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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Cheats, Tips & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Game developer Kongregate has always been about throwing in unique twists into otherwise overused gameplay mechanics. This is especially true in their latest card strategy battle game, Stormbound: Kingdom Wars. This new mobile game uses card collection and tower rush mechanics similar to that of Clash Royale, then throws in a tactics-style battle system that utilizes a four by five board. This elevates the game into a true strategy-based game that most other tower-rush clones fail to accomplish. The game revolves around real time player versus player battles. You will need to collect and upgrade dozens of cards in order to create the perfect deck to use in battle. Choose from four different kingdoms, each with its own unique playstyles and attributes. If you find yourself struggling to win in duels, make sure you check out our Stormbound: Kingdom Wars cheats, tips and tricks for some help!

1. Overwhelm Your Opponents

The easiest way to win in this game is to throw your numbers at your opponent. That means you just need to have more troops than your enemy so you can overwhelm his defense and capture his castle. There are several different card types in the game and the most basic among them are troop cards. Troops may be weaker than other card types but with enough numbers, you can use them to flood the lanes until your opponent’s defenders crumble. When you are still starting out, this will be the most viable tactic you can use.

2. Use Forts And Buildings Last

Forts and buildings are great for defending since they will soak up a lot of damage from your enemies. You should not use them too early or they will just end up falling before you could achieve anything in the game. Instead, wait until you have advanced you troops a little further into the lanes and then plop down the structures towards the back of your board. Doing this will help give your offensive troops more time to keep advancing while enemy attackers are busy taking down your forts.

3. Hold on to Your Spell Cards

Spell cards have different kinds of attacks. Some of them deal damage to single targets, while others dish out area attacks. Regardless of type, however, keep in mind that spell cards can only be used once. That is why you should wait until the best possible moment before using a spell card. If you have a multi-target spell card, wait until you have several targets near your castle. Single target cards, on the other hand, tend to deal heavy damage so wait until you have a tanky opponent on the map before using it.

4. How to Upgrade Cards

Upgrading is a good way to make your deck stronger without switching out cards. You will need duplicates of a specific card if you want to upgrade it. Keep buying more cards using coins and rubies and you will eventually have enough duplicates for upgrading. You can also get new cards from winning matches. Remove all filters from your card view so you can easily spot any cards that are eligible for upgrades.

It’s time to duel against the best players from around the world in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above to ensure your victory!