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Star Trek Fleet Command Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Boost Survival from Mid to End Game

Star Trek Fleet Command, which was released on iOS and Android platforms more than two years ago, continues to remain as one of top MMO strategy games today. Star Trek Fleet Command launched offering an already massive amount of content and features, yet continues to grow further following succeeding updates.

While most players who have an inclination to dive into Star Trek Fleet Command may have apprehensions in relation to the millions of players who have already progressed ahead of them, the game’s multi server feature as well as the speed of progression it provides to newer players, makes it even more welcoming to neophytes than most games within its genre.

If you have just started playing Star Trek Fleet Command, or planning to do so, then we recommend that you read through our Star Trek Fleet Command beginner’s guide as it offers the most basic tips and strategies you will need to help you grasp the game’s basic features and content. Beyond taking on the massive PvE content through missions and explorations, setting up in preparation for Star Trek Fleet Command’s PvP content proves to be an even bigger challenge. Our advanced guide tackles concerns revolving around PvP combat and guild strategies.

star trek fleet command characters

Moving forward to more advanced content, we have a Star Trek Fleet Command guide that can be helpful if you want to build the Botany Bay and unlock Khan. We also have a list of locations where you can gather basic resources as part of our resources guide. Although Star Trek Fleet Command has grown much since we published all the above guides, each of the tips and strategies we laid out in these guides can still be used today.

Star Trek Fleet Command is a game that can be played and enjoyed by casual gamers, in the sense that the way to go about everything can be done in a variety of ways, some of which is more efficient than others. Given that the PvP aspect of the game grows more challenging in the latter levels, building up your starbase and ships as efficiently as possible from the start of your journey is critical.

Beyond that, a lot of time and dedication is needed to ensure that upgrades, production, and farming of resources is always done, with defending and raiding added to the list as you reach higher levels.

1. Consider The Initial Levels As The Best Time To Prepare

Your initial dive into the vast galaxy within Star Trek Fleet Command introduces you to a multitude of activities you can engage in that takes you through most, if not all of its PvE content. With the initial steps relating to building your starbase, setting up starships and their respective crews, and exploring various star systems to accomplish missions or farm for more resources, beginners can easily get lost in the idea that these activities encompass the entirety of your experiences as a commander in Star Trek Fleet Command.

star trek fleet command missions

The initial experience, however, can be more appealing for players who prefer single player content with the exception of joining alliances for numerous perks to help boost their progress in the game. However, from mid to end game, the general experience in Star Trek Fleet Command slowly veers away from the PvE content and focuses largely on PvP as your ships become a potential target for all other players past level 10 and your starbase open to raids at level 15. In this sense, it is best to consider the prior levels exclusively as a preparation phase, where you must not just fully utilize production and farming but also ensure that every undertaking you engage in is aimed towards a unified goal.

Star Trek Fleet Command is a type of game that you should be ready to play long-term, before you decide to initially dive in. Again, it leaves room for casual players to play and revel in its vast world, or galaxy for that matter, but the highly competitive environment it currently has will push free players to their limits for the most part, in terms of dedication and hard work.

how to build a strong base in star trek fleet command

With all the previous Star Trek Fleet Command guides we published, what you should have on top of considering all those tips and strategies, is to have an end in mind as to how you see yourself being prepared for what will eventually come.

There is seriously a lot to cover in terms of planning and preparation. As you spend the first fe minutes of going through Star Trek Fleet Command’ initial content, you should have a fair idea of what matters more than others especially as far as PvP battles and raids are concerned. We will try to narrow it down a bit by going through the most important preparatory steps you should consider taking as you dive deeper into the game.

2. Shift To A Different Server As Needed

It may not be evident early on, but Star Trek Fleet Command actually houses a large number of servers each with its own distinct set of players, market, and overall situations. New players are automatically placed on a new server but finding yourself on the latest server does not necessarily mean that the previous one is already full.

Some MMO strategy games can actually afford to lodge all players in a single server, but with the millions of players in the game, splitting the population across different servers ensures a vast enough space and a healthy supply of resources for everyone. In any case, though, simply placing newer players in newer servers does not necessarily make it convenient for everyone, and for that, Star Trek Fleet Command has provided a means for each player to transfer servers once.

If you are a new player who have gone through all engagements as efficiently as possible from day one, then you might feel that there is no need for you to even consider jumping to a different server. If you played before and have been on hiatus for quite some time, then there is a choice to consider starting over or simply taking everything you have on your current server and move on to a newer one as there is a huge chance that everyone else within your current server has left you behind in terms of power and progression.

how to switch server in star trek fleet command

One huge point to consider revolves around in-game friends and alliances. If one of the more prevalent reasons you have to dive into the game is because of friends who have been playing it ahead of you, then it is best to be in the same server they are and transfer if you happen to be in a different one. As far as alliances are concerned, each server naturally holds a number of alliances to choose from.

If you simply ended up with one that is not as active as you are, then you should consider leaving it and finding another one. It should not be enough to justify switching to a new server immediately especially considering you can only transfer to a different server once.

