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The House of Da Vinci Tips & Tricks: How to Solve All Puzzles

See a glimpse of what life is like for one of the most famous figures in the Renaissance era. In The House of Da Vinci, you get to play as Leonardo Da Vinci’s favorite apprentice, and it will be up to you to uncover the truth behind his disappearance. Available on iOS, Android and Steam, this game takes you on a journey full of mystery and suspense. You will have to solve mechanical puzzles and detect hidden objects in order to find clues on your master’s whereabouts. Experience and explore the meticulously recreated 16th century world in the game. As you progress, things will slowly acquire a mystical aspect as Da Vinci’s inventions somehow give you unique powers that will help you complete the game. Puzzles will become more and more complex as you delve deeper into the story. You will need the help of our The House of Da Vinci tips and tricks if you want to solve everything!

1. Use Your Oculi

The game gives you two special lenses that you can use to discover aspects of the house the could not otherwise be seen using the naked eye. The first is the Oculus Infinitum which lets you see through surfaces. The second lens is the Oculus Tempus which allows you to view a living slice of time. These two are often crucial to solving numerous puzzles in the game. If you feel like you are stuck in the game, try looking at things using each of the two lenses and you just might find the clue you are looking for.

2. Analyze Every Item

There are several items in the game which you can pick up and bring with you. Players tend to just stuff these things into their inventory and wait for the game to give the cue on when they should be used. Don’t fall into that trap. Make it a habit to tap on the item you just picked up and analyze every aspect of it. You would be surprised by how many items can still be tinkered with in order to make them useful. You will also be able to discover sketches in this manner. Sketches are collectible items that can be viewed in the Achievements screen.

3. When in Doubt, Double Tap

The environment is usually a bit darker than you would like it to be so it will be easy to miss a few clues scattered about. Most of the time, the important items will only be subtly highlighted so you will need to pay close attention to everything on the screen. There are times when they are quite obvious, like a fancy ornament sitting in the middle of the room. Don’t wait for the game to spoon feed the clues to you. If you are having trouble finding the next clue no matter how hard you look, you could always try pawing through every single thing in the room until you get lucky. Just keep double tapping on everything to see if something lights up. It might be time consuming but at least you will get somewhere.

Solving puzzles created by the world’s most famous inventor is no mean feat, but with the help of our The House of Da Vinci tips and tricks, you will be able to do it!


Tuesday 17th of December 2019

This game is easily of the same caliber as Fireproof's 'The Room' series. I'm very thankful to 'Blue Brain'. The mind boggles if these two developers could join forces and create two separate but interlocking games!