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RO: Idle Poring Ultimate Guide: 19 Tips & Tricks for All-Around Game Mastery

RO: Idle Poring is a new idle game for Gravity Co. for iOS and Android mobile platforms, that is based on the Ragnarok Online universe. It’s an officially licensed title that “reinvents” the classic Ragnarok classes, with more than 100 different skills to learn. The game brings back the memories of the original soundtrack, the RO universe’s design, and the whole nine yards, pretty much. The game allows you to bring six pets wth you (at the most), and send more than 20 of them off on expeditions; these pets can help you by finding gear and other items while they’re out. You can also take advantage of the game’s rebirth system, as you auto battle, level up at any time of the day, and enjoy the thrill of the RO universe in a more casual, lighter, less overwhelming setting.

That might sound like quite a handful, but those are only a few of the key features of this new game. And while the game is a more casual take on Ragnarok Online based on the mechanics, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of details about the game that may make it harder to learn than your average idle clicker. Read on, and refer to our RO: Idle Poring ultimate guide for just about every tip and trick you need, covering all the aspects of the game.

1. Equip Your Character With New Gear ASAP

The first thing to do in this game is to create a hero, and after that, things might not be too exciting or busy at first. It’s going to take a while for your character to start taking down lower-level, weak enemies. And even if you level up, you won’t get much of a stat boost to speak of. Instead, you’ll be relying mainly on your gear when it comes to improving your power. That means you should take advantage of the gear you acquire, and be aware of the red notification, as that means you’ve got a new item which you should be equipping right away.

2. Follow The Game’s Suggestion When Using Attributes

As your character, or base level goes up, you will earn more attribute points. These points can be spent in the Hero menu and can be used to increase your base stats. That’s the good news, but the bad news is that you only are allowed a few points each time you level up. That makes it important to choose the right attributes, and in any instance you’re not sure how to proceed, tap on the Recommended button so that the game could automatically assign points for you, based on your job at the preset. You can, of course, make the decision yourself, but we only recommend that for advanced players who want to customize their characters to match a specific play style. Otherwise, follow the game’s suggestions and let RO: Idle Power choose the attributes you should be working on; more often than not, you’ll have a balanced, all-rounder of a hero, a safe, but usually effective character, in other words.

3. A Guide To All The Stats

RO: Idle Poring comes with a ton of stats for your character, and it’s important to learn what all of these stats mean, and what it could mean to you if you increase any of them. For the basic, fundamental stats, you have HP (health points), SP (statistical points), ATK (attack power), DEF (defensive power), M.ATK (magic attack power), and M.DEF (magic defense power). Next, you have HIT (hit chance), CRI (critical hit chance), Tenacity (resistance against status effects), EVA (evasiveness, or dodge rate), ATK SPD (attack speed), and Cast (cast time). Sounds pretty simple despite the number of stats, right?

There are a few stats, however, that are still open to different interpretations, such as Cast, which many believe is the time it takes for a spell to be cast, or a cool down time, and Tenacity, which is assumed to determine one’s vulnerability or invulnerability against status effects. But the real head-scratcher, apparently, is ATK SPD, which is purportedly an attack speed stat, just as the abbreviation suggests. Yet there are many players who claim that this stat does not really affect attack speed, but is more like a reaction time for the casting of your skills. That means the character that has a higher ATK SPD will cast their skills before the character with a lower value for that stat, may it be in PvE or PvP mode.

As we mentioned above, beginners are best-advised to build their characters to be all-rounders, regardless of the job — this is because all of the jobs tend to use similar skills, and perform similarly. Besides, making a character’s stats gaudy in one or two areas but weak in the rest won’t do any favors, after all. But there are some stats that are arguably more important than others. Of course, you have “usual suspects” such as HP, SP, and ATK, and having good defensive stats, while not as important here as in other games, also matters. Though you also want to have a hero that has a good chance of landing crit hits, good hit percentage, or good attack speed.

4. Pets Also Need To Be Leveled Up

For the benefit of those who aren’t top familiar with their RPG jargon, pets are sidekicks, may they be real animals or mythical ones such as dire wolves or dragons, that could fight alongside you in battle. Pets become available once you reach a certain level, and once you can bring them along in RO: Idle Poring you should make sure you’re leveling up, and choosing the right ones to bring along. Pets provide passive stat improvements, and if you feed your pets, you will make them stronger. And as we always point out in these games, passive bonuses are more important than the active ones. Again, they could help you turn the tide, but the best thing about them is that they help you out in a simple, but quiet way.

5. How To Get More Pet Fragments

When choosing pets, you’ll need to take a few things into account, including their own stats and ability on the battlefield. But how can you get more pet fragments to start with? The game doesn’t really touch on this, but you can add to your pet fragments in the in-game store, which allows you 31 free fragments a day, or by raiding. Boss raids can earn you a variety of different rewards, and pet fragments are among them — remember that you have a maximum of three boss raids per day, so that’s three chances for you to get more fragments. Just be sure, however, that you’re choosing your raids carefully. You may be tempted to choose just about any raid in the Map menu under Battle, but you should first inspect your pet Grimoire, and look at the ones which you are close to unlocking, or the ones you are specifically targeting. Tap on the plus sign next to the fragment bar, and you’ll be able to see where on the map you can earn their fragments.

