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Jelly Jump Cheats: 6 Great Tips & Tricks You Never Knew Before

Mobile game developer, Ketchapp, is well-known for creating simple yet addictive titles that don’t come with the bells and whistles of your average mobile title, but then again, that’s where their charm lies. It’s also great that Ketchapp’s games are typically available for both iOS and Android devices, just like the title we shall be discussing today, Jelly Jump. The game is what its title suggests it is – your goal is to make those jellies jump. To be more precise, your goal is to “collect little jelly blobs and craft new jellies out of them.” So how does one get a high score in this title? Read on, as we’ll now be bringing you some Jelly Jump cheats, tips and tricks to help you beat your friends’ scores, or your previous high score.

1. Keep Your Eyes On The Obstacles, Not On The Slime

In essence, Jelly Jump is an endless runner casual game, though in this case, you can call it an endless jumper. That means your objective is to go as far as possible without dying, and if you want to do this and rack up an impressive score, you’ll want to focus on the obstacles, and not on your jelly and definitely not on the black slime that chases it around.

2. Collect Jelly Juice

This game has its own premium currency called Jelly Juice and you can get yourself some of it, free of charge, at every tenth to fifteenth platform per run. The higher up you climb, the more Jelly Juice you can get, so keep that in mind when playing the game and aiming for a certain score.

3. Platform Speed Can Change

Part of the challenge in Jelly Jump comes from the fact that platform speed is variable. When platforms open and close, that’s when you may likely notice it, and you should take note of how quickly or how slowly that speed changes so that you know how to go about clearing the next platform. Quick taps allow you to clear fast-closing platforms, while going through things nice and easy will help you with the slower-closing ones.

4. Tap Repeatedly If You Get Stuck In A Platform

This may happen from time to time – you’ll find yourself in a bind when your jelly cannot seem to go further in a platform. But this shouldn’t mark the end of your game. Simply tap repeatedly on your display and you’ll get yourself free in no time.

5. Play The Game Without Ads

In a way, this is counterproductive – Ketchapp may be a veritable force in the world of casual gaming, but they need to make money too. Still, playing with ads can be a distraction to some, and if this sounds like you, simply turn off your Wi-Fi or cellular connection or switch your phone to airplane mode to “kill” the ads.

6. Practice Making A Perfect Jump

Ideally, you want to practice this in the early goings of the game, but the important thing is practicing making your jumps as perfect as possible to help you clear the tougher platforms in later levels.