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Fleets of Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Faster and Earn More Resources

Inner Hero LLC, the same company that brought us the revolutionary idle clicker games Tap Transcend and Tap Transcend: Rebirth, returns with its own unique take on the base-building genre in the form of its newest mobile game, Fleets of Heroes. In the vastness of space, Fleets of Heroes tests your strategy in even the simplest of tasks such as your base’s lay-out. Beyond that, prioritizing which structures should you build first and where you should focus your resources as far as growth and development is concerned becomes a fundamental part of regular game time.

What sets Fleets of Heroes apart from most games within the same genre is the availability of heroes and hero ships that you can fully take command of in battle and can be customized in hundreds of different ways. Safe to say, no two players in this online base-building strategy game will have the same exact base and fleet set-up as you can tailor most things in accordance to your personal preferences and play style. If you love strategy base-building games that test your own wits against other players as well as enjoy designing and creating your own star base, then be sure to give Fleets of Heroes a try and you will most likely find yourself hooked into it in no time.

Fleets of Heroes puts you in full command of building your very own base in the depths of space. To ensure its continuous growth, you must constantly generate the most basic resources as well as mine and scout additional ones that are needed to upgrade each structure in your base. Aether and Dark Matter are the most basic resources but as your structures gain more levels, there will be more requirements to upgrade them. In Conquest, which is the closest semblance the game has to a story mode, you attack bases much like yours to plunder resources that you need. For this purpose you must constantly build ships and ready your fleet, along with one of your hero ships to lead the attack.

As progression naturally makes it so that the succeeding battle becomes a lot more challenging than the previous one, you must also allocate time and resources to boost your fleet’s power. Other players may soon attack your base as well so be sure to install traps and various other weapons to defend it against any potential attacker. With numerous tasks to accomplish and various, seemingly unending preparations you have to make time after time, Fleets of Heroes engages you enough into the base-building game to really have an in-depth experience of the challenges of building and managing your very own base and fleets.

The premise behind most base-building strategy games are very much alike and work around the idea of constantly gathering and generating resources to use for continuous upgrades and expansions. As Fleets of Heroes works very much well within the same premise, there’s not much tutorial involved but offers a quick guide on mostly every new task you engage in. Be sure to read through everything that your assistant is saying as she may never hint on the same topic again in the future. With just a few hours into the game, you will have a good grasp of what you will have to do for the most part of the game. If you find trouble with anything, there are helpful information icons scattered through most things you can click on.

Additionally, clicking on the settings (gear) icon and scrolling through that page can lead you to a built-in FAQ which can help you better understand some of the game’s key concepts and basic features. If you are still struggling to identify what you need to prioritize at the early part of the game, or if you have a good grasp of it yet still want to do better, our Fleets of Heroes beginner’s guide will surely be able to help you progress faster and more efficiently in the game.

1. Aim To Have Three Drones Immediately

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Drones are actually what you utilize to perform building constructions, building upgrades, and mining for resources. Although you only start with one, you can easily be able to construct two more drone stations with the third one actually requiring the use of chronospheres. Now, as much as it is important to save on chronospheres as it is the premium currency in the game, having three drones early in the game can really boost your growth a lot and potentially even put you ahead of other players who started in the game ahead of you. The sooner you are able to produce more drones, the sooner you can multitask on building and upgrading multiple structures at once, making it hardly necessary to spend chronospheres to instantly finish constructions of any sort.

Having three drones does not automatically make your production efficient. As there are numerous structures that become available quickly as you make progress and gain new levels, be sure to pay attention to what each structure does before you begin its production. Additionally, if you notice all those asteroids floating on and around your base, dedicate at least one of your drones to mine them for random resources. Each mining activity only takes 30 seconds, so at least you can sweep your surroundings clean, earning more resources while production cues are in play at the same time.

2. Determine Proper Prioritization Of Structures

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As you can never have more than enough of any resource, especially Aether and Dark Matter, it would be best to start investing in structures that generate these basic resources. Be sure to construct and upgrade Aether Collectors and Dark Matter Crystallizers early on. Depending on how active you are, you may not have excessive amounts of these two resources to even make it necessary to have more than one Aether Storage Tank and one Dark Matter Depot.

Once you have a sufficient supply of both these resources, you would want to focus on your Ship Factory and Dockyard. Upgrading the ship factory increases the queue for ships in production as well as opens up new types of ships to be produced. Upgrading your Dockyard, on the other hand, increases the limit of ships you can have as you will be needing more and more to progress on the Conquest Mode.

Having a Research Facility is also important to improve your ships as well as the equipment you use on each one of your hero ships. You can also upgrade your heroes through research. As it may take a lot of time and resources to upgrade various ships and heroes, focus mainly on 1 type of ship on your fleet, 1 hero ship and 1 hero which pilots the hero ship you use in battle.

3. Acquire Hero Ships And Heroes

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Once you feel that you are ready to take on Conquest Mode, be sure you have enough chronospheres to begin constructing a Hero Landing Platform. It takes about an hour for the construction to finish and while you are waiting for cues to finish, be ready to purchase a hero ship as well as a hero using saved up chronospheres. Each ship and hero costs the same and the succeeding purchases grow to become more and more expensive which is why you have to read through each one’s ability before deciding on what you should acquire first. You will undoubtedly be able to earn more chronospheres to unlock others later on, but as you may have enough for only 2 hero ships and 2 pilots early in the game, it would be best to think hard before making a purchase.

Having a Hero Landing Platform is essential as you won’t be able to take your hero ship in battle without it. You can only dock and use 1 hero ship at a time, so be sure to choose which one suits your preference and strategy most especially for attacking a base in Conquest Mode.

