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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love AoE Hunting Guide: Tips, Strategies & Setups

When you’re playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, what seems more appealing to you? Would it be quickly gunning down targets 1 by 1? How about gunning them all down and wiping out an area in a hurry? Other than you and/or your character choice(s), what’s stopping you from wiping out an entire area? Sure, some areas don’t re-spawn the monsters so quickly but that’s still ok depending on where you’re hunting/leveling/grinding (basically they’re the same things). And unlike what you find in YouTube videos, the fun part here is that you won’t even need such a high level and/or build. More often than not, you can still AoE hunt quite well even with terrible gear! With the help of this Ragnarok M: Eternal Love AoE hunting guide, you’ll have what all you’ll need to make lots of zeny and loot to do whatever you want in no time flat! So without further ado, we are presenting you our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love AoE hunting tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. The Questions And Answers Behind The AoE Hunting Setups

The first and foremost question concerning AoE hunting in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is why? That would rely on you keeping an eye on your chat window set to the System tab. When you see the zeny and/or loot dropping far more times than you see all other messages combined, you know you’re doing something right! This is even at the much lower levels while solo and your chat window is fully expanded. The other reason is that it does provide you with faster leveling/EXP gains. It’s when you’re able to kill off multiple monsters at the same time, your gains increase heavily.

Here are some examples as to why!

ragnarok m eternal love archer level 26

That’s a level 26 archer in the above screen shot. Doesn’t look like much, right?! Its gear is a sick joke! However, it started with over 200K zeny before the spending took place (Cross Bow and Adventurer Skills were bought). And it still has materials to either use or sell. The steel showing in the above screen shot has been getting more expensive lately!

ragnarok m eternal love blacksmith level 52

That’s a level 52 blacksmith in the above screen shot. Despite its impressive amount of spending, it still has lots of materials and close to 1million zeny left. The gear on this blacksmith came from a previously deleted character. That previous character was created during the December 2018 events. This is just 2 examples of the potential AoE hunting gains. But even at these 2, the gear setups are not all that great and they still both gain like crazy! Since they’re both ALT characters, they both barely did anything for quests.

What’s the best character to use for AoE hunting? It’s the same as the best character to use in the game. There is no such character. The point being, there’re some characters that are somewhat better at it than others right from the start/lower levels. However, you just have to know how the specific characters work. For example, you’re not going to get much of anything for AoE hunting with an acolyte/monk/champion. But you can have it with an archer. But then later the comparisons between a hunter and a blacksmith come into question. It was always on you to pick the character you like playing no matter what.

What’s the best time to make an AoE hunting character and should it be my main or an alternate (ALT) character? Basically, anytime you have the free slot to make a character will do. However, the absolute best time to make any character is at the start of events. The idea is to have as many advantages given to your characters, ALTs or not, as you can get your hands on. This is while spending as little to no real money as possible (so many like to play freely!). If you want to use that character as your main in the account or an ALT, that’s entirely up to you.

Why not use other characters such as a swordsman or an alchemist/creator? What other problems are involved with AoE hunting? Who said they’re not used as AoE hunters? However, the swordsman’s AoE hunting comes from Magnum Break which causes a lot more chasing of your targets (knockback effect). The alchemist has AoE hunting capability that won’t cost you. You just have to use Vanilmirth which only has a very limited AoE. A creator also has an AoE hunting setup but it will cost you severely if not used properly. The first of the other problems is the same for all characters. That would be finding the right hunting spots for your characters. Having lots of monsters is only part of it. Finding monsters that re-spawn quickly or manually controlling your characters is the other part. Lastly, just be sure to watch out for skills that cost you or are limiting your character’s destructive capabilities in the area.

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Where are the best places to AoE hunt? That mostly depends on where your characters can get to which won’t get you slaughtered! Next would be what you’re hunting for. Lastly, it’s a matter of finding maps with lots of mobs. For example, the Geffen Dungeon where you find Nightmares and Deviruchi would be a terrible place to attempt AoE hunting! But other places, depending on your destructive power, include Prontera West Gate, Pyramid 2F and 3F, Sograt Desert, Mjolnir Mountain, Goblin Forest, Ant Hell, Sunken Ship, Ghost Ship, and the Underwater Cave and Temple.

Why not just use wizards since they have lots of AoE? Wizards are the standard for AoE hunting. Unfortunately, they can be too slow on the attack if built wrong/poorly. This holds especially true at the lower levels of the wizard build. Basically, while you’re building it up, you’ll mostly still be on single target skills.

