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Fire Rides Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Amid the success of mobile titles such as Dune! and Dunk Hit, casual game developer Voodoo has just launched another exciting title called Fire Rides. This one is another highly addictive, skill-based endless game, that will have you spending hours as you guide a ball of fire through an endless geometric tunnel. The stunning visuals gives Fire Rides a whimsical feel as you swing around in a cave full of three-dimensional blocks. The controls are easy enough to learn as you just need one finger to guide your ball of fire throughout the course. Don’t go underestimating the game because it may seem simple in writing but playing it is an entirely different thing. You will need to be able to visually calculate the distance that the fireball will travel depending on how you swing. You also need perfect timing to execute each swing correctly. Make sure you check out our Fire Rides tips and tricks for some help on how to get high scores!

1. Learn The Basics

In order to control the fireball, you need to make it latch on to the ceiling by tapping and holding on the screen. Once you do this, the ball will swing back and forth for as long as you are holding down your finger. Release your hold in order to send the ball flying in the direction of the swing. This is tricky because the ball gains momentum as it swings. You need to be able to master the correct timing on when to release your hold so that the ball can propel itself forward through the cave. Releasing your hold a second too early or too late can potentially send your ball of fire flying in the wrong direction.

2. When To Let Go

Since the timing of your hold is crucial to guiding your fireball through the cave, you need to pay attention to when you should let go. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to let the ball go early than late. As we mentioned above, the ball builds momentum as it swings. The longer it swings, the higher and faster it will be. Small swings will make the ball travel at a relatively even level. It takes longer to travel this way, but it is safer. The only time you would want to build more momentum in a swing is when there is a sudden rise in the height of the cave. Even then, you still wouldn’t want to overdo it so be careful.

3. Stay In The Middle

Hitting the ceiling or the floor of the cave will automatically end your run. In order to minimize the risk of hitting either one, you need to stay in the middle as much as you can. Since the height of the blocks inside the cave are always changing, you will need to adjust the position of the ball accordingly. Make sure you pay attention to the ball’s position at all times. Staying in the middle will help give you a bit of wiggle room in case you make mistakes in swinging the ball.

4. Anticipate Upcoming Obstacles

The obstacle in this game is the cave itself. Since the geometric blocks of the cave goes up and down as you travel, there is always a risk that you might hit them. The good news is, you can actually predict the changes in the cave if you pay attention. Just look at the hazy background as it is not just for aesthetics. You will notice that there are steps that follow the shape of the blocks. You will be able to see the path of these steps, so you will know if the upcoming blocks will be higher or lower than the current ones. Use this information to plan your swings accordingly.

5. Hit Targets For More Points

Fire Rides lets you earn points by simply travelling through the cave. If you want to earn even more points, however, then you should aim for the target hoops scattered throughout the course. These glowing hoops are worth one point each. Going through the green ring in the center of each hoop, however, is worth two points. Do this consecutively for even more points.

Going through the green ring twice in a row will give you three points. Doing so three times in a row will reward you with four points. Four consecutive times will give you five points. All consecutive hits after that will be five points each. Sustain your streak in order to rack up major points for your run.

6. Observe Your Targets

Making it through those green rings gets tougher as you go deeper into the cave. Initially, the target hoops are just stationary, and you can take all the time you need to make that shot. Later on, you will start encountering moving targets. Some of them are swinging while attached to a rope. Others are stationary but their green circle is moving inside. The most annoying type are those sparkly ones that try to run away from you. You will need to observe these different targets closely, so you can predict their movement and plan your swing. It may take a few attempts before you can successfully conquer each of these moving targets.

7. Stay Focused

As we mentioned before, timing is everything in Fire Rides. The only way for you to truly master timing is if you focus all your attention on the game. Try to play in an area with minimal distractions. If you made a mistake and you find yourself on the verge of losing, prioritize your survival and ignore the target rings. Try to make short swings to slowly adjust your position until you regain control of your path. Do not risk your run for the sake of hitting a target. You will always have more chances to hit targets for as long as you stay alive in the game.

8. Watch Ads To Continue Your Run

If your run ended unexpectedly and you want to continue, the game offers the option to watch an advertisement. Keep in mind that you can only do this once every run so make it count. There will be times that it would just be better to start over. In general, you would want to continue your run only if you are close to a high score. If you have just started when you accidentally hit an obstacle, just start over instead of spending time watching another ad.

Earning a lot of points is fun especially if you use the Fire Rides tips and tricks we listed above! If you have anything to add, feel free to leave us a message in the comments below!