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Best Sniper Legacy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Developing Elite Sniper Skills

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D is a highly captivating mobile game from T-Bull. If you download it to your Android-powered device, get ready to spend days looking through the telescopic lens and taking down giant dinosaurs.

When playing Best Sniper Legacy, your essential goal is to survive, i.e. to kill the overgrown lizards before they kill you. That is why we created this comprehensive list of the Best Sniper Legacy cheats, tips and strategies. These strategies can help you survive the onslaught of the vicious beasts. At the same time, your sniper skills will be polished to perfection. So, let’s get on with it!

1. Choose The Right Play Mode For You

Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D is a game that offers a lot of possibilities. That is why players from across the globe are attracted to this release. For instance, Best Sniper Legacy features as many as 5 different play modes! Typically, mobile games provide access to 2-3 modes.

best sniper legacy tips

The names of the play modes in Best Sniper Legacy are Story, Boss, Wanted, Survival, and Extermination. The last two categories in this list entail PvP battles. In other words, Survival and Extermination are multiplayer modes. They allow you to fight against real-life enemies.

On the other hand, Best Sniper Legacy can be equally entertaining when you play it solo. For example, the Boss mode lets you have a go at the most dangerous mutated dinosaurs around. In the upcoming chapters, we will let you in on a secret of how to defeat the bosses. Also, the other modes are full of excitement. One thing’s for sure – Best Sniper Legacy will send chills down your spine no matter which game type you choose!

2. Don’t Rush Your Moves, But Don’t Wait For Too Long Either

The sniper rifle is a powerful weapon, but only if you know how to use it. In skilled hands, these rifles turn into unforgiving killing machines. The same goes for Best Sniper Legacy – once you grasp the mechanics of using a sniper rifle, you’ll become the best sharpshooter out there.

best sniper legacy cheats

Firstly, you need to time your shots to perfection if you want to make a clean kill. Best Sniper Legacy features movable targets, i.e. wild dinosaurs do not sit still for long. Since the targets are dynamic, players need to be patient. Waiting for the perfect moment can be tedious at times, but this tactic allows you to make those precious headshots and kill the beasts.

But, dinosaurs can often run out of sight, even for your long-range telescope. If such a scenario occurs, you will fail the mission. That is why we recommend shooting at the first perfect moment you create. With every passing second, your chances of making a kill are dying.

3. Go For The Weak Spots

Even though dinosaurs in the Best Sniper Legacy look intimidating, they still have weak spots. The beasts in the game are the result of a failed experiment. They are roaming the Earth, trying to find some food. At the same time, their vital organs are the weakest links in the chain, and we advise the players to exploit this opportunity.

best sniper legacy weak points

Here is how you can use thermal sight to find the weak spots and kill the beasts with super-clean shots. Once you start using the scope, the eye at the bottom of the screen will appear. This all-seeing eye is a shortcut to thermal imaging technology. Either way, this command is highly important when playing Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D.

By activating the thermal sights, the dinosaurs in front of you will look like they are having an X-ray. To clarify, all their vital organs will be clearly visible and marked with yellow or red color. After that, it will be easy to make a shot to the heart, headshot, or a shot to the lungs.

4. Collect Headshots For More Points

Speaking of clean shots, Best Sniper Legacy rewards players for exhibiting good sniper skills. What this means is that you will receive a bonus at the end of the mission if you manage to get a headshot. Of course, this is easier said than done. Hungry dinosaurs are always moving their heads around. They are either running at high speeds or they frantically scan the ground in search for food.

best sniper legacy tricks

But, if you manage to keep a steady hand, you could get a few headshots here and there. Consequently, your bankroll will increase. After all, it is important to earn as much gold as possible. As a result, you’ll be able to invest more money in upgrades and improvements.

Gold is not the only currency when it comes to Best Sniper Legacy. It is equally important to collect the diamonds, as well as energy cells. In the upcoming chapters, we will explain how to earn more of those.

5. Quick Taps Will Save The Day

Earlier on, we mentioned that the Boss mode offers an exhilarating hunting experience. Above all, this action-packed sequence provides generous rewards for completing each stage. Thus, if you think you have what it take to kill some of the most menacing diamonds out there – head over to the Boss section. The likes of Monolophosaurus or the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex are waiting for their next meal.

Besides incorporating the awesome bullet-time effects, Best Sniper Legacy relies on an array of other animations as well. For instance, every Boss fight consists of two stages. The first part of the mission entails shooting at the mutated beast from a distance. By looking through the scope and using thermal vision, you will be able to make damaging shots.

But, this will rile up the beast, causing it to charge straight at you. At those moments, tap the screen as fast as you can. The gauge in the middle of the screen will show your chances of beating the opponent in a direct confrontation. If you are not fast enough, the dinosaur gets to eat today.

6. Upgrade Your Sniper Rifle

The quality of your weapon affects the success of every hunting mission. After all, the reptiles from the Mesozoic era feature thick skin and laser-sharp claws. If you do not take the bests down in time, there will be no mercy. A bunch of bloodthirsty zombies also wanders around. A good sniper rifle will eliminate them with ease as well.

best sniper legacy weapons

Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D provides players with a plethora of options when it comes to rifles. To be precise, the armory contains 14 types of sniper rifles, with 15 levels of upgrades for each. In short, a lot of room for improvement is at your disposal.

The shortcut for the armory is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. The game allows you to upgrade scope, ammo, body, grip, barrel, and magazine of your sniper rifle. Yet, we advise players to invest in the areas that best affect their shooting skills and allow them to clear out certain stages.

7. Complete The Daily Hunt Missions

The likes of Velociraptors, Einiosaurus, Kentrosaurus, and many others await you in the wastelands of Best Sniper Legacy. As we already said, you will need a good rifle to shoot them all down. Of course, your skill set will play a part as well.

That is why Daily Hunt missions are a great way to hone your sniper skills and earn some precious EXP points. Needless to say, Dialy Hunt missions can bring lucrative rewards your way. The only drawback of these missions is that they do not appear so often, i.e. you only receive one mission per day.

Even so, it is important to beat the clock in Daily Hunt stages and collect the loot. At the early stages, the goal of these missions will often require that you kill 10 specimens of a particular species. As you progress, the requirements will become more and more challenging.

8. Collect Daily Rewards

Because of the fact that elite sniper rifles are quite expensive, you will need a lot of gold. Also, the upgrades are not free of charge either. That is why we recommend that you explore every possibility of earning some cash. Luckily, Best Sniper Legacy: Dino Hunt & Shooter 3D is full of surprises and freebies.

best sniper legacy rewards

For instance, don’t forget to collect Daily Rewards. Every day you log in – a generous gift will go your way. The same goes for the rewards in the Achievements section. So, head over to that area and collect all the goodies that await you. Of course, the Achievements require that you invest a bit of effort in completing the tasks. But, in the end – it is all worth it.

Furthermore, Best Sniper Legacy rewards the players with a Free Crate. A treasure chest packed with gold arrives in regular patterns, i.e. every four hours. Your job is just to claim the gifts and invest them in the armory, boosting your sniper skills in the process.

Hereby we conclude our in-depth Best Sniper Legacy guide. If you are familiar with any other useful Best Sniper Legacy tips, cheats or tricks, feel free to leave us a comment!