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Dunk Hit Guide, Cheats & Tips to Get a Super High Score

Dunking is one of the most popular moves in basketball but very few can actually pull off this flashy stunt. Dunk Hit lets players live their dream of becoming a dunking master in this simple iOS-exclusive arcade game. The mechanics are simple. You just need to tap on the screen in order to dunk the ball into various hoops. Of course, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. If you play well enough, you will be able to unlock different skins for your basketball. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate dunk master? Read our list Dunk Hit tips, tricks and cheats guide and you just might achieve your basketball dreams!

1. Get The Ball Through The Hoop

The only way to control the ball is by tapping it. However, one tap is not enough to get the ball through the hoop. You will need to tap the ball repeatedly to get it to go higher. You will need to be able to time your taps correctly and judge the height of the ball properly in order to successfully dunk. You will need to make a basket before the timer bar at the top of the screen runs out. After each basket, the timer will reset and you will need to get the ball through another hoop.

If you accidentally overshot the ball, you can just take all the way through one side of the screen by tapping on it repeatedly. The ball will come out on the opposite side, giving you a chance to still make the basket. Just make sure you do this quickly since you have limited time. On the other hand, if you failed to make the ball go above the ring, you can still make a basket by letting it go through the hoop from below. The basket will still count even if the ball went through the wrong way.

2. Make Perfect Baskets

As we mentioned above, you will receive points based on your execution of the dunk. While the game does not have a panel of judges that will give you points based on how flashy your dunk is, it will give you extra points for making perfect baskets. A perfect basket is when you are able to make the ball go through the hoop without touching the backboard. You need to be precise in your tapping in order to make this happen. If you are able to make multiple perfect baskets in a row, you will earn multipliers that will help you get even better scores. You will know when you have achieved a combo when the ball catches fire. It takes a lot of practice but once you have the timing mastered, everything will be easier.

3. Unlock All The Skins

There are different basketball skins that you can unlock in Dunk Hit. You can equip an unlocked skin by going to the menu and tapping on the basketball icon. You will be taken to a screen that shows all the skins in the game. The ones that are lit up are available and the ones that are still locked will be slightly shaded. Tap on the one you want to equip and a green check mark will appear on it to indicate it is the current active skin. Keep in mind that these are purely cosmetic and have no impact on how you play the game.

Each skin has a specific requirement for you to unlock it. The good news is that you will eventually unlock several skins by simply playing the game often. Tap on a skin that you want to acquire and it will give you a hint on how you can unlock it. We have listed the skins and how to unlock them below so you won’t have to guess anymore. Of course, actually meeting the requirements will be entirely up to you.

Light Blue Basketball – Score 100 points in a single game.

Royal Blue Basketball – Score 500 points in a single game.

Pink Basketball – Play 100 games.

Purple Basketball – Play 300 games.

White Basketball – Score 500 baskets.

Red Basketball – Score 1,000 baskets.

Yellow Basketball – Make 10 perfect baskets in a row.

Lime Green Basketball – Make 1,000 perfect baskets.

Donut – Play two consecutive days.

Heart – Play three consecutive days.

Star – Play seven consecutive days.

Soccer Ball – Score 25 times without leaving the screen.

Watermelon – Score 5 times with the timer at zero.

Kiwi – End a game with exactly 117 points.

The Flash – Score twice in less than 1.5 seconds.

Burger – Play using ten different skins.

Mjolnir – Make 30 perfect baskets in a row.

Green Cracking Planet – Score 1000 points in a single game.

Chocolate Chip Cookie – Score 10,000 baskets.

Ghost – Manually bounce the ball 20,000 times.

Mystery Skin #1 – Keep playing and it will unlock on its own after some time.

Mystery Skin #2 – Send the ball all the way up by repeatedly tapping on it until it exits the screen.

Mystery Skin #3 – Play using all other skins in the game.

4. How To Deal With Ads

Dunk Hit offers a way to continue your run even after you run out of time. You can watch a short advertisement and in exchange, you will be allowed to pick up where you left off. Unfortunately, there are also various pop up advertisements throughout the game. If you decide that the continue option is not worth the hassle of dealing with so many pop ups, you can just put your phone in airplane mode. The ads will not come up at all if you play the game offline since they need internet access. You also have the option to permanently remove the advertisements through the menu screen. Tap on the No Ads icon and you will be given the option to pay $2.99 in order to permanently remove all advertisements from the game. Paying to remove the ads is your decision but one way to think about it is that the money will help the developers somehow so they can come up with future updates for the game.

Gear up and make those baskets in Dunk Hit! Just follow our tips and tricks and you will be dunking like a pro!