stage 20, you will gain access to pets. You will initially have two available slots for combat pets and will gain an additional slot every 10th Base level until you have a maximum of six. Each pet has its own combat capacity that helps you in battle. For example, the classic pet Poring increases magic damage by 1% while the Yoyo pet decreases damage received by 1%. On top of that, each pet also adds a specific attribute to its owner such as additional HP and Evasion. Filling all six slots with the right pets will give your character an enormous boost in stats.

Make sure you also level up your pets in order to improve their bonuses. You can level up a pet by giving it experience potions which you can get from the store. You have up to 30 free chances to draw from the pet store. You can also draw using gems which guarantees a new pet every ten draws. These draws will randomly give you pet pieces, pets, pet food, and pet exp potions. You can also level up your pet by sending them on Explorations. They will earn experience as well as take home random prizes each time they explore.

It’s great to stroll down memory lane in Ro: Idle Poring! And with the help of our ultimate strategy guide, playing it will definitely be a lot of fun!