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Cursed Words Tips, Cheats & Hints to Become a Word Champion

Cursed Words is a fast-paced word game for iOS devices. The game is not just spelling aficionados, however. It is just as much about strategy as it is about knowing a lot of words. Even if you are not that knowledgeable with complex words, you can still win against your opponent by cleverly placing simpler words on the board. It’s all about dropping the right words, using power ups correctly, and executing Epic Moves. You can play against your friends or test your skills against top players in live tournaments. Work your way towards to the top of the leaderboards in order to win amazing prizes every week! You can also earn badges to show off to all your friends. If you need help in winning matches, make sure you check out our Cursed Words tips, cheats and hints for some pointers!

1. Reach For The Stars

Most of the game’s mechanics is similar to the classic Scrabble. You are given a set of eight random letters with corresponding points depending on how common they are. You must use as many letters as you can to form words on the board. After the first word, all subsequent words must be connected to another word by using at least one of the existing letters. What makes this different from Scrabble is how you win the game. Your goal is to reach the star tiles on the right side of the board. Get there before your opponent and you will win!

2. Letter Points Are For Coins

You are probably wondering what the letter points are for if the only way to win is to reach the star tiles. The points you get from playing letters, and the bonus points from the 2x squares on the board, all go towards earning coins. You can hundreds of points and you could still lose the match if you don’t play your cards right. This is another reason why complex words aren’t really necessary in order to win in this game. You can just as easily reach the star tiles with common words.

3. Play Vertical Words

You might be tempted to keep playing horizontal words since you are racing to the other side. However, keep in mind that the words you play will also help your opponent reach the star tiles faster. With that in mind, make sure you pay attention to how many squares are left before the star tiles are reached. If you feel like your opponent might end up getting there first if you play a word, try playing a vertical word. This puts the progress across the board at a standstill since the letters you put down did not move toward the star tiles.

4. Check For Spelling

Cursed Words gives you a hint if you placed an illegal word. If you see the tiles turn red, it most likely means you misspelled the word. It also turns red if you use less than three letters or if you use a word that does not exist. Keep in mind that Scrabble rules also apply when it comes to the validity of the words. You may think you played a real word, but it might still not be acceptable for the game.

5. Use Your Power Ups Strategically

There are six different power ups that you can use in Cursed Words. Use these strategically to help you get out of sticky situations. They have different effects so make sure you familiarize yourself with each power up before you try using it in a match. We have listed all of them below for your reference.


This power up costs 10 gems and it will prevent your opponent from using a specific square on the next turn. Use this to keep your opponent from playing a word in a space you plan to use.

Lock Letters

This power up costs 15 gems and will lock two of your opponent’s letters for one turn.


This power up costs 20 gems and will skip your opponent’s next turn.

Extra Letter

This power up costs 25 gems. As the name suggests, it gives you one additional letter of your choice.

Swap All

This power up costs 30 gems. It is a risky option since it replaces all eight letters on your tray and you may end up getting a set that isn’t any better than the one you originally had.

Swap One

This power up costs 5 gems and allows you to swap out a single letter from your tray.

6. Collect Free Gems

Since you need gems to buy those power ups, you should start collecting many as you can. There are several ways for you to earn gems for free. The first one is to place words on spaces that have treasure chests on them. At the end of your turn, you will receive a random reward from the chest. These rewards sometimes include gems.

Another way to earn gems for free is to simply log in every day. Certain daily login rewards include gems so make sure you check in every day to claim your reward. The prizes you get will change every day, so you will really need to log in often to get gems. Don’t worry because the other prizes are also useful.

The last option for getting free gems is a bit more difficult because you will need to climb the leaderboard. Tap on the trophy icon on the main screen to check your current standing. You will need to make it to the Top 3 spot in order to win a lot of gems.

7. Play Multiple Words

Since you have eight letter tiles, you can play as many words as you can make from them without waiting for another turn. The words will not be played until you hit the blue play button. This will give you a chance to move the letters around the board to form as many words as possible. Just keep in mind that playing a lot of words still won’t help you win unless they are somehow incorporated into your strategy of reaching the star tiles.

It’s time for the ultimate battle of the brains in Cursed Words! Just follow the strategy guide above and you will surely win every match!