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Planet Gold Rush Guide, Cheats & Tips to Collect More Gold

Planet Gold Rush is an exciting gold mining game for Android and iOS devices. Truly Social Games’ new mobile title combines strategy with base management, where the goal is to hoard truckloads of gold. You will need to explore the land in order to find the best mining spots. After establishing your mines, you will start collecting gold which you will need to wash and turn into gold bars. The game is more than just waiting for buildings to generate resources. Exploration and finding new dig sites involve strategic decision-making in order to succeed. There are also various mini games for you to play that will help you progress in the game. Your most important task, however, is managing your base. If you need help finding the right setup to get more gold, you can check out our collection of Planet Gold Rush tips, cheats and tricks for some pointers!

1. Explore The Whole Map

As mentioned above, exploration plays an important part in Planet Gold Rush . As you travel around the map, gold is not the only thing you will encounter. In fact, the more important purpose of exploration is to stumble across boxes that are scattered throughout each map. These boxes contain special materials that can be used to upgrade the structures at your base. You will know where these boxes are on the map because they will be marked by sparkling stars. Unfortunately, the stars won’t appear until you are close enough to the location of the box. That is why you need to comb through the entire map to make sure you don’t miss any of these special boxes.

2. How To Play The Wood Chopping Game

Discovering a new dirt mine will trigger the wood chopping mini game. It needs to be completed within the time limit but you don’t really need to worry about failing. The mini game is easy to play if you know what to do. First, you should always maximize the use of your woodcutters by adding them in a way that they will be handling two tiles at a time. Second, try to clear up as much of the map as you can by removing clouds even before your woodcutters are done. Lastly, manually remove shrubs and other items while your woodcutters are working so you can quickly clear everything. If all the random items have been removed, you can help your woodcutters by tapping on the trees they are working on.

3. Keep Upgrading The Buildings

Remember when we said that managing your base is your most important task? The reason for that is there are a lot of things that are tied up to your buildings. Upgrading your buildings is necessary if you want to level up. It is also the only way to unlock additional features of the game. Upgrades take time to complete so queuing them up should be number one on your list as soon as you log in. Start with upgrades that will be completed in just a few minutes so you can queue up additional items as soon as they are done. You can start the upgrades that take hours to complete right before you log off from the game.

4. Unlock New Features

Planet Gold Rush starts out with very few things to do. As you level up and build more structures, you will gain access to more features. You will be able to explore new areas which, in turn, lets you discover even more content such as the Mining Drill and the Downhill Run mini game. The game becomes more complex and entertaining as you progress so keep at it and unlock everything it has to offer!

It’s time to strike it rich in Planet Gold Rush! Make sure you follow the strategy guide above and you will be stock piling gold in no time!