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Baby Manor Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Help You Win Consistently and Create the Perfect Family Home

Baby Manor is a new puzzle game from developer Magic Seven, that blends baby raising simulation and home design with addictive match-3 gameplay. The title is now available for Android users to take up and play, while the iOS version remains in development for the time being.

Baby Manor follows the well-worn recipe of match-3 games – there’s an old shabby house that needs fixing and lots of puzzle levels to play to unlock the necessary renovations. Players can kick start the repair frenzy by collecting and deploying baby bottles, items which are earn by completing match-3 puzzles.

Levels boast various objectives that can range from removing a number of tiles of a certain color to spreading carpeting on the board and collecting special elements. To achieve these goals, players have a limited number of moves at their disposal.

Naturally no match-3 game is complete without a supporting narrative to complement the whole picture. In Baby Manor, of course, everything revolves around, you guessed it, babies, or, in this case, one in particular, the young son of main characters Bobby and Sarah – who you will get to name, by the way.

baby manor story

The young couple has travelled back to Bobby’s home town and moved into his old family home. The only problem is that the manor is in a dilapidated state and needs a lot of work done. Luckily, Bobby isn’t afraid of a challenge and with your help, sets out to overhaul the whole estate.

As you’d expect from a match-3 game like this, it starts off easy enough, with puzzle challenges that won’t give you any strong headaches. But as you progress through the levels, things become a more demanding, and so you’ll need to develop some clear strategies if you want to keep your winnings up.

Luckily we’ve created a Baby Manor beginner’s guide to help you do just that. If you’ve already started playing the game, and you’ve stumbled upon a level that isn’t as easy to crack as you’d like, keep reading below. In what follows, we set out to detail and explain the steps you need to take so you can be consistent in your victories.

1. Match Big

A key tactic in most match-3 games is to be observant and constantly on the lookout for the possibility of making larger matches. While the minimum for creating a match in Baby Manor is three pieces, you should constantly target combinations of four tiles and above. Bigger matches not only have the effect of clearing a larger portion of the board, but can also create in-level Boosters which are crucial for your success at beating challenges.

baby manor tricks

Especially for this reason, our advice is not to rush things when you’re playing. Take your time, and don’t match randomly on the board. Instead really look at it carefully, until you’re sure you haven’t missed a prospect to match big. Sometimes, depending on the random tile loadout, larger matches might be simply non-existent on your board. If that’s the case, don’t despair. You could try applying another all-time classic strategy in match-3 gameplay – matching towards the bottom of the board.

This way, you will clear the space at the bottom and allow cascades of new titles to enter the board through the upper part. This new influx of tiles will refresh the existing tile loadout and hopefully create new opportunities for larger matches.

2. Focus On The Objective Exclusively

Each level comes with an objective of its own, which you need to keep in mind at all times when you play. Sometimes, even if there are multiple obstacles on the board, you might only be required by the objective to collect a select number of items to finish the challenge.

baby manor level objective

Paying close attention will save you from spending unnecessary moves on destroying and removing select elements that could be left untouched without affecting the final outcome. For example, during a level featuring lots of donuts and crates, but with a goal that instructs players to collect all the panda bears, it’s possible to leave some crates unspoiled and still win. Provided they don’t block the passage of the panda bears and make it impossible for them to exit the board.

Just don’t rush things when playing and you should be fine. Take your time to internalize the level objective and remember you can always recheck it during the game by examining the left part of the display. Since you have no time limits, you can take it easy and really think through your every move.

3. Boosters Are Your Friends, But Don’t Get Too Attached

Boosters provide significant support throughout the game, but you should accustom yourself not to overly rely on their abilities to guarantee success. That’s because most Boosters come at a price, and you can’t afford to spend gold coins like you are royalty.

That doesn’t apply to in-level Boosters, though, as you can make them from scratch on the board while playing a level. You just have to spot the larger matches. Speaking of which these are the in-level Boosters you can make in Baby Manor:

how to create a bomb in baby manor

Rockets – match four of the same elements in a line to create a Rocket. Depending on whether you’ve matched in a column or a row, the Booster will either be horizontal or vertical. When activated, the Rocket will clear a complete line of tiles.

