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War Robots Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Arena Battle

War Robots 6v6 Tactical Multiplayer Battles on the Google Play Store, or simply War Robots Multiplayer Battles on the Apple App Store, is Pixonic’s 5-year running team action strategy game that continuous to remain on the list of top grossing games in countries where it is available. If you are fascinated by mechs and mech battles as well as enjoy working with others in a highly competitive battle arena, then you should definitely take a dive into the world of War Robots.

There are more than 50 giant robots to collect and upgrade in War Robots. While each one has their own unique traits, the variety of weapons you can fit into them allow you to personalize your robot’s build the way you want to. Contrary to what most beginners may assume, War Robots is not all about shooting and destroying as various game modes and roles, lumped in with its multiplayer aspect, calls for different strategies and tactics for players and teams.

war robots strategies

War Robots lets you dive in straight to action as soon as you fire up the game. The first thing you will experience is a full scale 6-vs-6 battle. The in-game tutorial provides all the basics, and the missions are designed to walk you through the basic features as well. The user interface and basic controls, as well as the game’s mechanics are simple enough to understand even for complete beginners.

War Robots, however, is a type of game that is easy to learn yet difficult to master and can require a lot of patience and practice. If you are struggling early on as to what to focus on or want a more efficient way to make good progress in your virtual mech-piloting career, then read our War Robots guide below, as it can help setting you on the right path towards dominating the arena.

1. Follow The Missions

As War Robots is a battle-oriented game, you would naturally want to engage in one match after another, especially after your first dip into the arena. As much as actual battle experience is an indisputable factor in getting you up to speed to learn all the works, some aspects of the game outside of actual combat is important to know as well. Additionally, while engaging in combat earns you XP as well as resources, you can actually still earn those while in the pursuit of accomplishing missions.

You can check the missions via its icon on the right side of the screen. There are special missions that relate to your overall progress in the game, which appears one after another. There are also daily missions that relate to the usual activities and accomplishments you naturally make as you engage in matches.

how to complete more missions in war robots

In addition to the rewards and XP you earn from each match in relation with the mission or missions at hand, each mission you complete grants additional resources that can help you advance faster in your adventure.

For some daily missions, you can even play a short video ad to instantly complete the objectives. Most objectives are fairly easy to complete, though, so it is best to attempt accomplishing them first before resorting to skip them through watching ads. In any case, you should aim to accomplish missions and check new ones that pop up before you dive into the next match.

2. Get To Know Each Robot

Piloting a robot and playing on a team with 5 other players pitted against 6 other players can already be a ton of fun on its own. What makes arena battles in War Robots, however, comes from the variety of mechs each player can use and how each one can further be customized with various weapons.

Although it will take a while for you to amass a collection of robots, and that chances are that you will not be able to obtain each one, you should still take a good look at each one and get to know them as much as you can.

By clicking on any robot on the main screen, you will be taken to the hangar page where you can view, customize, and check the details of the mechs you have. When you click on the “change robot” button at the bottom of the screen, you will be taken to the store where other robots can be purchased, some of which are locked behind level caps. Most of the robots have a unique skill you need to familiarize yourself with as well as recommended sets of weapons.

war robots mechs

While it is basic for you to know these details in relation to the robots you already possess, the more important reason for beginners to browse through each of the other robots is to plan ahead which one to save their resources for. There are numerous guides relating to which robots stand out compared to the rest as well as which ones are not worth getting or investing in.

To start off, what you would want to bank on is each robot’s skills and stats relative to the role you want to take in team plays or the build you will be comfortable at in free-for-all battles.

Checking each robot out with regard to their capabilities and potential is not just reserved for the ones you prefer and hope to obtain and use. As you will always have a chance to be in a team with players using the other robots, it is best to know each mech enough for you to strategize more effectively around other players. More so, having a solid idea about each robot’s unique skills as well as potential setups and strategies, can prepare you much better on how to handle them.

There are a ton of robots you need to look into and be familiar with and it may take a while to get to know each one. At the very least, look into the ones you more frequently encounter in the arena within and outside your team.

In addition to reading about what each mech can do, seeing them in actual combat and paying attention to the seemingly better-performing ones can help you decide on which ones to acquire and use as well as give you an idea how to work with and against them.

3. Be Selective When Upgrading Your Robots And Weapons

Being able to purchase and obtain the mech you want is closer to the start of your journey towards dominating the arena than its end as there is still a long way to go before you can maximize your favorite robot to its full potential. Each robot you own can be upgraded, and the weapons and modules you need to set it up properly also needs purchasing and upgrading.

Naturally, upgrades take time to complete and each higher level takes much more time. Although you can speed up upgrade times using gold, which is a premium currency, we highly recommend that you save your gold for more important purchases and instead consider watching video ads to shorten the waiting time whenever possible.

