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Campfire Cooking (iOS) Tips & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

Campfire Cooking is a unique take on the puzzle-solving genre as it integrates roasting food on a campfire in its mechanics. Layton Hawkes’ new iOS-exclusive game will have you prepare over a hundred meals by twisting, rotating, and jostling food around a fire until they are cooked to perfection. You also get to meet the colorful characters who are gathered around the fire as they share stories, crack jokes, and complain about how far away they are from civilization. Follow their adventure as they travel everywhere, from woodlands to snow-capped mountains. Each meal is a puzzle and, as yummy as that sounds, it won’t be easy. You could easily burn food if you are not careful. Don’t forget to check out our Campfire Cooking tips and tricks to ensure all your meals are roasted to perfection!

1. Take Your Time

Even though you are cooking food on an open fire, keep in mind that this is still a puzzle game. That means things work a little differently in order for the puzzle mechanics to work. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the fire burning your food if you take too long to make a move. The food actually burns if you use too many moves. The amount of time your food is over the fire does not have any impact on burning. Take as much time as you need to plan out your moves. You also have an unlimited number of undo chances, so you can keep trying solutions until you succeed.

2. Follow The Clues

There will be several stages where in you feel like the skewers will get in each other’s way no matter what you do. In these cases, you may need to look for the square on the board that will allow you to spin around one of the skewers. This will help get one of the skewers off the board until you have time to fix things. You should also check out the title of the level you are currently trying to solve as it often leaves clues for you to follow.

3. Use Skewers Strategically

There are several things that you can do with your in-game skewers that will help you solve the puzzles. One option you can try is to push one skewer which moves the skewers it hits but will also prevent you from flipping marshmallows. Test out how each skewer interacts with the other ones, so you know how it will behave once you are playing the game. This will tell you how you can use each skewer to your advantage.

4. Don’t Give Up

Since there are unlimited number of undos for each stage, you can just keep trying different options until you get the right answer. Keep in mind that different stages have different rules on skewer movement. Some levels may be very strict when it comes to skewer movement but it can still work in your favor since a lot of these descriptions will help you eliminate possible options for your moves.

5. Know When To Start Over

Burning a marshmallow isn’t the end of the world. Just hit undo and learn from your mistake. There comes a point, however, when things have gotten too confusing. In those times, it may be better to just step back and start from the beginning. If you are still stuck after retrying different moves, you can opt to try a different level. There is no specific order for you to complete levels in a given area, so you can just try doing the other puzzles to refresh your perspective.

Camping is a lot of fun when accompanied by great food. Just follow the Campfire Cooking tips and tricks listed above and you will be roasting like a professional in no time!