2. Tricks For The Creator’s Hell Plant And AoE Hunting

The typical first thought when it comes to a creator in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is that the Hell Plant is only for the “rich players”. That’s only partially true. There’re a couple of ways to use it and gain zeny. As any creator knows, the Hell Plant skill will cost 1,500 zeny every 30 seconds at the minimum. If you craft them, it will cost you a lot more. It’s a horrible expense using it in the auto-skill slots so don’t. It’s not so easy to recover 1,500 zeny or more in 30 seconds with just zeny loot. However, in picking your hunting spots wisely, you’d first look for monsters with the more expensive materials (Adventurer’s Handbook). Next you would aim for monsters with a fast re-spawn time according to your killing speed of them. Last, manually test the drops you’re getting from said monsters before attempting to use Hell Plant in the area. For example, in dropping a Hell Plant in the Goblin Forest, expect to lose zeny! But finding a double Bongun spot or the “Triple Threat Match” spots in the Payon caves can certainly bring your 1,500 to 3,000 zeny back. Again, test the material drop rate of the targets first. It won’t work if you’re not getting specific materials to drop! Use Vanilmirth for more destructive power and a little extra AoE.

ragnarok m eternal love hell plant

Here’s the fun part to using the Hell Plant skill. The devs of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love didn’t set that skill in there just to make you pay! As it turns out, Hell Plant can be used as a trigger for your creator’s “Army of Darkness”! The “Army of Darkness” refers to having 2 attack mercenaries, your pet, and your homunculus attacking without the alchemist/creator actually attacking much at all or even not at all basically. Take the example of the Glast Heim quests that unlock headwear blueprints (Mask of Darkness in this example). The monsters you have to kill for this quest can be very tough to defeat. They’re easy to find since they’re the only ones in Glast Heim Hall that are marked with a red dot (means they are aggressive) on the map. Also note that this tactic comes in very handy against bosses and others things such as the Eternal Tower, and Valhalla Ruins. It just depends on if you’re going after a single target or many at the same time. That will determine the homunculus to use. It’ll be Amistr for single targets and Vanilmirth for multiple targets (AoE).

All you have to do is setup your creator with lots of foods, pots, buffs, and whatever else you have which will boost stats of your character. The homunculus depends on it and you’ll highly depend on the homunculus. Then summon your homunculus. Let’s say you suddenly find yourself with the need to hunt Abysmal Knights. Abysmal Knights and the others to unlock headwear drop lots of Creste’s Royal Medals. Summon Amistr since this is a single target setup and get close enough to not lure the Abysmal Knight. Drop a Hell Plant as close to the Abysmal Knight as you can. Once it attacks, which will be fast, keep running until Amistr’s Wild Clamor kicks in. Then pop the Abysmal Knight from range with Sphere Mine or Sphere Parasitism if you have the Multiplication card. Use Maysa and Po as your mercenaries for more attacks. You should be able to kill it within 30 seconds and barely get hit or not get hit at all. The key is the Hell Plant being the “Army of Darkness’s” trigger.

Once your creator in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love or anything attached to it causes damage, your pet and mercenaries will also attack for the duration of the damage dealing. Even if your creator didn’t actually attack, Hell Plant did. So whatever was hit will come after your creator. That’s where Amistr’s Wild Clamor comes in. Amistr becomes the tank for the duration of the skill for a single monster. So with the timings of a Wild Clamor at level 2, said single target will stay on Amistr. So in keeping your distance from the target, you attacking or not, it dies and you don’t! But do note that if your Hell Plant expires, everything else will also stop attacking. There’d be no damage being done. There’s a very high chance the target might stop attacking, come after you, or kill Amistr. In any case, this doesn’t help you so be ready to drop another Hell Plant if needed. Also, load heavily with plant bottles. They are not cheap but the potential returns from so many places can easily get things paid for. You just had to do things right!

3. Tricks For AoE Hunting With An Archer / Hunter

It’s all well and good trying out the Hell Plant of a creator in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Unfortunately, and just like with most videos you find in YouTube videos, it requires a lot of building. So how about something which takes a lot less building and still generates lots of gains?! The archers are 1 way to do it! The trick was to not limit your archer horribly as seen in too many videos/guides.

ragnarok m eternal love archer setup

This is the skill setup of the archer whose inventory was showing in the first screen shot above. It’s a level 26 archer at job level 21. Clearly it didn’t take so much to build that! Notice the really pathetic gear setup it has in that first screen shot above?! But still, it cranked out over 200K zeny and still had materials to use or sell. All that while doing very few quests and under 300 minutes. Just imagine what it can do when it gets built up a lot more! Once the archer becomes a hunter, really nice options open up. Again, don’t limit it to “trapper” only! When you check the Claymore skill, you’ll notice it’s using the earth element. You’ll see a very noticeable damage drop if you try to use it against anything with the fire element.

