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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Character Guide: ‘Never Die’ Tactics & Strategies for Alchemists, Assassins and Mercenaries

Gravity Interactive Inc certainly put together quite the large game with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. It’s currently at the point where it’s so large with so much to do each day that even the characters in the game are not fully finished! The problem with a game such as this is that it tends to cause a mountain of questions. All these questions lead to the same idea. That would be to gain as much as possible with as little effort as possible. The problem remains as how to truly do exactly that. How do you gain the most without that much effort? In our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love expert strategies and tactics guide, we’ll show you exactly how.

1. The Dual Client Setup

As it turns out, there’s a good chance that you, as a gamer, have more than 1 mobile device which is suitable to play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. The downsides are that you’ll most likely have to install it more than once. That can take a lot of time depending on your devices. The other problem is that it might not work so great on your other mobile device. The upsides are that if you’re using Android devices, you can use an app such as ShareIt. There are other methods using an Android device in which you can easily transfer complete apps with their data to another Android device. The other upside is that you can be a party without the need for others!

ragnarok m eternal love dual client setup

As any self-respecting gamer knows it’s a good idea to have more than 1 Google account. So put it and your other mobile device to good use! All you need to do is make sure that you’re at the login screen on both your mobile devices as showing in the above screen shot. From there, make sure you login into 1 account on 1 device at a time. The idea is to avoid a double login. This means you’re trying to log into the same account on 2 mobile devices. The typical results are that you’ll either get disconnected (DC’ed) or banned. Of course, the latter being the one you want to avoid the most! What you’re doing here is using 2 or more accounts, on different mobile devices, at the same time. This won’t get you banned!

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So where’s the fun in this you ask?! By now you already should know to have at least 2 characters in your Ragnarok M: Eternal Love account. Unfortunately, they can’t be in game at the same time. As it turns out, each person in a party splits the EXP and loots depending on the party settings. Mostly those settings cover the loots and following requirements. However, this still makes for excellent hunting and leveling. With 2 people in the party, both being your characters, you can end up killing mobs twice as fast. The idea is that you can build up your character(s) on the first account with little problem or some problems. You can leave that account going or you can party with the character(s) in your other account(s). This helps gain Mentor bonuses depending on how built up the character(s) in your first account is/are. Another option is to run them both right from the start and always together. Which character to control is entirely up to you since they are your characters! The other can be set to always on auto attack and/or following the party leader. Then it’s just a matter of quickly swapping devices to control each one as needed.

The fun part is that this makes for some very interesting and useful combinations. For example, if a wizard and an alchemist are your characters in the party. These are the 2 most commonly used characters for gains in general. The characters are in different accounts so they won’t be able to trade items with each other. That’s the bad news. The good news is, this combination is quite capable of surviving some very serious situations and come out with lots of gains on both characters. Basically, set them both to auto attack everything. From there, the wizard can bomb the hell out of everything while the alchemist can go after any strays and basically protect the wizard. Other good combinations for this are a wizard and an assassin, a wizard and a priest, or a sage and a knight.

2. How To Use The Elements

Ever wonder how mages/wizards/high wizards in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are able to kill mobs so quickly/easily?! It’s because they naturally have elemental effects to boost their damage. The idea is a simple one and it works both for attacks and defenses. You want to be able to hit as hard as possible, and take damage as little as possible all at the same time. The problem is that there’re 10 elements to deal with. Even the mages/wizards don’t have that many elements to work with. It’s really not just a Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock round table here! The basic elements are Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Normal/Neutral (Normal meaning any non-elemental attack). Then you add in Holy, Undead, Poison, Ghost, and Shadow elements. When you hit a target with elemental damage according to its weakness, you’ll get a lot of extra damage. The downside is that attacking a target with the same element as the target’s element seriously reduces your damage.

For example, a wizard uses a Water element attack against a Water element target(s). That wizard will hit with the destructive power to a gentle smile! But if that wizard attacks a Fire element mob using a Water elemental attack, that Fire element mob is deader than disco! At the same time, it works for your defense as well. It’s not like you’d want some mob or boss smacking your character out the side of your screen(s) because you didn’t protect against their elements! To reduce elemental damages for your character(s), you can place specific cards into your defense items. The downside is that there’s no card to protect against Normal attacks. Normal attacks can hit at their full strength for 9 out of 10 elements. It just so happens to be weak against the Ghost element only and you’ll gain no bonus damage from Normal attacks. The fun part is that in using an Angeling card, you can gain damage reduction against most elements except Normal and Shadow.