As you engage from one arena battle to the next, and accomplish quests for extra resources, you might be tempted at times to use your resources on the robots you currently use. While part of the tutorials and early missions will lead you towards performing upgrades on a robot and a weapon, it is best to do so only to satisfy those objectives.

how to upgrade robots in war robots

We actually would rather not say that some robots are bad investment options as we feel that the best one depend on your play style and preferences. Destrier, however, is a training robot designed for beginners to get accustomed to the basic controls and mechanics, and as such should not be among the choices for investment.

As more robots become unlocked at the shop as you reach new levels, you can expect that the stronger ones will not be immediately available. As you wait for the robots you are eyeing for to become available or if you are still pooling resources to unlock it, you can always opt to perform bits of upgrades on some robots you have, or even weapons and modules you can use on your other robots. Just be mindful of equating your investments to how long you think you will be using each robot.

As you continue to unlock more of them through direct purchase or through gacha, you should test each one out on the field before you decide on how much you should invest in them. Your long-term goal is not limited to just one max-levelled and fully equipped robot as you can unlock more slots in your hangar and take more robots into battle. Just the same, focus ought to be concentrated on one robot until after you have unlocked and obtained a better one.

War Robots’ feature of letting players arm and use multiple robots in combat.

4. Consider The Initial Battles As Practice Runs

War Robots is a highly competitive game and while you may experience relatively easy wins early on, it becomes a lot more challenging once you start the leagues. To be honest, the battles before you unlock the leagues feel like going against A.I. opponents that have very little strategy and direction. In contrast with that, however, you are likely to be pitted against players within the same league as you once you make it through the “trial” period.

Being an expert in any game does not happen overnight and, especially in the case of War Robots, battles will typically just become tougher and tougher. To a large extent, having superior robots at high levels, packed with choice weapons and modules can make a lot of difference. Keep in mind, however, that all these factors do not constitute the entirety of what you need to win more matches in the arena.

war robots battle tips

Domination stands as the most basic game mode in War Robots. It is an area capture and control game where firepower alone will not win you the match. The team with the most beacons wins the match and the only exception is if one of the teams are fully extinguished.

Like all game modes in War Robots you will always be part of the blue team and while you are likely to experience eliminating all members of the red team prior to unlocking the leagues, the same will not be a simple feat moving forward.

Again, each robot has its own strengths and limitations and as strategy becomes more vital as you climb up the leagues, so does sticking to different roles and building your robots to fit those roles better. Some robots excel in dealing heavy damage and can be classified depending on their weapon’s range. Sturdy robots are often slow and will have a difficult time conquering beacons.

While some are more suitable attackers, you can expect some robots and builds to perform much better in defending beacons. Of course, there are also mechs that specialize in healing allies.

war robots mech roles

While there are relatively only few battles before you unlock the leagues, try as much as you can to use them as an opportunity to help you decide about the role you want to take and how you want to build your robots. Although you are bound to learn with each match you engage in, testing different approaches and still managing to score a victory will be a lot easier early on.

It can happen that you will be paired against players or teams with much stronger robots and better gears. The idea is to accept that you cannot always win each match as even veterans who played the game years ahead of you will still suffer defeat.

What matters more is that you learn as much as you can from each match and continue to push towards accomplishing as much in each match. Every resource you gain is of value and will always contribute towards taking you a step closer to better robots and gears.

5. Play Defensively

There are various roles to take on as you engage in matches within War Robots, some of which require more aggressiveness than others. As a beginner, it is best to play more defensively and stick with roles that does not require aggression. Being a beginner leaves you with fewer choices as far as your collection of robots is concerned and, to add to that, you also need to inhibit from spending much of your resources on robots and gears that you may later on replace with better ones.

Although matches in War Robots have limited time and almost dictate quick actions, you should never let it pressure you too much into being careless and making mistakes. Neither should it push you towards rushing for a kill, as eliminating enemies is never the exclusive means of securing a victory.

Having several chances of destroying enemy robots in earlier battles should give you an idea of whether you will be able to defeat the enemy ahead of you or not. If it swerves more towards the latter, it becomes a smarter tactic to back up and disengage unless you have an ally or allies backing you up.

war robots defensive tips

Some robots have unique skills that can be used both offensively and defensively. Cossack’s jump, for example can help boost travel time towards beacons or enemies. Arenas are pack with various terrains and obstacles that make Cossack’s jump more valuable than having better weapons in some cases.

As skills have cool down periods, though, what you should rather do is save it for more defensive needs and strategies. If you are forced into a confrontation and unfortunately hanging on the losing end, the jump not just makes you a little more difficult to target but it can vault you away a certain distance. Using it to jump back and behind walls or obstacles work too.

As a beginner, it is also best to keep yourself at the rear end of the team’s march. In some cases, your team will be spread a little wider towards the beacons or enemies but regardless of how you choose to approach, it is best to keep an ally ahead of you first.

As you gain more experience and familiarity with the controls, mechanics, and each robot, then the role you choose can begin to include more variety, which may involve more aggressively engaging in combat, or perhaps even being in front of teammates you wish to defend.

Staying close with your teammates is almost always a good idea but, at some point, it becomes necessary for the team to split. The absence of a voice chat can delimit strategies, but it should not dissuade you from doing your best to work in support of your team.

