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Pipe Lord Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete All Levels

Pipe Lord is an exciting new platformer from Ancient Games, that’s now available for iOS devices. Its quirky, tongue-in-cheek approach to adventuring will have you laughing, while the complicated obstacles will make you want to pull out your hair. Your character’s name is Herman. He is a pipe peasant who needs to slide through numerous pipes and overcome obstacles in order to become the Mighty Pipe Lord. There are over 40 levels for you to conquer, each one more daunting than the last. These levels are spread across three distinct game worlds, so make sure you unlock them all. Don’t forget to pick up Golden Pineapples along the way! It may all sound silly in writing but completing the challenges ahead is no laughing matter. You will need all the help you can get if you want to succeed. It’s a good thing you can always rely on our Pipe Lord tips and tricks for guidance!

1. Jump From Below

With all the dangers scattered throughout each level, you might be worried about moving around. One thing you don’t have to worry about, though, is falling through a platform. These are perfectly solid and the only way that you will go through them is if you jump from below. If you need to move to a different platform, feel free to simply jump up.

2. Tap And Hold For Longer Jumps

Tapping on the screen will make Herman jump. If you want him to jump a little farther, you will need to tap and hold. This is a useful move to know, especially when you encounter wide gaps or traps throughout the course. You don’t really need to hold down for a long time, just let your finger linger for a couple of seconds longer than a tap in order for the long jump to register.

3. Butt Slam For Better Landings

There will be times when you might get carried away with the long jumps and find yourself flying towards danger. You can get yourself out of this situation by simply forcing Herman to land early. To make him butt slam towards the ground, simply swipe downwards while you are in the air. This will cut your jump short and make him go straight down.

4. Jump Off Slides To Fly

When you are sliding off a pipe, wait until you reach the end of the pipe to execute a jump. The momentum from sliding will send Herman flying across the screen. This is a much higher jump than when you just tap and hold. Of course, you can also cut this jump short by executing a butt slam to land where you want. This move is a good way to avoid taller obstacles in the game. Just find an inclined pipe then slide and jump!

5. Slide Across Checkpoints

As you progress through Pipe Lord, the levels will get longer. It will be too cruel for you to start from the beginning every time you die in these long courses, so the game gives you several checkpoints. These are small flags scattered around the level and you will need to slide through them to activate their effect. Once you activate them, you will be able to start at the last checkpoint after you die. Don’t jump over these flags because they won’t get activated if you do!

6. Go Straight Up In Water Levels

Some levels in the game have the added challenge of water that is continuously rising as you play. You will need to outrun the water in order to survive. It would be impossible to make it on foot, so make sure you keep an eye out for the spring-loaded gloves throughout these levels. The gloves will propel you towards a higher platform, allowing you to put some distance between you and the rising waters.

7. Use the Coins As Your Guide

Since most levels have a lot of obstacles and pipes, it can sometimes be confusing where you need to go. One good way to figure out the right path is to follow the coins. These coins will be placed in strategic locations throughout each level. Picking all of them up will normally involve moves that will also get you to the right path. You won’t have time to hesitate when you are playing so having these coins as a guide helps take away some of the burden from you.

8. Play The Bonus Game

At the end of certain levels, you will encounter a bonus game. Playing this mini game will give you the chance to unlock a random character. This is an easy way to unlock additional content for the game so make sure to try your best whenever you have the chance. If you are lucky, you may even unlock a rare character that would otherwise cost you a lot of coins to acquire.

9. How To Get More Coins

The game gives you the chance to earn a lot of coins by playing mini games in the temple or in one of the glowing islands. Just go to the overworld map to find these locations. The minigames mostly involve luck so it is up to you if you want to take the risk. The higher the multiplier on top of these minigames, the more coins you will get when you succeed. For the temple, the multiplier increases whenever you switch directions on a reverse pipe. The multiplier for the glowing islands, on the other hand, increases whenever you have a close call with a boulder. These are risky ways to increase the multiplier but if you are confident in your skills, you could try to do them on purpose to earn a lot of coins.

10. Keep Practicing

As we mentioned before, Pipe Lord can be so difficult that you would want to pull out your hair out of frustration. If you fail multiple times on one level, don’t get discouraged. Just keep practicing until you execute all the necessary moves correctly. The good thing about these levels is that they don’t change. After a certain number of tries, you will eventually memorize everything you need to do.

Get jumping, flying, and sliding in order to become the Lord of the Pipes! Make sure you follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to conquer all the levels!