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ZombieSmash! Time Travel Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks for Surviving the Zombie Onslaught

ZombieSmash! Time Travel is a new iOS game from Lori Group, which gives you the chance to “travel through time with Grandpa and his time machine,” as you fight off the “primeval ancestors of zombies,” equipping Grandpa with an array of different weapons so you can destroy the zombies before they make it to your home. In terms of mechanics, this is a combination of shooter and arcade gameplay — this means you’ll need to be mindful of your ammo, and even more mindful of your aim. You can also travel through different eras in history, from Jurassic World to Ancient Sparta to Ancient Asia to other periods in time where you will likewise be meeting tough final bosses. Can you protect Grandpa and the House, and get the zombies before the zombies get you?

This can be a very addictive and fun game with an easy learning curve. But that’s how it is at first, and we must warn you that things could get a bit hairy as you progress further into the game. We don’t want to leave you without any help and leave you unprepared for these more challenging parts of the game, which is why we’ve got some ZombieSmash! Time Travel tips and tricks for you below.

1. It Pays To Kill More Than One Zombie

The Shotgun might not seem like much of a weapon — let’s be honest, it’s the basic, stock weapon, and there are so many other weapons that can do much more. But it can deal out a decent amount of damage in small areas. So how can you use the shotgun to full effect?

For starters, you’ll want to tap on any part of the screen where there are multiple zombies gathered around; fire your shotgun, and you’ll be able to take all of them out in one go. Practice this technique as often as you could while you’re just starting out, and make sure you do so, because the Shotgun only comes with a small clip and takes a while to reload. You’ll also need to make do with this weapon for quite a while, so be patient and make the most out of the Shotgun!

2. Use Those Second Weapons With Discretion

If you’re wondering when you will unlock your next weapon, that would take place on day 6, when you unlock the Uzi as a possible replacement for your Shotgun, or as a complement to it as a secondary weapon. New weapons and tools are automatically unlocked as you go on in the game and progress through the map, though you also have the option to spend coins and unlock them immediately. There are, however, a couple of things to bear in mind when it comes to having more than one weapon in the game.

First would be to remember that you cannot reload your secondary weapons automatically w hen they aren’t in use. To use a simple example, your shotgun will remain loaded at the time of your switch, assuming you’ve just moved from Shotgun to Uzi. But if you didn’t have any shells at the time you switched, the Shotgun will remain empty when you switch back to it. One of the worst situations in the game is if you switch to another weapon, only to find out that it doesn’t have any ammo loaded after all.

3. Upgrade Existing Weapons Before Unlocking New Ones

This is the second thing to bear in mind when dealing with multiple weapons, and we’ve decided to list it separately. It’s best to hold off on using coins to pay for new weapons; it’s better to spend them on upgrades rather than on anything else. The shotgun, in specific, can benefit from regular upgrades, and it could get expensive if you’re trying to upgrade more than two weapons. Besides, why deviate from something that is tried and true, or fix something that isn’t broken? Stick to the Shotgun for as long as you could, for the very simple reason that it works.

4. Make Sure To Reload Before You Fire

Evidently, you’ll be using the Shotgun quite a lot in ZombieSmash. And one of the main things you have to keep in mind when using this ubiquitous weapon is to reload the Shotgun before you fire. Not surprisingly, things will go by a bit faster if you launch a series of shells from your shotgun, as opposed to firing them one by one. There will be a bit of a delay before you start reloading again once your shotgun is completely empty. As we mentioned above, you don’t want to let your shotgun’s ammo get all used up before you switch it to another one. Also make sure that your Shotgun always has at least a little ammo loaded; look for a way to buy yourself some time to reload your weapon in between zombie waves!

5. Grind To Earn More Coins

Although things are quite easy in the early goings of ZombieSmash, there will come a time where you’ll have a hard time staying up to speed. Specifically, this happens once you’re at day 5, which is when most players start having difficulty while playing the game. But the good thing here is that you will still keep the coins you win, even if you’ve lost during a certain day. Better yet, the game allows you to watch ad videos, which would then reward you by doubling your coins. Don’t pass up the opportunity to watch the videos, and make sure you’re regularly farming coins so you can upgrade your weapons, especially your Shotgun!

6. Use Your Explosives

While you’ll be better off using the Shotgun and another weapon instead of collecting a whole lot of them, you shouldn’t skimp when talking about explosives. You’ll get a lot of them for free anyway, and you can get them simply by catching the presents that come from the sky.

Examples of explosives include the Black Bomb, which is a good crowd control weapon that could take out a small area of zombies. Take note that the Black Bomb needs to be aimed well in order for it to work! You also have the Acid Bottle, which is useful against slower zombies, as a way to constantly take away HP, if not immediately. Explosives can also be upgraded, just like your regular weapons, so make sure you’re trying your best to make those explosives deadlier!