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Durango: Wild Lands Beginner’s Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Durango: Wild Lands is an upcoming survival game from NEXON for Android devices. It masterfully integrates MMO elements into the survival genre, giving players an even more realistic experience. In this game, you are mysteriously transported into a different world where dinosaurs still rule. You will need to be cunning, resourceful, and creative if you want to survive. There are several different paths for you to take. You can go to the civilized islands where you can gather, hunt, farm, cook, and build alliances with fellow players. You can also take a risk by exploring the untamed islands where tamable dinosaurs and even more resources await. Join a clan and work with them in raiding islands or even protecting your territory from enemy clans. The possibilities are endless but so are the dangers. You will need the help of our Durango: Wild Lands strategy guide in order to stay alive!

1. Choose The Right Starting Class

When you start the game, you will be asked to choose who your character will be. It would be difficult to tell which character is which since you only get a bird’s eye view of a bunch of people on a plane. There are 16 options for you to choose from, with one male and one female for each class. The classes are not set in stone since you can customize your character’s specialization as you progress. Choosing the right class for your playstyle, however, will make the path to specialization a lot smoother. Listed below are the best three classes for beginners.

Job Seeker

This is the class that specializes, for some reason, in Defense. Despite the fact that her skill is Defense, she is actually a well-rounded character with improved HP, armor, and health regen. She is a good starting character for beginners.


If you are feeling a bit cutthroat, then this is the character for you. There is one male and one female soldier onboard, both specialize in Melee combat. Pick either of them up if you are looking forward to beating up fellow survivors later on.


That fancy college degree sure comes in handy when you are stranded in an alternate world. The Engineer is another great starting character for beginners as it gives you easy access to crafting tools and weapons.

2. Picking Flexible Classes

While the three classes mentioned above are great for beginners, they are mostly for solo playstyles. If you are not yet sure if you want to team up with others later on, you may want to choose classes that are a bit more flexible. The two classes listed below are also capable on surviving well on their own, but are also great at working with fellow survivors. If you will notice, their skills mostly revolve around securing food. It is the most important resource in the game since you can still die from starvation no matter how strong you get. Being able to provide food is a skill that can help you buy your way into any group in the game.


Never underestimate the power of a home-cooked meal. This class specializes in Cooking, which is always a good skill to have if you don’t want to starve to death. On top of giving you nourishment, cooked food also provides special buffs that give you an advantage in the game.


Blessed with the unlimited energy of youth, but not much else, these Students are quite adept at Gathering. Whether it is picking berries or looking for building materials, you will be able to do it with ease. While it seems like a useful skill to have for a survivor, it is also a skill that doesn’t really need specialization. That is why Students only fall somewhere in the middle of the pack.

3. Think Of A Long-Term Plan

Surviving from day to day is fine but it is better if you can come up with a plan to establish a village and make your life a little more comfortable. While the payoff may not come right away for these three classes, any village would be happy to welcome them aboard. These classes are all about creating better items in order to give some semblance of normalcy back into the survivors’ lives. These classes would have a hard time surviving the first half of the game. They are also not very good at surviving on their own. They will need the help of fellow survivors in order to realize their potential. Pick these up if you feel like taking on the challenge of surviving without any actual survival skills.


This class specializes in Cloth Crafting. While it may not sound too impressive, since fashion isn’t your primary concern in a survival game, it is actually a handy skill to have. The clothes you make can improve and maintain stats. You also give a nice little boost to carrying capacity. Attendants truly shine when they work well with other survivors.

Office Worker

As good followers in their respective companies, Office Workers naturally turn into good construction workers in the wild. Specializing in Building, this class aren’t really good at surviving on their own but are quite useful in groups.

Aside from specializing in Farming, this class is also good at crafting farming tools and making fertilizer. While it is a useful class, it does not really shine until later into the game once the villages have been established.

4. Pick Up Additional Skills

As mentioned before, the classes and specializations are not set in stone. You can always invest more points into other skills if you find that your initial skills aren’t really useful for your playstyle. Aside from the specializations of the eight starting classes, you could pick up a few more skills to help you survive in the wild. Listed below are the extra skills you can acquire regardless of class:


This improves by gathering resources, building shelters, and crafting tools.


Use this skill to get meat, leather, and bone from dead animals.


This improves your proficiency in long range weapons such as slings, bows, and crossbows.

Whether you decide to go solo or work with your fellow players, surviving is easy if you depend on our Durango: Wild Lands tips and tricks!