To organize and customize your hero ship, click on the ship icon at the right side of your screen. Click on the “ships” picture and then on the ship that you have unlocked. Click on equipment, and swap pilots and weapons as you please. Take note that at this point you may have better hero ship gears than what’s installed as a default so be sure to explore this before you deploy your hero ship.

If you have more than one set of hero ships with its corresponding pilot, you can send all but one on missions to scout for salvage. There won’t be any chances of failing these missions so be sure to use this feature as a means of farming for random resources.

4. Aim To Accomplish Daily And Lifetime Achievements

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There’s actually a lot to do in Fleets of Heroes most especially when you have unlocked all of its features. As you may lose track of some of the activities you may have missed out on, be sure to check on what else you can do by visiting the achievements via the icon on the lower part of your screen. On your first few minutes of gameplay, you will most likely see a notification on this icon as you will tend to meet a lot of the objectives enumerated here. Be sure to check on it and claim the chromosphere rewards you have earned. You may want to exert some effort into achieving the daily targets. There may be times when one of the objectives is to purchase something from the store and you might become hesitant as you would have to spent chronospheres for that. IF ever you encounter this scenario, you can purchase something at the shop that costs 30 chronospheres and claim the reward of 50 for an easy earning of 20 chronospheres plus the item that you bought.

5. Watch Video Ads For Free Chronospheres

Contrary to how you would expect Video Ads to pop up on most free-to-play games, the ads in Fleets of Heroes are completely optional and rewards you 50 chronospheres each time you click on it. As chronospheres are always needed and not that easy to come by, any opportunity to obtain free ones are welcome. For one, the video ads are only 15 to 25 seconds short anyway so you might as well take some quick time off the game and earn those chronospheres. Instead of feeling annoyed or irritated by the surge of ads, what will most likely happen to you in the game is that you will be keeping a good eye open for when there are video ads to watch to nab those free chronospheres.

6. Build A Relay Node And Be Ready For PvP

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Once the Relay Node becomes available for you to craft, be sure that you do so right away. This structure unlocks two important aspects of the game: PvP and Federation. Participating in PvP determines your standing in the weekly tournament for a chance at big rewards. Additionally, Gaining 3, 6, and 10 wins will earn you chests that contain resources and even parts for your hero ships. Don’t feel bad though if you can’t win each fight early on as it does take a lot of practice and power to seamlessly earn victories as you will be randomly matched with opponents based on power and rank.

Victories in PvP, like in Conquest is determined by the percentage of the base that you successfully destroy, a 3-star rating requires 100 % destruction and you earn 1 star for every fraction of it so destroying about 34% suffices for a victory. Be sure to deploy your ships on a side of the base that are least defended and concentrate on that side without necessarily placing your entire fleet on one spot. Utilize your hero ship’s special ability and take note of when you can use it again after its cool down period. IF you haven’t been in battle yet, click on the ship you want to deploy and an area on the map where you want to place them. Once the portal appears, tap on it as many times as you wish based on how many ships you want to deploy on that spot. Remember that you can fully control your ship, so be sure to avoid heavy fire and freely roam around the area for better spots. Don’t feel bad as well if you need to use your fleet as cannonfodders.

The Federation is Fleets of Heroes’ very own equivalent of a guild or alliance system. This is a good source of friends whom you can trade with as well as visit to see how their base’s layout may inspire you to make changes on how you design yours. More importantly, be sure to donate chronospheres to your federation as these donations all contribute to unlocking perks for each member as well as some boost in the growth and expansion of the federation itself.

7. Replay Conquest Stages For Resources

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The gap in difficulty from one conquest stage to the next one may surprise you. You may find that a hero ship and a fleet of 10 other ships maybe enough to wipe out the first challenge but then fall too short to even earning a 1-star victory on the succeeding one. As you spend Dark Matter for crafting additional ships when your fleet gets wiped out, it is only practical to repeat previously conquered stages to earn you more of these resources in preparation for the coming challenges. Be sure to always compute expenses and gain on every stage as you would want more gains most of the time to ensure your steady growth and progress. If you spend 130 Dark Matter Crystals to craft 10 scout ships and earn 200 even after your fleet gets wiped out, then that is already a gain and enough reason to replay the stage as much as you want.

8. Use Your Skill Points Wisely

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Once you reach level 10, you will start earning skill points. This is perhaps another venue for each player’s uniqueness as you will have to carefully allocate your earned skill points depending on your general preference following three distinct categories: Destruction, Meditation, and Creation. Destruction focuses on your prowess in battle and enhances traits and characteristics such as your ships hp and damage to aid you in combat. Meditation deals with enhancements on your base such as increased production, higher defense attributes and stronger firepower for your guarding turrets. Last but not the least, Creation focuses on support enhancements such as cutting down upgrade time in construction and speeding up regeneration of supply boxes.

Simply put, there are no right or choices to make here as each one is equally important. Much of it depends on your preferences and play style and your focus on which one to prioritize may freely shift from time to time. What’s important here is to really think each upgrade through as resetting skill points once allocated costs chronospeheres.

9. Visit The Store For Free Supply Drops

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Be sure to check on the store whenever you log into the game as you can get as many as three free supply drops full of random resources for your building upgrade needs. Once you claim one, these free supply drops recharge and you can claim again after a few hours. As asteroids where you can mine random resources do not regenerate as fast and Stellar Forges take so many raw materials for its conversion to other resources, claiming additional items from supply drops actually helps you out a lot as far as farming resources go.

And this wraps up our Fleets of Heroes tips, cheats and strategies. Hopefully, you were able to read our guide a little ahead before you jumped into the game as going through the tips and strategies we enumerated above will most definitely give you a huge boost towards progressing ahead of the crowd. If you have additional Fleets of Heroes tips or tricks, that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!