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Jelly Run (Ketchapp) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Improve Your High Score

If you have a thing for simple but well-polished games, then Ketchapp is the game developer for you. After the huge success of Jelly Jump, they have come up with an even better sequel called Jelly Run for Android and iOS! In this game, your goal is to guide a jelly cube through an endless path full of dangerous obstacles. There are walls that block your path, platforms that suddenly split and move, and a lot of other surprises that will try to keep you from moving forward. You will need to get past all of these in order to go as far as you can. The farther you run, the higher your score will be. Getting a high score isn’t easy since the only thing you can do is tap to make your jelly cube jump. You will need to perfect timing and quick reflexes. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Jelly Run strategy guide to help you get high scores!

1. Stare At The Walls

The main obstacles in Jelly Run are the walls. Each run is randomly generated so it’s possible for you to encounter a wall as soon as you start. They are easy enough to spot since they are dark rectangular blocks. What you need to watch out for is whether or not they glow. A non-glowing wall stays put so you can just plan ahead to jump to the other lane as you reach it. The problem comes when you encounter a glowing wall because that means it will move at some point. Some walls keep moving while others move once then stay in place. You have to be prepared to jump in a split second because some of these glowing walls won’t move until you are close to it.

2. Plan Ahead

You will be able to see what your obstacles are coming up. Take note of all the gaps and walls that are in place. Your jelly cube will continue to roll on its own, so you won’t have time to think about your next move once you are right in front of an obstacle. The best thing to do is to anticipate the number of jumps you will make. This is especially true when there are multiple short gaps coming up. You will need to repeatedly tap until you make it through. If you hesitate for even a second, your jelly will fall before your tap could register.

3. Take Advantage Of Long Paths

In Jelly Run the scoring system isn’t really dependent on how far you go but rather the number of jumps you make. One jump is equivalent to one point. That is why you should rejoice if you see a long path coming up. Once you are sure that the path is safe, jump as many times as you can in order to bump up your score. Just be careful because sometimes these long paths are traps, and some sections will suddenly fall off. The bottom line is that you need to jump whenever you can even if there is no obstacle to avoid.

4. Collect More Jelly Drops

As you run through the course, you will see floating jelly drops scattered about. Try to pick these up if can because they are the primary currency of the game. They are usually located in safe spots, so you don’t have to worry about falling to your doom just because you tried to get one jelly drop. The challenge in picking them up is that they are often easy to miss. They don’t really stand out and sometimes they have the same color as the background, so you won’t notice them right away since you are focused on navigating the obstacles. They also don’t spawn as often as you would want them to, so it takes a while for you to collect them.

5. Watch Ads For Jelly Drops

One easy way to collect more jelly drops in the game is to watch advertisements. At the end of a run, you will sometimes get an offer to watch a video in exchange for some jelly drops. Accept the offer and you will automatically be shown a short advertisement. After that, you will receive your jelly drop prize.

If you want to get more jelly without having to wait for the random offer, you can just go straight to the jelly reshaping menu. There is a button in the middle of the screen that offers you ten jelly drops in exchange for watching a short advertisement. Tap on it in order to watch the video. After watching, you will need to play a game then return to the reshaping menu. The offer will automatically be available again. You don’t even need to score during the game, just start a run and let the jelly roll off to oblivion. The video offer will still refresh afterwards. Watch as many videos as you can in order to collect enough jelly drops for customizing your jelly cube.

6. How To Spend Those Jelly Drops

There are two ways for you to spend your jelly drops. The first one is to recolor your jelly cube. Just tap on the paintbrush icon on the left side of the screen when you are in the home screen. You are free to pick any color you like and it only costs ten jelly drops each time. The colors aren’t saved so if you change and you want to go back to a previous one, you will need to pay another ten jelly drops.

The second option for spending jelly drops is to reshape your cube. This time around, you have no control over what your cube will look like after reshaping. It costs 50 jelly drops to reshape your cube and the result is randomized. You may need to try changing shapes a few times before you find the one you like. Keep in mind, however, that reshaping will reset the color of your jelly cube. Make sure you reshape first before you recolor.

Overcoming numerous obstacles may be difficult, but if you stick to our list of Jelly Run tips, tricks and cheats above, getting high scores is easy!