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To fix the limitation of Claymore being earth based and not having to spend or rely on element converters, check out the archer build showing above. Notice that the passives and Arrow Shower are being built up? Arrow Shower deals neutral damage so most monster elements are not going to be a big bother. Yes, you can still use elemental converters to boost damage. The trick was to not rely on them. Also note that archers tend to guzzle SP! So there’s a good chance you’ll need a SP regen setup to handle things for a while. But once you get the Claymore skill, you’ll have more options beyond just going after air element monsters. Just swap Claymore and Arrow Shower as needed. If you happen to have more auto-skill slots available to you, you can put in both skills depending on your targets. Again, mind that SP guzzling of the archers! But for added extra fun, add a card which triggers an attack skill into your gear. Then add in the passive sides of Blitz Beat!

Altogether, you’ll have an attacker that’s a lot more powerful than you think!

In building up DEX, INT, LUCK and AGI (in that order), you’ll have quite a hunter for both AoE and single targets! On a side note, the elemental arrows are the element converters for archers and higher.

4. The Blacksmith’s AoE Hunting Tips

Once you start with a merchant in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you simply won’t have much other than a basic zeny maker. This isn’t a bad thing mind you! This is why you’ll always have to reset it once you get to blacksmith. The setup you have as a merchant won’t matter unless you completely skipped the cart skills. The cart skills, however good they are, have a flaw. While attacking with Cart Revolution, you’ll be doing a lot more chasing (knockback). Otherwise, the points could have been better used for the zeny skills.

ragnarok m eternal love blacksmith aoe hunting tips

The above screen shot is from a level 52 character and level 23 blacksmith. After much testing, Cart Revolution ended up burning time due to chasing things. But with Hammerfall, you won’t have that problem. Also note Hammerfall has a 70% stun chance at level 5. Hammerfall’s AoE most assuredly isn’t puny at all. The other problem with this particular setup in the above screen shot is that Weapon Making and Enchanted Stone Craft are activated. While as a blacksmith, you’ll only need level 1 Enchanted Stone Craft. Bring it to level 5 if you really are planning to craft stones. You can’t craft weapons until you become a whitesmith. So switch those points to the other passives and buffs.

When checking the above screen shot, you’ll notice that Auto Attack, Hammerfall, and Loud Exclamation are in the auto-skill slots. That’s fine for the most part with manually activating the other buffs. Just make sure you’re close enough to whichever targets before attacking or you’ll hit nothing. Oddly enough, without a selected target, there’s a good chance you’ll hit nothing via manually using Hammerfall depending on where everything is. Again, just make sure not to get your blacksmith slaughtered by going after targets that are too much for you at the time. Make sure you hire mercenaries according to that idea too.

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The fun parts to AoE hunting with a blacksmith in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are the 70% stun chance in a level 5 Hammerfall. It could stun all the targets you’re attacking! The other fun par is when you mix it with Maysa, which is the recommended mercenary for blacksmiths, a lot less of you getting hit happens! So with a pet, Maysa, and Po, you have 4 attackers in total. Two of the said attackers, your blacksmith and Maysa, have monster stopping effects. So yes, your blacksmith can get away with lots having that much of a survival rate! The zeny making part is not just from the Fund Raising skill, but also from the Enchanted Stone Craft skill at level 1. That’s what you need to get it to drop Magic Gear Fuel. With a level 10 OverPrice skill, each of those Magic Gear Fuels brings in 89 zeny. Doesn’t sound like much, right?! Try selling 1,000 of them with a level 10 OverPrice! They drop very easily from every monster. The faster you kill, the faster you’ll gain. Now kill multiple monsters due to AoE hunting at the same time and be prepared to gain lots of zeny!

5. The Versatile Rogues For AoE Hunting

The rogues of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are well known to be very versatile thanks to the Plagiarism skill. They were never just limited to single target attacks. So how do you use it for AoE hunting?

ragnarok m eternal love rogue setup for aoe hunting

You can use these rogue setups depending on your weapon of choice for your rogue. If you were using a Poison Knife, you can use Plagiarism to get Virus Diffusion. While using any dagger type weapon or bow, you can use Arrow Shower. Both skills are used for AoE hunting. Arrow Shower never relied on having a specific weapon. Just know that when using a bow, don’t bother with dagger skills and vice versa. In the above screen shot, that’s a level 62 character and level 31 rogue using a Black Wing dagger. Arrow Shower still provided plenty of AoE hunting. The Auto Attack provided plenty of plain old fashion damage dealing! The results are that despite the 100% ridiculous amount of spending this character did, it still has over 1.3 million zeny and tons of materials to use or sell.

It was Snatch and Rob that turned out to be the zeny makers! If you have the timings right for the killing speed of monsters, Snatch will have 1 or 2 chances per attacked mob to trigger. So it’s 1 or 2 chances at getting extra zeny and the standard + zeny jackpot drops and materials. It was Rob that was given more chances to activate via the AoE hunting rather than high killing speed. The more targets killed at the same time, the more chances Rob has to activate at the same time too! So try not to limit yourself!

This ends our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love AoE hunting guide. If you have something to add, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area below!