Bombs – match five or more elements in a T or L shape to get a Bomb. The Bomb is a powerful power-up that when activated can remove all elements in a 3×3 tile radius.

Plane – match four elements in a square pattern to produce a Plane. When activated this power-up will destroy the elements in its immediate vicinity in a “+” pattern. It will then take off and land in a far-off location and nuke one last tile, usually one that is included in the level objective.

Magic Cube – match five elements in a straight line for a Magic Cube. When swapped with a normal element, the Magic Cube will destroy all the tiles of the same color from the board.

While Boosters are effective tools on their own, they are even more valuable when used in combination. The most worthwhile include pairing Bombs with Rockets, as this has the effect of removing three rows and columns of pieces in one go.

Additionally, any combination you can make with a Magic Cube is absolutely fantastic. When used together with a secondary power-up, the Cube turns select tiles on the board into that Booster and then activates them at once for a really destructive outcome. The most devastating one is a double Magic Cube blend, because this basically removes an entire layer of elements from the board.

The double Plane combination also provides a rewarding outcome, if you ever get the chance to make one. It results in not two but three Planes taking off at the same time and destroying tiles that are part of the level objective. A Plane and Rocket combination can also be quite satisfying if you’ve created a Rocket in a part of the board that has been cleared of obstacles. By bringing the Plane into the equation, you ensure that the Rocket is transported among the remaining pieces that need to be cleared and then set off there.

In-level Boosters are boons for any player struggling to finish off a level, and their biggest advantage is that they are free. You don’t have to pay anything to create one, but that’s not the case with the other types of power-ups in this game.

magic cube in baby manor

As you progress, the game will unlock three pre-level Boosters which can be activated before a level starts. These can provide a deal of help during challenges which you previously failed to complete. However, once you run out of the initial batch which you get for free, you’ll need to buy them back with your own coin. These options include:

Double Bombs – allows players to start the game with two Bombs on the board;
Plane & Rocket – begin a level with a Plane and a Rocket on the board;
Magic Ball – start a level with a Magic Ball already on the board.

Additionally, for situations when you need an extra push in the right direction, the game puts three extra tools at your disposal which can be accessed through the right part of the display. These are:

Shovel – clears a tile from the board without wasting a move;
Glove – swaps two adjacent pieces;
Fireworks – destroys all tiles in a column and a row;

It’s best to use this power-ups as a last resort. For example, when you’re just a few steps away from completing a level and you just need that little extra help. Just make sure not go overboard using these Boosters, because they cost coins and you will want to conserve your reserve for other purposes, which we will discuss further on in this guide.

The good news is that you can also win Boosters from time to time. You can do so simply by making progress in the game and completing a number of renovations in a row. So for instance, in exchange for finishing 12 tasks around the manor players will be allowed to crack open a chest filled with goodies including Unlimited lives and Boosters. Similar perks await you if you can win several challenges in a row or during Special Levels.

4. Put Extra Effort In Trying To Solve The Special Levels

Special levels appear from time to time in Baby Manor. You’ll notice when one of them comes along as the Next Level button will turn magenta and display a question mark. These special levels are a one-time deal, so if you can’t win the challenge from the first try, you won’t get a second attempt.

baby manor treasure

Failure to complete these levels doesn’t impact your overall game performance, but success unlocks a bundle of goodies as reward which includes extra lives, as well as Boosters. Since Boosters are quite expensive to purchase on their own, you will do well to try your best to solve these levels, because they make it worth your while. But if you can’t, no worries. The game will just skip ahead to the next level.

5. How To Increase Your Emergency Fund

You should think of your cash reserve in the game as an emergency fund to be used when you’re really struggling. Whenever you’ve tried and tried to beat a level, but to no avail, and Boosters can’t get the job done either, then perhaps it’s time to admit partial defeat and agree to spend 1000+ coins to buy extra five moves to continue the level.

how to get gold prize in baby manor

However, be extra careful and only make the payment if you’re absolutely confident that you can beat the level within five moves. If you’re still far from reaching the level goal, we recommend simply replaying the level one more time for a hopefully better outcome.