For the archers, you simply need to use arrows of a specific type to gain that element in your attacks. That should get your damage up against specific targets. For others in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you need specific items for the specific element change to your attacks. This would be a Rough Wind (Wind), a Flame Heart (Fire), a Great Nature (Earth), and a Mystic Frozen (Water). When you’re up against Shadow element targets, Aspersio from a priest can convert your attacks to the Holy element. If you get the chance, you can place certain cards into your weapon as well for specific elemental damage increases for that weapon. The bad news is that your weapon is stuck with those elements. You’ll need more weapons with the other element cards in them to open the range of attacking to as many as possible. Also note, for a mage, you’ll need weapons and cards which are race specific and not element specific. Mages will also need multiple weapons because of this.

3. How To Gain Zeny Fast

Yes, you will need zeny throughout your Ragnarok M: Eternal Love adventures. And yes, there’s a good chance you already seen some tactics to gain it quickly. For example, the 1 hit Eggyra zeny farming tactic. That’s a good strategy to use in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. However, it’s over used and now there’re lots of AFK characters farming the whole map. The idea here is to provide much easier tactics and use as many areas as you can get to. As it turns out, the best 2 hunters in the game are the wizards and the alchemists. The wizards can naturally hit very hard. The alchemists however are a little sneakier about it using speed, no ammo, and passives.

Most Ragnarok M: Eternal Love guides will tell you, and it’s true, the faster you kill, the faster you gain. The real aim is the zeny “jackpots”. Jackpots are a single zeny drop which is 5x the normal zeny drop. But there is another option. Consider a wizard. If its AoE skills are above level 3, it will be slow to attack. However, it can hit plenty hard due to its ability to work the elements. Do note that this is just on wizard.

ragnarok m eternal love wizard

Despite the slow casting time, even with the reductions, that skill will seriously hammer or outright kill a flame element target. It won’t do other targets any favors! But that’s only 1 target per use of Storm Gust. The trick here is to hammer as many targets in that 1 attack as you can. Do note that each in the series of 2 hits for Storm Gust is the totals and not a single amount of damage like the bolt skills. So if your targets are getting hit for 1,000 damage per 2 hit set, it’s actually multiplied by the number of times the sets come out for Storm Gust. So now you just need targets to hit.

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What you’re looking for is maps with lots of mobs. The primary targets would be Mjolnir Mountains, Sogart Desert, and Ant Hell. These maps don’t require a whole lot for you to be in them without getting yourself slaughtered! But they do have large numbers of mobs. So with the right combination of wizard skills, you can wipe out the whole area faster than most others. So if you’re hitting multiple mobs, each of them has a chance to drop the zeny jackpot along with their usual drops. Mix in a Lightning Chain and a Chef’s Eagle Eye and you’ll gain further. Just remember that Lightning Chains are limited to 7 uses per week. Also remember that the mobs in these maps can also drop a lot of crafting, refining, cooking, and other items. It’s up to you if you want to use them for your characters or sell them. But for wizards that happen to loot element changing items, that’s more zeny gains in selling them in the Exchange. Wizards simply won’t need those items.

As for an alchemist and its deep lack of ammo use, the idea is simply gain zeny by not having to spend it. The ammo is the various pots an alchemist must have to use skills such as Acid Terror and Sphere Parasitism. Use Sphere Mine and Homunculus. From there, build it up with the same idea as assassins. Make them attack faster than a mini-gun! You can use various foods and items to also increase your attack speed. Defense ignoring foods and/or items also come in handy. So if this is done properly, you’ll see a bunch of numbers showing your damage and an empty area that used to have mobs in it! Also, an alchemist can have a cart which can hold more loot if you happen to run out of inventory space. Add in the extra zeny gained from selling junk to the NPCs because of your passive.

4. The Pet Adventures And The Labor Travelling Machine

These 2 happen to be some very handy features of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. With them, you have a variety of gains that are basically free. The entire setup for both is passive gains. It’s just a matter of you unlocking them, setting them up properly and waiting.

ragnarok m eternal love pet labor travelling machine

For the pet Labor Travelling Machine, you’ll need up to 5 pets to work these areas. How many areas you can deploy to is determined by you getting a VIP and up to Adventurer Rank B. The first part to remember is that you will leave your pets in there. The timings on some places never allow them to run out of rewards. So, you’re first target is to have a pet Lunatic in the Item Shop. Never take your pet Lunatic out of the Item Shop. From there, the best bets to leave your pets in are the Pet Association (colorful shells), the Cooking Center (adventurer’s meatballs), and the Arena (battle tokens). You can swap pets as needed. The Kafra Co. is also a good place if you have the monthly VIP. Always remember that the higher the intimacy level of your pet, the better.