To initiate transferring to a different server, you have to be at operations level 12 or below. Reaching higher levels will invalidate your one and only novice transfer token. If you want to transfer to a different server, you can click on your avatar at the upper left corner of the main screen, click on settings, and then choose the “Universe” tab that also shows you which universe you currently belong to.

At the time of this writing, Star Trek Fleet Command currently holds 200 APAC servers, 181 EU servers, and 57 US servers. Although you will not be able to transfer that far into earlier servers in some cases, you can still jump into newer ones. Some servers will also be marked as unavailable because these servers are full.

3. Always Keep Your Starbase Ready To Defend

Although we have already advised players to fortify their starbases before they step into operations level 15 in our advanced guide, what we consider as the best course of action for beginners now is to prepare it as early as possible. If it can be hurtful to lose a ship worth of cargo and merchandise as you reach level 10, being on the losing end of a raid from level 15 onwards can be even more difficult to bear.

As both your ships and starbase are basically untouchable before you reach level 10, these are the best times to look into your research tree while your ships are traveling to different points in the galaxy in pursuit of accomplishing missions. The research tree in Star Trek Fleet Command is very broad, and while the time it takes to go far in terms of research progress is evident early on, the idea is to map out the research nodes you want to prioritize and take note of them as you make progress.

Progressing through research does not only boost your overall power. It also leads to strengthening the defense values of your starbase, your ship’s performance, and can cause improvement in the crews as well. Beyond mapping out goals and targets within research, though, you should always plan ahead in terms of how you will choose to react to instances of an attack against your base.

star trek fleet command starbase

Keep in mind that the question here does not bank on whether or not your starbase will be attacked as it certainly will once you hit level 15. When exactly and how often can be circumstantial questions but, just the same, you should be decided on what to do when the time comes.

Shields are inarguably the best course of action against player attacks. Accomplishing story and daily missions can occasionally earn you some temporary shield tokens. Likewise, actively partaking in alliance activities can earn you credits that can be exchanged for shield tokens at the alliance store. Being able to keep a healthy stock of shields from the early part of your adventure is like a head start as it will naturally become more challenging later on to keep a healthy stock of it.

If you are all out of shield tokens and cannot spare any resources to secure one, relocation becomes a viable choice of action as well. Moving to a different star system can certainly keep you from harm against the impending attack although it does not guarantee that you will not be attacked in the new location.

While there is a bit of random element in terms of your base becoming a target for other players or even alliances, you should often look into what makes it such an attractive target for everyone else and remedy that if it is possible.

You can actually do nothing if you are offline and away from your starbase when the attack ensues. To some extent and given the right circumstances, friends and fellow alliance members can look after your starbase if they are around. However, being away and without any shields basically leaves your starbase vulnerable. If you are being attacked while you are online, then it opens up a variety of potential actions and countermeasures to use.

star trek fleet command inventory

One discrete advantage you have that you might not be well aware of whenever your base is being attacked while you are online, is the ability to communicate with your attacker. Again, there are several ways to go about this but even if it is just a little, how you communicate with the attacking player may impact the outcome of the attack. Going for a peaceful, subtle approach can lead to a ceasefire that favors both players instantly.

Provocation, on the other hand, can lead to aggravating the situation and call forth a relentless assault. Communicating will not guarantee any positive results but just the same, it can be a part of your defensive arsenal if you are online. The keyword here is “defensive”, of course.

In addition to defense platforms you can improve through research, leaving ships behind can tremendously help defending your base. Doing so will never guarantee a victorious defense but at the very least, can intimidate some of the potential attackers. Raids naturally have varying scenarios and potential results depending on how many players are involved in the attacking party as against the defending party.

Again, the best options we can consider for defense, especially for beginners, is shielding up or relocating. Actively defending should ready you for consuming resources, which may cost more than what it should if you chose the other options instead.

4. Invest In The Right Ships

Your ships in Star Trek Fleet Command are at the core of what determines your progression in your journey be it through missions and exploration in the early part or defending your base and engaging in raids in addition to the former, once you become open to the PvP part.

To be honest, setting yourself up with the right set of ships and preparing for them long beforehand is a lot harder than it sounds. However, it is a necessary part of a strategic plan that needs to be carried out sooner than later.

In addition to ships falling into different grades as indicators of their strength, each ship can be classified under 4 different types. With the exception of survey ships that are built for mining, battleships, explorers, and interceptors follow the typical rock-paper-scissors cycle in combat giving each ship an advantage over one type of ship and disadvantage over another.

how to build ships in star trek fleet command

Battleships have an advantage over explorers but disadvantaged against interceptor; explorers work best against interceptors but are bad against battleships; and interceptors have an edge against battleships while being under classed against explorers.

It will take a while before you can actually have enough ship hangars to house at least 4 ships with 1 for each type but at least having 2 of the 3 types for battle should suffice. As much as possible, we recommend focusing on just 1 ship over all the others but the same should not mean hindering upgrades for the rest. Each ship has unique stats as far as attack, defense and HP are concerned and to top it all off, each one also exhibits a unique passive ability to take note of.

