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Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Ultimate Immortal

Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals is a new MMORPG by Hoolai Games that is based on the ancient Chinese novel called The Investiture of Gods. This novel is about the Shang dynasty being overthrown by the Zhou dynasty with added elements from Chinese mythology. With breathtaking visuals, an interesting storyline, and captivating gameplay, this game will definitely keep you glued to your seat for hours.

Unlike other MMORPGs with various classes, there are only two classes to choose from as of this writing, the Swordsman and the Mage. These roles are gender locked with the Swordsman being male and the Mage being female. The Swordsman is a close-range fighter, while the Mage deals damage long range. You can also customize your characters looks to your liking.

The game’s interface can be a bit overwhelming especially to players new to MMORPG games, but you can easily get the hang of it as the game shows you what to do. There’s also an indicator letting you know if you have a new quest or you need to upgrade your gear. It’s a very helpful feature for users who are just starting out and have no idea on what’s happening. In addition to that, we’ll also guide your way on the road to becoming immortal with our Blade Chaos tips, cheats and strategies below.

1. Complete Every Quest Possible

Quests are the heart of MMORPGS. Completing quests in Blade Chaos gives you a lot of experience points that in turn helps you level up. They also reward you with gears, accessories, and more. In this game, there are a ton of quests to choose from. Main quests follow the storyline of the game, and side quests are optional missions that reward you as well. In both the main and side quests, there are different types of quests that you’ll find yourself in.

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The most common type of quest you’ll receive is when you’re asked to kill a number of enemies or bosses. Doing boss battles have their own menu in the game, and a new boss unlocks as your game progresses. There is a limit though to how many times you can face a boss, so you’ll have to wait for the time to cool down to get the chance to battle again. Other quests where you need to kill enemies involve going to the dungeon or those playing against other players. There are also missions that specifically help upgrade your mount and your wings, if you have them.

Some quests give you a break from the action and take form in just interacting with NPCs. In Beauty Quests, you will be asked to choose one goddess and escort her through the world and sometimes protect her from enemies. In Nation Quests, you’ll be asked to deliver one item to an NPC. If you have a guild, there are Guild Quests where you basically just run around the world and talk to NPCs and you’re still rewarded. Completing these types of quests manually will take the life out of you. That’s where the auto-play button comes handy.

2. Take Advantage Of Auto-Play

Blade Chaos immediately starts on auto-play which guides you on what you should do and where to begin. Aside from getting your character to the next destination, the auto-play button also automatically attacks enemies around you. When you have no idea where to go, look at your list of quests at the left side of the screen, choose a quest, and then tap on it. You’ll automatically be taken to where you need to be.

Eventually, you’ll reach a point in the game where you can’t do quests anymore. Daily quests have their limits, and other quests require you to have a higher level. All that’s left to do is grind. Look for a strong group of enemies to defeat, stay there, and select auto-play. Your character will attack on its own, and enemies spawn back, and it’s just a cycle. You can even do this offline if you have the required item for it. However, you can’t depend on auto-play forever.

3. Know When To Play Manually

Although the auto-play function is very welcome to new players as well as seasoned ones, there are still times when you need to manually play. In boss battles and dungeon battles, the first few stages are fairly easy and you can finish it in a breeze. But sooner or later you’ll reach a point where the attacks hurt a little too much. This is where you need to turn off auto-play and start attacking manually. You can freely move on your own using the joystick on the bottom left side of the screen and your skills at the bottom right side. When playing automatically, the skills get cast on their own. But when you play manually, you need to tap on them and wait for them to recharge.

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Playing manually allows you to avoid boss and enemy attacks by evading and running away. This doesn’t happen when you’re in auto-play as your character just bravely attacks whoever and just stands there. When facing bosses or other players, especially in one on one battles, they have a special attack that will cause a lot of damage if you get hit. You do get a warning that it’s about to come in the form of a red symbol on the ground. Run and get away from this area before your enemy activates this attack. Even if the enemy is much stronger than you, you still have a chance of beating them if you do it manually.

4. Use Bound Ingots Wisely

In Blade Chaos there are three kinds of in-game currency: coins, bounded ingots, and ingots. Ingots are the game’s premium currency that you can only get using real money, while coins and bound ingots can be obtained through quests and defeating enemies. Bound ingots are used to purchase items in the shop that temporarily increase your experience points. There are also other items in the shop that you can purchase using bound ingots that will help in your quests as well.

You can also use bound ingots to boost your character’s attack and experience points on World Boss fights and in the EXP dungeon. When battling the World Boss, other players can join you. Whoever does the highest damage on the boss gets a special item. In the EXP dungeon, you fight enemies in waves for a limited time. With the help of bound ingots, you can earn billions of experience points that’ll help you level up faster.