Anyway, you get the gist – it’s a good idea to save up all the gold coins you make from playing the puzzle challenges. Don’t get tempted to spend your money on new outfits for the baby or other stuff that doesn’t really help you progress in the game. Also work hard at exploiting the methods that allow you to upgrade your cash reserve. Below you’ve listed all the ways in which you can do so:

Double Your Coins – The option to double the gold prize appears sometimes after you’ve successfully completed a challenge. In exchange for watching an ad, you can cash in the extra money. Our advice is to accept the offer, regardless of how annoying it is. The option will be there only for the first batch of levels daily, so you might as well take advantage of it;

Grab the Extra Gold in the Renovation tab – always check for any ad offers that appear in the Renovation tab. This can be accessed from the lower part of the display and contains all your remodeling tasks. Whenever an ad is on offer, accept the suggestion and get extra coins;

taking care of baby in baby manor

Take Care of the Baby – a unique element in Baby Manor is the child rearing part. Occasionally the little boy will need something. He might be drooling too much or be too hot. You’ll need to step in and help to choose the best course of action to make the baby feel better. In return you’ll receive a little coin gift;

Grab More Rewards – from time to time a Free ad offer will pop up in the right side of the display. It can bring you more gold coins, but only if you have it in you to watch yet another ad.

Keep the Renovations Up – as explained in section 3, making progress with your renovations can unlock gifts which usually contain a cash prize. So once you’ve collected enough Baby Bottles, make sure to spend them towards upgrading the house, so you can access these rewards.

6. What To Do If You Can’t Solve A Level

Baby Manor levels get harder and harder as you go along, and so players might find themselves at a loss of what to do to be able to continue at later stages. Sometimes the simplest recommendations prove to be the most effective ones. Keeping that in mind, in match-3 games like Baby Manor, usually if you replay a level enough times, you’ll eventually end up being successful.

That’s because the randomness factor sometimes works in your favor and sometimes it doesn’t. You can’t really influence the tile loadout you get during a level, but you can hope for a better one next time you take on a puzzle you’ve failed to solve. If you also approach the challenge from a different angle and apply a slightly different strategy, then you have a good chance to see the odds finally turn in your favor.

baby manor strategies

Even so, this course of action isn’t always effective, and when it fails you need to have another backup plan ready to go. Below we’ve listed some alternative routes you might want to consider, when a level just seems unpassable.

Use More Boosters – power-ups are luxury goods, but even so, there will be times when you’ll need to bring them in without hesitation. During really though levels, our recommendation would go into a level with all three pre-level Boosters activated. Use the in-game tools if you have to, also. Chances are you’ll be able to crack the problem this time around. But what if you still can’t?

Buy 5 extra moves – above we outlined the means to put aside a pretty nice stash of gold coins, and so you should be equipped with the resources to buy yourself 5 additional moves, when the situation calls for it. Abstain from making a habit of this, though, or your savings will be depleted fast.

Replay the level first thing the next day – don’t want to spend the money? You could abandon the level that’s been bothering you and return to the game the next day. This way you’ll be able to take advantage of a handy offer: watch an ad in exchange for 3 extra moves. This bargain is available for a limited handful of levels every day.

how to get free booster in baby manor

Watch an Ad to Get Extra Boosters – sometimes the game might offer you the chance to watch a quick ad in exchange for a free pre-level Booster. This offer pops up now and again, so when you see it, make sure to take advantage of it.

