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Stack Jump Cheats & Tips: How to Get All Characters

Voodoo has followed up its recent run of great releases, including titles such as Fire Rides, Dune! and Dunk Hit, with a brand new jumping game called Stack Jump. In this game your goal is to continuously jump up a growing tower of blocks. The higher you go, the better your score will be. You can aim for the highest possible score in endless mode where you can keep playing as long as you continue to make successful jumps. You can also test your skill by trying to complete all of the 36 challenges available in the game. Part of the charm of this game, however, is watching those cute little characters jump around the colorful stages. There are 20 characters for you to collect in the game, the first being your starting character. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to buy them. You will have to unlock each of them yourself. Luckily, you can depend on our Stack Jump tips and tricks to help you get all of the characters!

1. Unlock New Characters, Here’s How

One of the easiest ways to unlock new characters in this game is to simply play over and over. There are several characters that you can acquire after playing a certain number of games. You also get characters for playing daily. We have listed them below for your reference, but they should be easy enough to get even if you don’t keep track of the number of games you play.

Teal Alien – Unlocked after three games
Blue Bird – Unlocked after 25 games
Yellow Chick – Unlocked after 100 games
The Owl – Unlocked after 500 games
Robot – Play two days in a row
Yellow Robot – Play four days in a row
Smiling Robot – Play seven days in a row

2. Aim For Higher Scores

The second way to get new characters is to get better scores. The higher your scores are, the more you can unlock. You can even get multiple characters in one run if your score is good enough. Check out the scores you need to aim for in order to get specific characters below.

Dracula – Get 30 points in one game
Frankenstein – Get 100 points in one game
The Mummy – Get 250 points in one game

3. Complete Challenges

Some characters are unlocked only after you complete certain levels. This takes a bit more skill and practice since it may take you more than one attempt to complete a challenge. Of course, the characters you unlock from completing levels look slightly cooler than the others so it’s worth the effort. Listed below are the levels you need to complete in order to unlock characters.

Sword Knight – Unlocked after completing Level 2
Axe Knight – Unlocked after completing Level 12
Viking Warrior – Unlocked after completing Level 36

4. Practice Your Jumping

Perhaps the most difficult way to unlock characters in this game is to make a number of normal and perfect jumps. It takes a lot of patience and practice to consistently make these. good news is that these are accumulated over time so you don’t need to make all these jumps in a single game. Check out the number of jumps you need to make for each character below.

Little Rascals Dog – Make 250 perfect jumps
Pig – Make 1,000 perfect jumps
Bear – Make 5,000 perfect jumps
Bok Choy – Make 500 normal jumps
Eggplant – Make 2,500 normal jumps
Tomato – Make 10,000 normal jumps

It’s time to collect all the characters in Stack Jump! Just follow our set of tips and tricks above in order to get all 20 of them!