What you should be saving your bound ingots for are for VIP Quests that will reward you with VIP points. VIP Quests can be seen in the Daily Quests menu and they refresh every day. Earning the VIP title gives you permanent benefits and buffs in the game. Use your bound ingots to star up VIP quests in order to earn more VIP points As your VIP level increases, the greater benefits are added to your character.

5. Upgrade Your Skills And Enhance Your Gear Whenever Possible

Upgrading skills increases your character’s attacks and defenses. It’s also the same when you enhance your gear. You become a more effective player this way and will defeat enemies easier. To upgrade skills, you’ll need a protagonist skill book which can only be earned in the dungeon. As for enhancing your gear, you’ll need coins. Aside from skills and gears, you can also upgrade your energy which helps offset the damage you take during battles which means you’ll be more protected from your enemies. There’s also an option to combine gears with a quenching stone in order to produce a higher ranked gear.

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Other support elements to the game like your mount, wings, and pet can also be upgraded. Upgrading them also adds to your characters overall stats which helps your overall game progress as well. There are also different kinds of magicware that you gain as you complete main quests, increase your VIP level, or complete time-limited events. These magicware are the source of your special attack and passive abilities.

Except for gear enhancement which requires coins, all other upgrade items are rewarded in quests. If you want to know which item you’ll need for an upgrade and where to find them, you can go to their upgrade menu and select the item. A tiny pop-up message will show you which quests you need to complete and where you can find these items.

6. Be Social – Join A Guild, Get Married

As with all MMORPGs, interacting with other players is a must and will actually benefit your progress in the game. You can play the game on your own, but you’ll still need the help of others in some cases. A great start would be adding friends. You don’t need to give any personal details to be friends with someone. You can simply search a name of a player or look for someone on the world chat who is interested in gaining friends. Having a number of friends in the game also gives you rewards.

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When you reach certain levels, you’ll be allowed to join a guild, get married, or make a squad. Joining a guild means you’re working with other players with the same goal in mind. Being in a guild has its own advantages as well. You can trade gears with other members of the guild. You also earn guild points that lets you purchase items that you can only buy in the guild shop. However, being in a guild only really counts if you have active players in it. Being active in the game helps your guild, and you’ll also have your own group that you can count on when trying to beat enemies that are too strong. This is also the same for squads. They help you in group battles, but they’re just a temporary thing.

Another interesting feature in Blade Chaos is getting married. Just select the marriage system, and then you can choose from your list of friends who you want to marry. You also need to choose a betrothal gift to convince your friend that they should marry you, and these gifts will cost you bounded ingots or ingots. There’s also a wedding banquet that you can invite other players to or they can invite themselves. Even if you aren’t able to find a partner yet, you can still experience a wedding ceremony. Once married, you’ll have items unique only to married couples. You’ll also be able to get an added companion that looks like a little kid. Now you’ll have one big happy family. It’s important to maintain this marriage because playing together and ranking up together will make you a very wealthy couple.

7. Don’t Forget To Collect Daily Free Stuff

The great thing about this game is that there’s a ton of free stuff you can always look forward to when coming back to play after taking a break. First off, look at the Benefit menu on the top left corner just under your character’s photo and tap on it. There’s the Daily Sign-in rewards system that gives you coins, bound ingots, and other items that can help your character in the game. If you sign up every day consecutively, you’ll be rewarded with something big at the end of 28 days.

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Still in the Benefit menu, there’s the online reward system that gives you items the longer you are in the game. If you stay on the game for 120 minutes, you’ll collect every single one of them for the day. With Pack Exchange, you can type a code that will in turn will give you the starter pack. To get the code, you must go to the Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals page on the Hoolai Games website and select the gift. It will then show you a code that you need to type into the game.

Now on the top left side you’ll see the Daily menu and see your daily quests, the time-limited events, and resource retrieve. On the bottom of this menu you’ll see numbers and items below. These represent the active points you’ve earned in the game for today and the item above them is what you’ll get. You get active points by doing your daily quests. Another thing is you can pray for a chance to get a million coins and 50 bound ingots. You can only do this for free once a day. Access this by going to the Pray menu on the same row as the Benefit menu. Lastly, you can try and complete the daily achievements for more rewards.

We’ve come to the end of our Blade Chaos: Tales of Immortals guide. We hope you have become enlightened enough and this helps you on your road to becoming immortal. If you know additional strategies, tips or tricks, that we haven’t included in this guide, then don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.