As for the Pet Adventures, the trick is to gain as many reward boxes as you can get. The rest is just bonuses!

ragnarok m eternal love pet adventures

As showing in the above screen shot, a single pet can gain multiple reward boxes (that blue box). However, you never want to leave just 1 pet in there when there are 2 or more slots. The more pets in the adventure, the more gains you stand a chance to get as long as the requirements are met for gaining the rewards boxes are met (still no fish tribe pets). Those boxes always give you colorful shells and another item. Said other item can be very expensive or very valuable to your quests. The colorful shells can be used to buy pet taming items. The taming items can be used or sold. If you’re after specific cards, you can slightly increase your chances to get them by going after specific mobs. Click the All button showing on the left of the area you want to hunt in. And always do the unlocking of the areas as fast as you can. Those gains are usually impressive!

5. The Never Die Strategy

As you know, getting your character killed in Ragnarok M Eternal costs you EXP. However, you can setup your characters to be so tough and/or sneaky, they either won’t die or it will take something really “big” to kill it! For example, the wizard can get into some really nasty spots due to it being a basic “glass cannon” and going after lots of mobs. However, its own skills can protect it. Flame Wall for example provides knockback up to 14 times. With that, melee based mobs can’t get close enough to attack you other than using their skills. This also provides the wizards the time to attack. Storm Gust also has knockback and a chance to freeze the targets.

Unfortunately, this is not so fool proof. Up against skills and ranged based mobs, your wizard is going to take a beating! So how do you fix this? If you think it’s in your items, you thought only partially right.

ragnarok m eternal love mercenaries

The mercenaries of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are to the rescue! You can unlock the mercenaries via their quests but to have 2, you need Adventurer’s Rank E. Use the 7 day rentals to save you the daily renewal time. The mercenaries can be setup for a variety of situations. For example, a double healer setup on an alchemist. Or as showing in the above screen shot, a double tanker setup on a wizard. Wasabi takes most of the damage for the employer. Maysa not only attacks, but has a skill to blind a target so it won’t attack you. Mixed with the right pet, you’ll be able to survive quite a lot with little effort. Just remember to use the Sit found in the Emoji section to heal your mercenaries.

The alchemists of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love can take it a step further by using the Homunculus. Think of it in total as having an “Army of Darkness”! You could have up to 5 attackers in total and it’s just your alchemist!

ragnarok m eternal love alchemist

You just have to remember to “juice up” your alchemist before summoning a homunculus. The homunculus you summon is based on your stats. In the idea of never dying, Lif and Amistr are your primary concerns. You do have to level these things similar to a pet. With Lif, Goro, and Wasabi, you’ll have a double healer, a damage reducer, and 3 attackers in total (don’t forget your pet!). Goro and Lif have healing skills but Goro doesn’t attack just like Wasabi doesn’t. But when you swap Goro and Lif with Maysa and Amistr, you have 4 attackers in total, a damage reducer, a tanker, and a good chance to blind the target. If you want a fifth attacker, swap Wasabi with Po. The recommendation is to stick with Wasabi. Specific to an alchemist is the Alloy Mail and The Berdysz. The Alloy Mail alone can strengthen your summoned homunculus but together it’s Amistr who gets stronger on the attack as well.

To take things further towards your constantly growing survival rate, get the Adventurer skill Play Dead. It’s a very simple quest in Prontera South Gate. What that does is it makes your character literally play dead! Your character will regenerate HP and SP while lying on the ground. When you place that skill in an auto skill slot, your HP will go down to a certain point and your character stops attacking. When you lay down, the mob(s) attacking you will stop and start to walk away. It is pretty fun to watch! You’ll fully regenerate your HP and SP, and then pop back up and start attacking again. The downside is that it doesn’t always work and you might have to manually control it.

The assassins of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love also have a very high survival rate. Not only are they fast on the attack, they also have a naturally higher flee rate (dodge). But to further the Never Die tactic, they have hiding skills. They will turn invisible and stop attacking. This won’t regenerate their HP or SP. However, their other skills can hit harder when coming out of hiding. The downside it that they will be slower while hiding. On standard, you have 3 auto skill slots. So using hiding, a skill that utilizes hiding, and one more attack or Play Dead and the assassins can get away with lots!