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Star Trek Fleet Command Resources Guide: Dilithium, Raw Crystal, Raw Gas, Raw Ore, Parsteel and Tritanium Mining Locations

Star Trek Fleet Command is the latest MMO strategy game created by Scopely for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you get to play a major role in determining the future of the galaxy. The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces are at the verge of war as they fight over who gets control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. You are a starbase commander, and it is up to you to recruit officers, build battle ships, and establish relationships with the different factions.

The game lets you unlock iconic characters from the sci-fi series, including Captain Kirk, Spock, Nero, and even Khan. You also get to build famous ships like the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and the Klingon Bird of Prey. All of this, of course, requires various resources to accomplish, such as dilithium, raw crystal, raw gas, raw ore, parsteel and tritanium. It’s a good thing you have our complete Star Trek Fleet Command resources guide to find out the best places to mine for all the materials you need!

1. Upgrade Your Ship

star trek fleet command ship upgrade

Before you start scouring the galaxy for resources in Star Trek Fleet Command, you must first upgrade your ship. Rare resources can be mined from high-level systems and you will not be able to reach them unless your warp range is high enough. Gather battleship parts or explorer parts in order to upgrade your warp engine. These can be acquired by opening free crates, killing hostiles, completing missions, and participating in events. If you encounter any node that you can’t set a course to, that means your ship’s warp engine level is too low. Just upgrade it then try again.

2. Finding the System Nodes

You are probably wondering why you have to go through so much trouble when you can produce the necessary resources at home. For one, having extra resources can’t really hurt. You will need a lot, so it is better if you can secure more on top of the ones you produce at your base. Secondly, some quests require you to send ships to mine certain resources. You won’t be able to complete them by just producing the materials at your base; therefore, you will be missing out on potential rewards.

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In order to find the systems, just open up the galaxy screen. Look for the name of the system that you want to go to. The node names will have numbers beside them. These numbers indicate the level of the node. If it is too high, you won’t be able to go there until you upgrade your ship. If your warp engine level is high enough, you should be able to jump to the location. Keep in mind that there is no exact location for the mines. You will have to manually search for them.

3. Dilithium Mining Locations

Dilithium is one of the most sought-after resources in the game. It is used in the R&D department for researching and upgrading technologies. You will need a lot of it in order to keep progressing in the game. Check out the list of mining locations below if you are in need of more dilithium. Keep in mind that higher-level systems will most likely have more resources available for you to mine.

Neutral Territory

Amador (19)
Clytomenes (12)
Deneva (15)
Midnight (19)
Nelve (12)
Rigel (13)
Kaikara (18)
Krah’Hor (18)
Lorillia (18)
Murasaki 312 (10)

Romulan Territory

Altanea (38)
Gradientes (30)
Huebr (24)
Terix (38)
Vendus A (27)

Klingon Territory

Carraya (33)
Ciara (26)
Enthra (27)
K’Amia (24)
Maclyyn (22)

Federation Territory

Doska (27)
Noakyn (30)

4. Raw Crystal Mining Locations

Neutral Territory

Azha (20)
Bellas (12) (Grade 2)
Fastolf (21)
Nelve (12) (Grade 2)

Klingon Territory

Enthra (27) (Grade 2)
Francihk (20) (Grade 3)
Morska (28) (Grade 3)

Federation Territory

Siiolux (35) (Grade 2)

5. Raw Gas Mining Locations

star trek fleet command augment faction

Neutral Territory

Cita Laga (15)
Elona (13) (Grade 2)
Sorenle (21) (Grade 2)
Zaurak (13) (Grade 2)

Romulan Territory

Aerimea (35) (Grade 2)
Davidul (20) (Grade 3)
Vendus A (27) (Grade 2)

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Federation Territory

Priya (22) (Grade 3)
P’Jem (28) (Grade 3)

6. Raw Ore Mining Locations

Neutral Territory

Fastolf (21) (Grade 2)
Labac (17) (Grade 2)
Obilent (17) (Grade 2)

Romulan Territory

Aerimea (35) (Grade 2)

Klingon Territory

Lixar (35) (Grade 2)

Federation Territory

Doska (27) (Grade 2)
Thama (32) (Grade 2)

7. Parsteel and Tritanium Mining Locations

These locations contain both Parsteel and Tritanium. It is a good way to gather both resources at once.

Neutral Territory

Aciben (17)
Araiza (18)
Atreig (16)
Bharani (16)
Bubeau (18)
Dalukerinborva (18)
Dle’greffo (18)
Eizeb (16)
Freyda (17)
Gelvin (19)
Gra (18)
H’ganrem (18)
Helvetios (18)
Ione (17)
Kaus Australis (16)
Kaus Borealis (17)
Kaus Media (17)
Madra (16)
Medua (17)
Ocus (16)
Oltomon (17)
Ore Leraa (16)
Pune (16)
Ragnarr (17)
Rakkaus (16)
Skyedark (18)
Todem (18)
Vemet (17)
Wasat (19)
Wezen (18)
Worhundelja (9)
Xabek (9)
Zeta Polis (19)
Zhang (19)

Romulan Territory

Dauouuy (22)
Mewudoh (25)
Nipaj (24)
Posel (23)
Rooth (26)
Rosec (22)
Strezhi (26)
Tufem (23)

Klingon Territory

Godui (23)
Jonauer (22)
Laija (25)

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Federation Territory

Bazamex (24)
Eagutim (25)
Foaiveb (23)
Gowok (22)
Iocau (22)
Mapic (25)
Zadiaoo (22)

8. Tritanium Mining Locations

Aside from the locations that have both Parsteel and Tritanium, you can also check the systems listed below if you only need the latter.

Neutral Territory

Collep (10)
Donfo (10)
Dyrr (9)
Eral (9)
Eravan (9)
Fosta (10)
Friefra (10)
Grenfil (9)
Honsao (10)
Imgra (10)
Jinnia (9)
Kito (9)
Palimer (9)
Utoqa (10)
Volta (9)
Weh (10)
Whinuul (9)
Xerxes (29)
Zamam (10)

Romulan Territory

Oppidium (30)

Gathering different resources is crucial to your success in Star Trek Fleet Command. Take note of the mining locations above and you will never run out of materials again! Also, if you have come across any other mining locations, that we haven’t included in this list, then be sure to drop us a line in the comment section!

Tina Berry

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Davidul does not have gas, it's 3 star ore :)