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Ball Mayhem (Voodoo) Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Outplay Your Opponents

Ball Mayhem is French mobile developer Voodoo’s latest addictive game that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. The game is based on American Football, but the rules have been simplified in order to stay true to the developer’s brand of casual, bite-sized fun. In Ball Mayhem you are playing as part of a football team. It starts off with a dead ball where both teams get three of their players to scramble for the ball. When your team takes possession of the ball, your goal is to take it all the way to the end zone. In this article we will share some pretty cool Ball Mayhem cheats, tips and tricks, so make sure you read on!

Of course, if the opposing team grabs the ball, you will have to tackle them to the ground and take the ball for yourself. There are no assigned positions in this game. Your character’s role changes depending on who is holding the ball. If you find yourself struggling to score touchdowns, just use our Ball Mayhem cheats, tips and tricks below!

1. Know Your Role

ball mayhem voodoo cheats

As we mentioned above, your character’s role changes depending on who is holding the ball. If you have the ball, your job is to take it to the end zone by whatever means necessary. Unfortunately, you will not be able to run plays or pass in this game. You will have to run to the goal line yourself. If a teammate gets the ball instead, your job is to defend him no matter what. That means pushing opposing players out of the way and blocking them to ensure your teammate does not get tackled. Finally, if the opponent gets the ball, your job is to ram into them as hard as you can in order to steal the ball.

2. Master The Sudden Movements

When you have the ball, you will need to move quickly, but never in a straight line. Make sure you include sudden side movements, and even the occasional backstep, in order to find a clear path towards the goal line. Do not bother trying to go head to head with another player while the ball is in your hands as you will most likely end up losing it.

You may also want to aim for the corners instead of the center of the goal line. Doing so will make it easier to avoid the opposing players. Don’t worry because there are no kicks at the goal after a touchdown, so it does not matter where you end up as long as you make it to the end of the field.

3. Losing Possession Has Benefits

Do not fret if you lose the ball as it can have its own benefits. It is highly unlikely that you will make it to the goal in a single run anyway. The good news is that your character actually moves faster when you don’t have the ball with you. Use this added mobility to find a strategic position before trying to get the ball back.

As an added bonus, your character can go at max speed if he doesn’t have the ball. You will know if your character has reached the maximum speed if he has a trail of fire behind him. This a good way to catch up with an opponent who has possession of the ball. You can also use it to tackle opponents to oblivion!

4. Never Go Out Of Bounds

ball mayhem voodoo tips

One thing you should keep in mind is that the game will keep going even if you go out of bounds. What’s worse is that you will automatically drop the ball on the ground when you leave the field, making it easy for your opponents to pick it up. Pay close attention to where you are headed when you have the ball to avoid losing it on a silly mistake. Of course, if you don’t have the ball, you are free to go out of bounds as much as you want.

5. Customize Your Game

Ball Mayhem offers a lot of customization options. You can change the uniforms, the ball, the goals, and the plays. You can even unlock funny little dance moves that your characters will perform when they score a touchdown. Individual player styles can be purchased at 200 diamonds apiece. The rest of the customization options, however, will have to be unlocked by accomplishing different tasks. We have listed them all below to help you gain access to all of the customizations available.


Blue Plaid – Get to the Silver rank by reaching level 4
White – Get to the Gold rank by reaching level 7
Leopard Print – Get to the Platinum rank by reaching level 10
Gray Camo Print – Get to the Diamond rank by reaching level 13
Green Camo Print – Get to the Challenger rank by reaching level 16
Blue Camo Print – Get to the Champion rank by reaching level 19
Forest Green Uniform – Run 1,000 yards across multiple games
Gray Uniform – Run 2,500 yards across multiple games
Red with White Stars – Run 12,500 yards across multiple games
Purple Uniform – Tackle a total of 100 opponents
Turquoise Uniform – Tackle a total of 500 opponents
Black with White Stars – Tackle a total of 1,000 opponents
Green Plaid – Win 15 games
Black – Win 50 games
Tiger Stripes – Win 100 games
Red Plaid – Your character scores a touchdown during overtime
American Flag – Collect 200 diamonds


The Bounce – Log into the game and play for two days. It does not have to be consecutive.
Yeet – Log into the game and play for four days.
Flamenco Boob Shake – Log into the game and play for seven days.
Soulja Boy – Score 10 touchdowns
Chicken Dance – Score 100 touchdowns
Limbo – Score 200 touchdowns


Barrel – Steal the ball 10 times
Cheese Wheel – Steal the ball 50 times
Bomb – Steal the ball 150 times
Watermelon – Score eight touchdowns in a single game
Eggplant – Play five games in total
Hot Dog – Play 25 games in total
Popcorn – Play 100 games in total
Treasure Box – Hold the ball for a total of 80 seconds

American football is not an easy sport to play, but with the help of our Ball Mayhem cheats, tips and hints, you will be scoring touchdowns like a pro! If you have anything to add, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!

sean braxton basham

Wednesday 18th of November 2020

cool game im adicted realy fun


Wednesday 16th of October 2019

Played 30 games and won them all but it shows me losing 2 games. Only had 1 score against me so not sure how my tally says I lost 2 games.... glitch!


Wednesday 21st of August 2019

They should explain what the game means by tackling 100 opponents cus I tackled 100 and I still didnt get it and when I went to the shop it said I didnt even tackle 1 opponent


Tuesday 29th of October 2019

Same problem.. I want the guy in the suit.


Thursday 21st of March 2019

Tks. it's helpful. I had it from apknite and have been addicted to it. Love this type of games