6. Make Use Of The Smelting Mechanic

As you kill random monsters in the game, you will earn more gear, and that may likely include any kind of equipment you won’t need at the end of the day. Your old gear, further more, will get old and useless. Don’t let those old and/or useless weapons go to waste; smelt them at the Smith and get Smelting Points in return. You will earn more smelting points by smelting rarer gear, and these points can then be spent on forging a solid piece of equipment. That means you shouldn’t hesitate too much to smelt rarer weapons, especially if they no longer have any good use to you.
If you don’t like the weapons that you can get via smelting, you can refresh the options by spending Zeni.

7. Mix And Match Skills As You Progress

Once you make your first job change, you will learn your first active skills in RO: Idle Poring. As you may surmise, skills are the most important aspect of any job. For instance, Mages’ skills may relate to the elements, as they may launch elemental bolts of different kinds. Conversely, Swordsmen have battle-related skills, with Bash being one of the more basic skills — this is a simple, yet effective and hard-hitting attack that could deal out a lot of damage against your enemy.

Also remember that your hero will start using these skills automatically once they become available in battle. These skills can turn the tide in battle, and help you take out a slew of enemies faster. All of the skills also have their unique, corresponding properties, making it essential that you know your properties and choose the right one to equip.

8. Which Skills Are Best To Equip?

Most would say that it’s best to have stun skills, or any others that are in what they call “crowd control” in these games, regardless of your hero or their job. In fact, any skills that give off some unusual effects should be equipped from time to time as you mix and match skills and change jobs from one to another. That would mean going with critical hit skills in PvP and PvE situations alike, as well as skills that could freeze your opponent or put them to sleep. With your enemy unable to do anything, that would buy you some time to launch some unopposed attacks.

As a pro-tip of sorts, most jobs could do well with the Berserk skill, as it offers a crit hit boost, as well as a Tenacity buff. Pair up this skill with any other double-hitting skill that corresponds to your job/class, and you’ll be wreaking havoc on your enemies in no time flat.

9. You Can Improve Gear Through The Market

Earlier, we had briefly touched on the option you have to get new gear via smelting. But there are other ways to get new equipment in RO: Idle Poring, namely acquiring these items through the Market. Although you will still be spending Zeni (in-game currency) to refresh the items, you will need to spend Gems, Diamonds, or Zeni to purchase Market items. We strongly advise against using Diamonds to make purchases in the Market — there are far more better things to do with your Diamonds than spending them on Market equipment.

10. How Does Refining Work?

At first glance, refining and gem socketing might seem like nice-to-know features that are nonetheless optional when playing RO: Idle Poring. That’s even if the game does explain both features in depth, and advises what’s in it for you. But you should also take note that the game’s makers took the effort to explain the features — for the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with South Korea’s RPG and MMO offerings, it is mandatory to refine items, or turn them into socketed items.

For the Refine option, you can access this in the Hero menu, just by tapping on any piece of equipment, then on the Refine button. Once you refine an item, the refinement bonuses will be associated with the equipment slot, but not the piece of equipment itself. For example, if you want to change a weapon, you won’t have to refine it again just as long as the equipment slot has been refined. You’ll also be limited to refining up to your present player, or character level, and when it comes to spending your Zeni, a lot of it will likely go to refinement.

An additional thing to remember is that you will have to spend Enhance Metals each time you reach a refinement level in the multiple of 10. Materials from MVP fights will become a prerequisite once you reach the 30th refinement level. This would be necessary to move an equipment slot from one tier to the next, and as you move up in tiers, you would see a huge primary statistical improvement to signify the milestone.

All in all, refinement is not very difficult or challenging, and the best thing of all is that there isn’t any negative consequence to refining, unless you’re considering the Zeni and crafting materials you need to use. It’s a classic win-win situation, especially if you’re refining all equipment slots to the highest possible level.

11. Socketing Gems Is Just As Easy

Socketing gems into pieces of equipment is also simple, and you probably know how this works if you’re a longtime Ragnarok Online player. Similarly, the gems used in socketing are not related to the piece of equipment itself, but rather the slot. Of course, you’ll need to make sure an item has a slot or not, but if you choose your equipment right, most, if not all of your items should have a slot to place a gem into. Just tap on the piece of equipment, tap on Gem, then choose the gem you want to attach so you can place it in the slot.

Unlike refining, you don’t need to pay any Zeni to slot a new gem, or to remove it from its current socket. Socket size isn’t an issue either in this game.

12. You Can Also Combine Gems

RO: Idle Poring also allows you to combine your Gems and make them even more powerful, but here’s the catch about the in-game tutorials — the game will only tell you about this once, and won’t remind you anytime else. So if you miss the explanation, you lose it. No need to worry, though — we’ve got this aspect of the game covered as well.