At some point you will be able to project strategies based on the robots your teammates are using in the match. Again, it takes a lot of practice and learning to be able to do so and as such, paying attention to such details is important especially early on.

6. Take Time To Spectate

We mentioned earlier how different things will become once you enter the leagues. It will not be enough to have 3 or more robots in your hangar that you can take to battle to guarantee victory. In some cases, even masterful skills and decent gears and robots can still make it a challenge to secure a win. Beyond skills and upgrade levels, there is also team synergy and strategy involved, and even having that still will not yield absolute winning results.

The truth is no matter how skilled you are and how powerful your robots are does not always earn you victory. The same naturally applies to your team, regardless of whether you are with random players or a team of friends and clan allies. You have to understand as well that the absence of players within the same rank in your league can lead matchmaking to consider players from another league, and results in being paired against tougher enemy teams.

war robots tactics

While one of the points we are stressing here banks on you to not get frustrated in experiencing defeats, the idea we want you to consider and explore actually comes after being eliminated from the arena. As it can happen that you will be eliminated ahead of some of your team members, the battle will continue on until one team loses, and for the remainder of the match, you can either exit out of it immediately or remain and spectate the ensuing battle.

You can continue watching the battle as a spectator and see things from the perspective of the remaining players but you can also leave immediately to claim your earnings and move on to the next match. This feature is important to take advantage of as you can learn a lot from how each of the remaining combatants are performing. It is good to check on your remaining allies to determine how they survived longer than you and at the same time assess how the opposing team managed to defeat you.

On top of the numerous rewards and freebies you can earn through active engagement in battles, War Robots continuously provides events where simply staying active can earn you extra rewards. Additionally, there are helpful boosts to earn through playing video ads every once in a while and although you are not required to watch any of them, you can so while you rest in-between matches.

And that would be all for now as far as our War Robots guide is concerned. Again, War Robots is a type of game where a lot of patience and effort is important for you to make good progress, but casually playing can still make it enjoyable if you do not expect to win all the time.

We hope you picked up useful information from the tips and strategies we shared in this guide. If you have spent a lot of time playing War Robots and would like to share some tips and experiences, feel free to drop us a line!


Friday 12th of February 2021

Hey nice comment sukmakik, thanks for the extra background. I just started playing recently and I guess I haven't hit the wall yet because I'm still having fun in the lower leagues. Shame it's so aggressively pay-to-win at higher ranks - it's a pretty well developed skeleton of a game, all it needs is some thought put into (actual good faith) balancing and it could have some real satisfying tactical depth.

I was actually going to drop some money on an operation pass, but reading comments from the community has convinced me otherwise. I've played enough rotating meta-of-the-day type games that I know that path leads nowhere interesting. Really the laughable cash value they assign to in-game items should've been a clue that their priority is whale hunting rather than developing a game genuinely worth paying for.


Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Well written easy to understand guide.

HOWEVER - it is completely out of date as of Jan 2021.

Missing from the guide as of the date on guide Dec 2020 is information about:

MODULES- Passive and Active. MODULES enhance weapons, shielding and provide special abilities to your giant battle bots. TITANS- giant battle bots in a world of giant battle bots. Bots and the giant weapons are bought / upgraded with platinum PILOTS- MODULES with faces. DRONES- MODULES in the form of tiny flying giant battle bots that buzz around your giant battle bot like a gnat. Their intro into the game nearly killed it. MICRO CHIPS- WHAT YOU need to buy win and upgrade to activate DRONES

And so much more that the author failed to address and detail. This guide is over a year out of date. Your welcome mate for the tip.

One more thing. This game is pure pay to win. Anyone starting out should understand 3 things. 1. You won't be able to compete in top tiers without spending a lot of real money. 2. Because when the developer releases new content, which is nearly always over powered, they typically nerf the prior "new" gear to boost sales of new meta, which is only available by spending real money for the first few months. Direct purchase or you can buy keys to open chests ( rigged gambling) . This cycle happens 2 to 3 times a year. Plan on spending a lot of time grinding and lots of money if you want to stay meta. 3. The matchmaker mixes champs with Newbs to sell power.

I've been playing for years, have over 35,000 matches under my belt and quit worrying about the league's. I'm invested and still find ways to have fun but I wouldn't invest ANY real money or even too much time in it now.

The constant addition of game elements has resulted in mild to increasingly horrible lag especially in peak time slots. in fall 2020 revealed "remastered" that was supposed to be upgraded graphics and performance options as well as fix the numerous bugs and lag connection issues. The results a few months in..,older devices ( more than a old) are becoming unplayable. The graphics update consisted of added detail to backgrounds and changes to things like jump exhausts, muzzle flashes and the like but in the process the custom skins many purchased have less detail. Oh and 4 maps have been pulled from the game only 6 or 7 now.

Ok I'm done doing the editors job.

The game does have great mechanics WHEN it plays right. Worth trying. Don't waste your money or too much time this one's in sunset