As much as you are free to choose which ship suits you especially in terms of passive ability, we prefer to consider less restrictive passives and would recommend ones that grant you bonuses all throughout, regardless of whether it is an attack boost or defense boost.

how to manage ships in star trek fleet command

What is important for you to take note of is the length of time it would approximately take you to unlock the ships you want based on your shipyard level, and the means you have to obtain the necessary number of blueprints to create them. Likewise, you also need to prepare plans for your other ships as you wait for your top picks to become available.

Once you reach operations level 20, you can create a scrapyard within your starbase. A lot of players have concerns regarding the acquisition of newer ships and running out of space in the shipyard as they cannot forego the earlier ships. This can indeed pose a problem early on as you only have a limited capacity with regard to the number of ships you can hold.

Before you even reach operations level 20, be sure to map out unlocking the scrapyard under the station research, given that each node naturally has prerequisites. The scrapyard can dismantle ships and earn you some resources from them in return. The amount and quality of resources you can receive from dismantling depends on the ship you dismantle and its level. As your scrapyard reaches higher levels, though, higher grade ships can be eligible for scrapping.

5. Put The Right Crew Members In The Right Ship

Given that Star Trek Fleet Command hosts a vast number of characters from the franchise in addition to the numerous starships available, it is basically a given that choosing from among the roster of crew members you unlock, which ones go to which ship, is important. There are more than 100 different officers in Star Trek Fleet Command to collect and unlocking them is just the initial stage of the grind.

Securing officers by earning some shards through missions is standard for everyone but recruiting additional ones through the use of tokens is the more challenging part. As far as upgrading each officer is concerned, consuming officer XP to level them up is the most basic way to improve their stats. Each officer has a level cap, however, that can only be increased through promotion.

Promoting officers require specific officer shards and with the gacha method of obtaining officers through recruitment, chances are that you will have to make do with the ones you have rather than waiting to secure better ones.

how to assign crew members to ships in star trek fleet command

While each of the officers have a unique set of passive skills, the variety of these skills ought to be looked into not just for each officer’s individual values but also how it relates to the rest of the crew as well as the ship itself.

Note that while some passive abilities may seem restrictive or situational, you can consider some as intrinsically permanent depending on how you use them. Some officers may possess more power than others but the benefits their passive skills can give you should always be given more importance.

Keep in mind that a Captain Maneuver is only activated when the officer is chosen as the captain of the ship. The Officer Ability, on the other hand, is active when the officer is on the bridge. Note as well that officers belong to different groups that can be seen if you click on the “I” under their model on the officer screen.

A captain’s maneuver skill can be boosted if paired with crew members belonging to the same group. The boost has much bigger impact if all 3 officers in the bridge have differing classes. You should naturally consider the synergy boosts you can obtain from these setups so be sure to look into your roster of officers extensively before you decide on how to allocate them across your ships and make necessary changes once you secure additional characters.

There are numerous possible combinations and it will be tasking to recommend as each player is bound to have their own unique sets of officers to work with. As part of preparation for Star Trek Fleet Command’s PvP content, and in relation to an ongoing quest towards raising more power and surviving the galaxy within the game, synergy across your efforts, ships, and crew members ought to be planned very well right off the bat.

star trek fleet command officer ratings

You might be wondering why we did not touch on raiding other players’ bases on this guide after going through tips and strategies in relation to defending your starbase. In truth, we consider defending as the more crucial part of your adventure in relation to surviving the galaxy within Star Trek Fleet Command. If you are raring to raid another player’s starbase, we suggest going about it with help from your alliance.

Although it is possible to successfully raid a starbase on your own, doing so may hardly be worth it, except it is your idea of fun. Even if you are a free player and have hardly any experience in other MMO strategy games, there will always be players that have less power than you or less adept in the field of strategic combat. Engaging in raids should mean that you are already confident with the alliance you belong to. As such, you should be able to coordinate well with them and that includes joining raids and initiating some.

Always keep a close watch on the various events that take place in Star Trek Fleet Command. You can earn a lot of resources and extra rewards for keeping active and playing as regularly as you can but time-limited events that typically grant more bonuses for active players are a sure way of keeping yourself at the edge of efficiency in the game.

And that sums up our Star Trek Fleet Command guide (2020 Update) and we hope that you were able to learn a lot from it and enjoyed reading through the tips and strategies we shared. There are plenty of information you will have to know and read about within the game and there are experiences as well that you need to go through to make adjustments to how you play, especially from mid to end game. Be sure to take pointers and actively take note of every activity you engage in as you will need to learn from every bit of it moving forward.

The world within Star Trek Fleet Command keeps on evolving and expanding as new updates come which gives the more reason for you to continuously spend time in it if you aim to make it through to the end. If you have extensively played the game and have your very own tips and strategies to share, we welcome you to provide us your own pointers down the comment section. Newcomers are very much welcomed as well to lodge their queries down below!