Go to the Bag menu, tap on Gems, and view all your Gems in the menu so you can choose the ones you wish to fuse. Tap on a stack of gems, select Compose, pay the fee, and you’re good to go. Gems can be combined up to multiple tiers, and you’ll need three Gems of one kind in order to move one tier to the next. Meanwhile, you’ll also want to save your best Gems to be slotted into your character’s equipment to improve their power.

13. You Need Honor To Unlock New Skills

Honor is yet another one of the currencies in RO: Idle Poring, and it is this currency which you will be using when trying to unlock new skills. We will be talking about ways in which you could gain more Honor below, but before that, we should stress that you should start working to get Honor as early on as possible, so you could get some nice, useful skills early on, and have a good leg up on the enemy at all times, even if you’re new.

14. Be Social To Get More Honor

As this is a game based on a popular Korean franchise, it’s no surprise that there are a good number of social elements. And these elements come into play when it comes to getting more Honor. First of all, you can “stroke” your friends, which is absolutely free, and could get you 40 Honor per stroke. You will only be able to do this a specific number of times in a day, though. Secondly, you can give a character one rose per day — depending on the option you choose, you’ll have to pay either 50 or 500 Diamonds. Normally, you’ll want to go with the former, cheaper option, as it gives you more Honor per Diamonds. The Eternal Rose is the more expensive option, and the advantage of buying this is that you gain more Bond points, therefore improving your relationship with the player in question, at least within the scope of the game.

Pro-tip — The game doesn’t penalize you for creating a second character, and you can use this character as someone to give roses to, should you not be much of a fan of social features. Then again, it’s much better if you get social and add as many friends as you could. This could allow you to exchange strokes each day, and who knows — you might find yourself a new online friend! It’s better than randomly sending out strokes, but not getting any in return.

15. How Else Can You Earn Honor?

There are a few other ways to earn Honor in RO: Idle Poring. First, you’ve got your daily quests, which are things you can usually pull off while naturally playing the game. You can earn a variety of rewards by completing these tasks, and if you complete most of them at least, you’ll get a decent amount of Honor as a bonus. PvP will earn you even less Honor per victory, but it’s important that you take these battles against human players seriously, because if you rank well enough in your league, you could win anywhere between 2,000 to 4,500 Honor per week. Lastly, you could choose one of the premium options — VIP or SVIP — though these are paid options, and you will only get 50 Honor per day as a reward for going premium.

16. What Is Rebirth?

This is probably obvious for anyone who’s played an idle clicker or two, but for those who haven’t, rebirth is the equivalent of prestiging in RO: Idle Poring. This means resetting your game from the very start and losing everything except a select few things that will speed up your progress and make you more powerful in your next go-around. So if you Rebirth in this game, you will likewise lose your progress, but there will be several benefits, or perks you can enjoy in your next play through.

17. What’s In It For You When You Rebirth?

Each time you rebirth, you will reset your game in several areas, starting with your character and job level, which will go back to 1. (Take note you cannot change jobs after you’ve rebirthed.) You will also lose all stage progress (naturally), all attribute allocations, all your equipment (which will be smelted and converted into smelt points), all designs discovered via Expeditions, all pending Expeditions, all pet slots, and all skill slots. But there will be several things that will remain in place, including your pet options, the points in the game where you can unlock new skills, your attribute books, your pet potions, and other special items. We’re not too sure about this, but general items pets retrieve from expeditions remain in place. You will also get to keep all your Gems, Honor, and Diamonds, even with your game gong back to zero.

18. What Do You Get From Your First Rebirth?

For your first rebirth, your perks will include the following — your base level cap will go up from 80 to 100, you’ll get 100 bonus attribute points to distribute across your character’s stats/attributes, one orange pet egg, and one new skill. You will also get Diamonds based on the amount of Zeni you still have at the time of your rebirth. You will get 50 diamonds if you have 0 to 200,000 Zeni at the time of rebirth, 100 diamonds if you have 200,001 to 1 million, and 200 diamonds if you have over 1 million Zeni. But that’s just the first rebirth we’re talking about here. You’ll get even more perks for each successive rebirth, such as more orange pet eggs, higher level caps, more bonus attribute points, more classes, and other features that weren’t available in your previous play-through.

19. Timing Your Rebirth Wisely

Before rebirthing your character, you need to make sure they meet three requirements — they need to be at base level 80, all their equipment needs to be refined up to level 80, and they need to have at least one pet with four hearts. It’s going to take a while before you reach those points, so you will need to be patient, and you will need to invest a lot of in-game currency to get there. You might consider either the VIP or SVIP options, especially the latter, if you want to fast-track your rebirths, although be aware that these premium options cost real money.

At the end of the day, rebirthing can be taken advantage of earlier, and will become available faster as you progress from one play-through to the next. Just be prepared to grind, and then grind some more.


Saturday 4th of November 2017

There seems to be a stark lack of information about the "Super Novice" class in this game. I would really like to see some information about that on here as well as some stat progression/ gear choices. Its the 4th hidden class you can choose if you just skip the class selection at the beginning.