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Star Trek Fleet Command Advanced Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks for PvP Battles and Guild Strategies

The vastness of space may not have been closely replicated by most galaxy exploration games but Star Trek Fleet Command has done an awesome job at creating an open world that takes a lot of time to fully discover and explore. Along with the wide variety of quests and activities you can engage in as you play Star Trek Fleet Command, there’s a plethora of star systems you have yet to unlock despite spending long hours hopping from one star system to the next in pursuit of quest completions, battles, and more resources from mining spots to uncover.

If you just started playing this strategy and exploration game, be sure to check out our Star Trek Fleet Command beginner’s guide as some of the tips and tricks we outlined there are more basic and necessary for newbies in comparison with the deeper strategies we will be discussing here. Before you proceed to read through some additional tips and strategies we will lay out here, you are expected to have played the game for quite some time and that you have a good enough understanding of the basic concepts surrounding the game.

Though much of the game is aimed towards completing story missions, levelling up, and continuously upgrading your star base, ships, and crew, there are plenty of things you need to prepare for as you reach higher levels and grow more in power. As you constantly engage in multiple activities almost always consecutively spend some time early on to visit and explore not just the star systems but upgrade paths you may need to work on later in the game. With that said, let’s move on to our Star Trek Fleet Command advanced guide, featuring some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Unlock And Explore Other Star Systems

By simply following quest lines you will be able to visit several star systems and oftentimes, doing so will lead to an additional quest or two that leads you towards more warp times and explorations. Looking at the entire galaxy layout, you can distinguish star systems you have not yet unlocked or visited as they are greyed out in contrast to the clear white ones that you have already viewed. It may happen that you still have plenty of quests on your plate which you would want to prioritize at the early part of the game, but later on, having extra ships can be your cue in venturing further across star systems to discover additional quests for you to accomplish as well as mining spots which may offer more resources and at the same time be safer.

star trek fleet command how to unlock other star systems

Exploring outside of quest lines and missions may not give you any outright rewards to help raise your level and strengthen your base, ships, and crew but in the long run, it will present its own benefits especially since you may not have a lot more time to attend to this task later on in the game. For one, be sure to check and take not of star systems where your fellow alliance members have their bases. This is indicated by the person icon on the upper right of the star system and depending on the number of members your alliance has, you will most likely see many close systems showcasing this icon. Be sure to take note of enemy levels and resource spots as well so you will know where to farm items and kills when some quests require you to do so. You may notice that some star systems cannot be visited yet as they require a certain level of Warp Range which your ship needs to have in order to reach them. As your ships level up and acquires more parts for upgrades, you will eventually have increased warp range capacity to visit unreachable areas one after the other.

2. Prepare For PvP Battles When You Reach Level 10

There’s going to be a little less exploration and a lot of battles that will come your way once you hit account level 10 as players on this level and up can begin attacking other players’ ships anywhere they are on the vast galaxy. This can happen anytime as well whether you are questing, mining, or even just resting idly in one place. One of the reasons we discussed about focusing on just one ship on our previous guide relates very much to prepare for this scenario. If you take all the best crew members and exclusively spend resources on them and your strongest ship, you will have a better chance of surviving the harsh environment around you.

One of the most basic changes you will have to keep in mind is that you should probably refrain from sending out your weaker ships for exploration as you need to keep focused on your main ship to ensure its survival. In any case, your weaker ships will most likely be spending most of the time returning to base for repair once you send it out on even the simplest of errands.

star trek fleet command pvp battles

Before even reaching level 10, you may want to make the most out of mining for extra resources as well as checking what you can research through the R&D Department on your star base towards improving your ships’ performance. If the missing requisites are merely lack of some resources, then prioritize farming those to have your R&D Department continuously doing researches for combat.

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Once you do hit level 10 you may not have an easy time mining for resources as you will most likely be attacked by another player while your ship is idle. What you would want to do now is instead look for players with weaker ships and attack them to try and take what they have. To be sure, make it a habit to scan player ships first as a lower level ship may surprisingly have more power than yours. On the other hand, between two weaker player ships that are potential targets for you, you can scan to check for resources you can loot as some of them may just be fresh from mining and have more resources. Again, make sure to double back to base for repairs before engaging in another battle as hunting nearly equally powerful ships will take a great toll on your ship’s shields.

3. Fortify Your Starbase Before You Hit Level 15

Just when you thought the PvP action rose to its peak once you hit level 10, you might be even more surprised to discover that players can attack one another’s starbase once their account level goes up to 15. With the challenges growing bigger that you’ll be forced to take extra care before your leave home, being at level 15 now makes you worry even for your own backyard. As the stakes are now bigger, starbases that have been attacked can lose all resources it has and leave you struggling even more to continue with the much needed upgrades you have to push for in order to counterattack.

As this may not leave you with a fair warning before it’s too little too late, be sure to prepare for this as early as you can. Understandably, you will have to continue on doing researches at your R&D Department to boost your ships performance as you hit level 10. Moving forward a bit, you now have to manage researches well enough to include ones aimed towards improving your own base.

star trek fleet command star base

Although most defensive improvements may take a lot of time, resource, and pre-requisite researches; make sure to take advanced not of which research trails to follow leading to the upgrades you need to prioritize.

