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Dice Royale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Coins and Tokens Fast

Dice Royale is the latest casual board game of sorts from Serious Fun Studio Limited, that’s available on both iOS and Android platforms. Although players may find difficulty finding it on the Google Play Store now for unknown reasons, there are numerous ways to secure the app. One thing to note is that some reviews seem to indicate the game as supposedly designed to allow players to earn real cash from playing it. Judging by the game’s description at the time of this writing, though, Dice Royale is seemingly a game anyone can play for casual fun.

The game lets you roll the dice as you play through a board where tiles can earn you coins, tokens, and various prizes that provide random prizes. Completing the board takes you to a new one and you will basically cycle through earning and spending the currencies you earn with a chance to get more of them at every turn.

Dice Royale makes the entirety of its game mechanics as simple as can be and ensures that anyone can pick up and play the game without any tutorial whatsoever. Contrary to the usual feature of most hyper-casual games that earn you idle rewards, Dice Royale does not have such feature, but instead provides more than enough means for you to extend your play time and further your adventure.

You can continuously earn both coins and credits although there are chances for you to spend more than you can earn. In case you are looking for some useful tips and strategies to help you earn coins and credits faster, then we have your back as our Dice Royale beginner’s guide can help you earn as much as possible and keep your earnings as well.

1. Understand The Basics Rules

While Dice Royale is indeed a highly simplistic and straightforward game, it is best to lay everything out early on to apply as much strategy as possible on how to go about earning those coins and credits, where to spend them, and how to claim extra rewards as well.

To start off, you will have the maximum amount of 40 dice on your first time playing Dice Royale. Each turn consumes 1 as you move forward the board that spans 26 tiles. You will only collect the rewards on the tiles you landed on at the end of the turn, although coins are earned for every tile that you pass on.

dice royale tips

There are no second or subsequent runs through the same tiles you passed on as the board is deemed complete once you travel across its entirety. You are naturally guaranteed to complete at least a board even if you keep rolling a 1 all the way.

Once you used the dice to start a turn, it takes 30 minutes for it to replenish. A short video ad will play after you complete a board, but fairly enough, this is the only instance where you have no option but to play a video ad. Every other video ad you play in the game has its own incentives and are almost always better for you if you want a rapid rate of progression.

Tiles you can pass and land on may contain coins, tokens, mysterious boxes, treasure chests, jackpots, or roadblocks although some are simply blank. One of the later additions are bunnies, which is a special currency you need to break eggs at the center of the board for added rewards.

You can stack up a maximum of 30 bunnies at one time and breaking an egg costs 10 bunnies. It takes 4 hours of cool down time for you to be able to crack open another egg but watching a video ad prior to that cuts the waiting time by half and can be done simultaneously.

2. Accept Probabilities

A lot of circumstances in Dice Royale revolve around chances or probabilities. If you want to fully enjoy the experience, it is important to accept that it is a game of chance and most factors are outside your control. In some respects, digital randomizers make it more challenging than actual physical games that require rolling a dice or spinning the wheel as how these are setup goes beyond understanding so it is instead better to focus on aspects of the game that are well within your control.

Just the same, it is important to get a good idea of what can happen at every turn so that you can set expectations and can strategize as far as projected earnings and target expenditures are concerned.

how to get more tokens in dice royale

Whenever you roll the dice and successfully land on a tile with coins or tokens, you will immediately be awarded with the amounts seen on the tile. The same goes for bunnies, and each tile you land on with a bunny in it earns you 10 of them, just enough to break an egg. The other rewards you can get are all more impacted by randomness or luck but will still contribute to your growth regardless of which prize you claim.

The mysterious box lets you play a mini game of sorts where you get to choose and flip 1 of 3 cards. Each card represent 1 type of each reward and the possible rewards will always be coins, tokens, or extra dice.

Naturally, the least favorable reward has the highest probability of being obtained but just the same, any amount of free coins you can earn should be a welcomed treat. The treasure chest instantly grants you either extra tokens or coins.

While the jackpot is fairly comparable to both the mysterious box and treasure chest, it always ends up at the last tile of the board. More importantly, you will always hit it even if your last dice roll goes beyond the correct number to perfectly land on the last tile. In this sense, you can deem the jackpot as a bonus reward for completing the board, although rewards will also be a random amount of coins or tokens, based on how lucky you are with the slot machine.

how to win prizes with the slot machine in dice royale

Yet another constant tile you will have to go through across all boards is the roadblock. This is essentially the only tile worse than a blank one as it does not win you anything. Roadblocks give you a choice of paying up 4,000 coins, which you can easily pay, or watch a short video ad to skip it. Naturally, we recommend simply playing through the short video ad as we would want more coins.

On the other hand, you should consider what the 30-second video is worth and if you agree that it should be less than 4,000 coins, then sitting through the ad is not such a bad idea. Do note as well that the dice you used to roll when you landed on the roadblock will be refunded to you if you play the video ad.

Like all the types of tile we mentioned above, all blank tile you pass through or land on will randomly earn you 30 to 80 coins.

3. Set A Budget Before Spinning The Wheel

While traveling through a board game to continuously earn coins and tokens in Dice Royale has its addictive touch, the more enticing aspect of the game seems to center around the wheel you can spin to grow the coins you have amassed from the board game.

You can actually take free spins 3 times in a row, but you have to play a short video ad for each attempt. More chances become available as you expend a free attempt and the maximum number of free attempts increases in subsequent days.