Get the In-level Gifts – keep an eye out for the tiny gift that might or might not show up during a level. It does, quickly tap on it, watch an ad and receive a quick Booster gift;

7. How To Deal With The Different Special Elements

Baby Manor puzzles are filled with all kinds of special elements (or obstacles) that are to be collected or removed from the board, as part of the level objective. The more you play, the more extra items get thrown at you and in order to become a true puzzle master you’ll need to quickly learn how to tackle these elements effectively. Coming to your aid, we’ve put together a list including the most common elements in the game, alongside a few ideas as to how to grapple with them the best way possible.

water puddles in baby manor

Water puddles – water puddles are a common element that engulf tiles. Sometimes they hide other elements underneath, for instance Bears, so you’ll need to eliminate them before you can free the items underneath. To do so, simply create matches on the water in order to remove it. Concentrate on areas filled with water as much as possible, and don’t leave them for last, especially if the level objective states there are invisible items you need to uncover. Puddles can be shallow or deep, and based on that you’ll have to match once, twice or more to get rid of them for good.

Carpet – the carpet is a spreadable element, which means players are required to match tiles on the carpet to cover the neighboring pieces with it. Usually, the goal is to cover the whole board with the carpet. Don’t match on the outside of the carpet, but using at least one piece that is on the carpet in order to start spreading it on the board. You will need to remove any obstacles that are on the board first before turning your attention to the carpeting part. Booster use during these levels comes handy, especially Rockets, as they can spread the carpet on one row or column in one go. Just make sure the Rocket itself is on the carpet, before firing it.

boxes in baby manor

Boxes – these elements usually block the flow of tiles to parts of the board, and need to be removed as soon as possible. Boxes can have multiple layers and may need you to make multiple matches next to them to remove them completely. Boosters are recommended for use on these items especially when their down to their last layer.

Crates – crates are similar to boxes, in the sense that they come unsealed, sealed or even double sealed and depending on that you’ll have to match more than once to get them off the board. Sometimes, these crates also contain an element, for example, a teddy-bears which usually have to be collected as part of the level objective.

Bears – are usually hidden elements that are waiting to be released and collected underneath puddles of water or behind boxes. When you notice bears being part of the level objective, start digging so that you can locate and set them free as fast as possible. Boosters such as Rockets or Bombs make it easier to uncover secret Bears, so make sure you make and use plenty of them during these levels.

bulldozer in baby manor

Bulldozer – bulldozers are unique special elements which move to the next tile on a set course whenever you match next to them. Just remember one thing – make sure that you always match next to the yellow bulldozer cabin in order to ensure it moves along its path. Matching anywhere else on its track, won’t help the bulldozer make progress. You can use Boosters to help you get rid of this element faster. Since bulldozers block the way for other tiles to get through, removing them fast is a priority.

Panda bears – panda bears are elements that have to collected and you can do this by getting them at the bottom (or alternatively at the top during later levels) of the board. In order to make sure this happens, you’ll have to constantly match in the lower part of the board, so that you can make the necessary room for them to fall through. If the bottom of the board is blocked by several other elements, focus your efforts on removing them first and then carve a path for the Panda bears to fall all the way to the bottom. Boosters such as Rockets or Bombs are very useful in this scenario, because they can clear the way faster.

Donuts – donuts can either be simple or glazed. If it’s the latter type, you’ll need to match twice to get them off the board. Donuts are interchangeable pieces, unlike other elements, so that makes it a lot easier to remove them. Naturally, if you could create a few Boosters during such levels, then you’d be able to complete the challenge a lot faster.

Ropes – ropes trap pieces. To free them, players have to match the pieces inside ropes with other similar tiles. Usually ropes act as blockades, so the sooner you can get them out of the way the better. Throw in a Booster or two to clear them away, especially Rockets or Planes.

Pools – pools are elements which contain a number of tiles of a certain color. To remove them, you will need to make matches using those exact tiles. This can be done anywhere on the board, and not just in the pools’ exact vicinity. Just make sure you target the right pieces.

hot air balloons in baby manor

Hot air balloons – hot air balloons are a tricky element. They usually form a chain that prevents other elements from falling through. To destroy this string, you’ll have to match next to each balloon in part. For example, if you destroyed three balloons and you have one left, it does not matter if you match next to the stumps, the fourth balloon will remain untouched. Using Boosters on this element works, if you have some at your disposal.

This wraps up all the tips and strategies we have for you regarding Baby Manor an we hope that you picked up a lot of useful knowledge from this guide. The game certainly holds more secrets, so if you have anything to add to our list of tips, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!