One thing to keep in mind is that leaving ships docked at the starbase will boost its defensive stats too. So instead of constantly risking damage to both your starbase and less powerful ships, you may want to just bundle them all up together to have a better defense rating a little more chance of surviving an assault.

Once you are in this predicament as well, you should constantly stay conscious of your immediate environment, which means that you have to swipe and sweep through the star system you are in to check for potential predator who may be eyeing your starbase as a plunder target and just waiting for your main ship and your attention to leave the area. While you attempt to complete missions, quests or other tasks in other star systems, especially distant ones, you should now constantly check up on your home star system to see if potentially hostile enemy ships are lurking close to your starbase.

4. Coordinate With Your Alliance On Defensive Tactics

As we already mentioned in our previous guide some of the basic benefits of joining an alliance, we can now further stress on its more critical value as far as strategy is concerned as well as survival. While the construction speed-ups and alliance rewards are already reason enough to be part of any guild, having a more active guild can further boost each and every member’s growth.
For one, a more active guild will surely be able to secure more donations, resulting in a faster growing guild capable of having more members and giving out more rewards and speed boosts. Having more active player in your guild can also help in setting up strategies to keep every, or at least most, members relatively safe from attacks.

With a well-coordinated group of active alliance members, you can set it up so that most of you can be in the same star system with a lot even sharing the same plant as their home base. Keeping the alliance members close to one another is very hard to set-up but once you do, you will reap great rewards from it especially if most will work together towards keeping one another safe. While it would be awesome to be a part of an alliance with friends you have in real life, having a serious enough level of commitment in Star Trek Fleet Command can also lead to having online friends that are capable of establishing a strong network of communication that goes beyond the in-game alliance chat.

With closely knit together alliance members residing in the same star system, players can take turns to keep watch on the fold as they guard alliance inhabited planets for potential attackers and warn offline alliance members through other communication channels. With most alliance members in one star system, you can also take turns mining for much needed resources as others keep watch on your back while you are idle.

5. Relocate To A Different Star System When Necessary

star trek fleet command relocation

It’s likely to happen that the once peaceful star system and planet you call home can immediately become hardly habitable especially if more and more hostile players are frequently visiting the area for some resources or attack targets. As you should be constantly monitoring your surroundings for when scenarios like these start to arise, spend some time to look for less crowded and more peaceful star systems or be with your fellow alliance members following the above-mentioned strategy. If you haven’t tried it before, you can easily relocate your starbase by clicking on the planet you wish to warp to, and click on relocate base. You will need a Relocation Token to be able to do so. Although difficult to acquire, some free gift boxes do provide Relocation Tokens as rewards and the only other way to acquire additional ones is through the store offers for packages you have to spend real money on. Hopefully though, you weren’t able to use for Relocation Token accidentally before having the critical need to do so.

6. Shift To A More Active Alliance If You Must

It’s no surprise that some strong alliances that may have started powerful and active may soon lose hold of their activities and slowly degrade as far as growth and progress is concerned. Likewise some alliance whom you may have viewed as not suitably active or strong before turns out to be much more dedicated as each member dives deeper into the game. As sad as it seems games with alliance or guild systems also entail enduring constant changes and sometimes, those changes involve losing some of its members.

It can’t be helped that even when you are a very dedicated alliance member, you may feel that there may be other groups that are as equally dedicated as you are especially when it comes to becoming the best commander in Star Trek Fleet Command. If at some point in the game you feel that the alliance you spent some time with has grown less and less active over time, you can easily leave the alliance and move on to a more suitable one. Keep in mind that there will also be instances when some alliances will disband just to have the active members merge into a stronger, better alliance. IF you ever feel that you may be qualified to be part of the top alliances in Star Trek Fleet Command, be sure to check out the highest ranking ones in the leaderboards so you can search for them once you leave your current one.

star trek fleet command alliance

To leave an alliance, simply click on the settings (gear) button at the upper right side of the alliance screen and click on leave alliance. Clicking on the Alliance Button on the main screen will then take you again to the list of available Alliances you can apply to join. Fortunately enough there are no cooldown periods for when you can join in another alliance, so you can just jump in to a new one (provided there are no approvals needed) as soon as you leave your current one.

That basically ends our tips and strategies for you for Star Trek Fleet Command. As challenging as the game may be, keep in mind that any online strategy game can depend largely on the time and commitment you allot into it. As such, if you really want to be a top commander in Star Trek Fleet Command, be ready to pour in some hours of gameplay and leave little for idle moments. Even if you are not the alliance leader, you can still always initiate on plans and strategies and share what you know with other members. As an advise as well, don’t feel bad about finding your starbase and ships mashed up whenever you log back in the game after a while when you reach level 15 as there will always be stronger players around who will want what you have and may even just be as dedicated towards making themselves stronger. Instead, aim to recover the resources you have lost to plunderers as you make careful and selective hunts while at the same time fortifying your own defenses. As there may still be bits and pieces of tips and strategies we have yet to uncover in the vast content that Star Trek Fleet Command has to offer, feel free to share your own discoveries with us relative to tips and strategies we may have missed to include in either of our guides. We highly appreciate hearing from you so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!


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Good info! Thank you. I’ve been playing a little over a day. I’m level 9 / 25,589. I will be looking for a strong alliance.