Regardless of how many free spins are available to you depending on the number of video ads you are willing to play, it will hardly be enough to satisfy your cravings. You can pay 4,000 coins for each extra spin and this is basically limited only by the number of coins you have saved up.

how to win big with the lucky wheel in dice royale

As the proverbial wheel of fortune is all about chances and absolutely devoid of any skill requirements, it is actually a gamble every time you take a spin whenever you are spending coins in doing so. While we recommend only considering the free chances for every spin, we also understand the urge to take spins at a cost given the very attractive prizes that you can get from it. On top of the bigger wheel that showcases possible rewards, keep in mind that there is a smaller wheel that serves as a multiplier for each reward you can claim.

In a lot of loosely similar situations like this in real life, most players willing to make a bet are generally blinded by the potential rewards they can earn, particularly the ones in the higher tiers. The spinning wheel has 24 different prizes you can win with each spin, with 100,000 coins being one of the best outcomes as against the 1,000 coins that serve as the worst return on investment. These rewards can go up as high as 5 times and can go down by half, depending on your luck on the smaller wheel as well.

Following natural logic, 1/24 chances sounds great as you can spend 96,000 coins or 4,000 coins x 24 spins, and have a seemingly solid chance of nabbing the 100,000 reward at least once in addition to what you can gain from the other spins. However, it does not work like that as each spin holds the same probability and, more importantly, it is a virtual wheel that does not necessarily work like a real one.

Before you even get yourself hooked on spinning the wheel and emptying out your hard earned supply of coins, you should make it a habit to set a budget before initiating the activity. Just like in real life, it is okay to experience gambling for fun provided that you are not putting your life’s savings on the line or worse.

You should always consider a reasonable amount of coins that you are willing to forego, without even thinking about probabilities and potential rewards. This means that you can never spend beyond the budget and will leave the spinning wheel alone once the budget has been depleted.

As an example, we consider having a budget of 20,000 coins to spend on the wheel per day in addition to the free attempts. This does not necessarily mean that we will only be doing 5 spins as we will surely win something with those spins. The point is that once our hard-earned coins drops down by 20,000, it is time to leave the spinning wheel and engage in other activities.

4. Quit While You Are Ahead

Setting a limit to how much you are willing to spend on the wheel of fortune also entails putting a cap to how much you want to win before choosing to call it quits. Players are always likely to incur losses than gains in any gamble and that is a given. It is almost always a matter of when and not whether it will or will not occur. Of course, there are a few lucky exceptions. The idea here is to know that everybody wants to win, but not everyone is as lucky.

If you do not put a cap to winnings, chances are that you will lose your winnings before you quit. To be honest, the best way to go about taking chances in the spinning wheel is to have a conservative winning target, just like how we typically decide on how many coins we are ready to forego. Just like in our example where we allocated a budget of 20,000 coins; earning a total of 20,000 more coins to double our total bet is worth it for us.

how to earn more coins in dice royale

As difficult as it is to resist the urge to spend more coins on the wheel of fortune, especially with the mindset that you can always win big on the next spin, the trouble can also come from not strictly adhering to the amounts of losses or gains you set beforehand.

Suppose you earn 50,000 coins on your first spin, you can easily change your mind and spend more than the supposed 20,000 coins you were willing to spend in the first place. These situations can easily and quickly spiral out of control before you know it and in the end you can wind up losing all your coins. Being strict on yourself and implementing budgets is always the way to go with games of probabilities.

5. Take Advantage Of All Ad Boosts

Dice Royale is a free-to-play casual game that does not offer premium items or services. With that, you can expect it to only generate income through the video ads it contains. If you have played several free mobile games before, then the idea of video ads becoming a part of most free mobile games should no longer be a surprise to you. While Dice Royale does contains ads that pop up every time you clear a board, those are essentially the only video ad that can play without your prior affirmation.

It is fairly understandable that some players these days can still find the presence of video ads in even free casual games annoying. Just the same, it is important to keep in mind that these ads are basically what keeps these mobile games free for everyone to play and enjoy. On the bright side, think of these ads as a means for you to rest your eyes. You can always stare away from your device whenever an ad plays anyway.

how to earn more rewards with the eggs in dice royale

One of the best opportunities to play a short video ad is when all your 40 dices have been consumed but you still want to continue playing. You will receive an extra dice after once every 30 minutes but beyond that, you can also claim free ones if you agree to play a short video ad. Each video ad you play can earn you 3 more dice, and you can earn a total of 30 per day.

Spinning the wheel for extra rewards is a necessary step towards boosting your gains so be sure to always check on it whenever free attempts are available and do not hesitate to claim them by playing an ad. The eggs nested at the center of the board will most likely be the aspect of the game that will push you towards playing more ads.

As we mentioned earlier, you can break the eggs at the cost of 10 bunnies to earn valuable rewards. After doing so, however, you will have to wait for 4 hours before you can do it again. Earning bunnies is not even a problem and you are likely to maintain a full stock of 30 for most of the time. The 4-hour period, though, is a grueling period of wait given the fast pace of gameplay across the board and the spinning wheel of fortune.

how to unlock new boards in dice royale

Fortunately enough, playing an ad will cut down the waiting time by half and you can do it again and again until the waiting time is bearable. It can be a real pain to play ads consecutively but if you think about it, if a 30-second ad is shorter than twice the current wait time then it should be worth it.

And that wraps up all the tips and strategies we have for Dice Royale. The game’s feature of allowing you to unlock new boards through its shop is a big plus for us but given that we are less than halfway through collecting coins and tokens to purchase the cheaper one, we have yet to share any details as to its advantages.

In any case, it is the sole reason why we are saving our coins and expect a better, more rewarding board layout once we have unlocked it. If you have played Dice Royale extensively and have uncovered unique tips, tricks or strategies in addition to what we discussed, do not hesitate to drop us a line!