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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Tips: Mission Board Trick, Poison Debuff Hint, Speed Leveling Characters, Rogue and Monk Setups

After reaching 1 million downloads, Gravity Interactive Inc. is still going strong with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This mobile game has so much content and variety that it can be rather difficult to make heads or tails of things. The main aim for every player is to gain as much as possible as quickly as possible. Yes, there’re a wide variety of YouTube videos out there to show off various things. Unfortunately, those videos suffer from 2 flaws most of the time. The first flaw being that the characters used in them are typically already at a higher level. The second and much more common flaw is that they almost never show what it takes to get to that setup they used in the video(s). In this brand new Ragnarok M: Eternal Love guide, we’ll show you how to gain quite well and you won’t even need that high a level of character or gear to do it.

1. The Backwards Mission Board Trick

The Mission Board is where you can get 10, fairly quick quests to do each day. It’s found in each of the major cities of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. They offer a nice variety of rewards for completing them too! They also have a nifty trick to doing them each day.

ragnarok m eternal love mission board trick

The trick wasn’t to check the rewards first. It was to do things backwards. What this means is that when you look at the available quests in the above screen shot, which one should you do first, at the start of your Ragnarok M: Eternal Love day? If you picked either the left or right side, you went the wrong way! The backwards mission board strategy tells us to take quests as showing on the left and right at the end of your gaming day. Take the quests that make you go after various mobs like the one showing in the middle first. The idea is that you can gain whatever items, EXP, and zeny from hunting those mobs while doing those quests.

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In the process of hunting things, you’re also using up your attack time (stamina). You should be doing that anyway when you stacked as many quests as you can get before going to attack. The typical case is that by the time you’re done attacking for the day, with these hunting type quests from the Mission Board, you have a good chance at already having the items the other quests in there are looking for. Other than hunting, you have delivery and taking picture quests. Save those easy quests for the end of your day. Also note, after completing a Mission Board quest, the rest of the quests increase the base and job EXP gains. Depending on where you are when you take the easy quests, you can have them done very quickly and gain bigger EXP rewards.

2. The Colored Plant Hunting Trick

Most would agree that one of the most boring, and possibly most annoying, parts of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is travelling back and forth across the map to deal with quests. If you don’t have move speed bonuses, running back and forth across the maps gets old, fast. Also note that some do manage to go out into the maps with few Fly Wings. Constantly buying Fly Wings is basically making you lose zeny. So how about you gaining zeny and items while running around the maps so much? The way is to keep the target locking screen open while you’re running around the maps.

What you’re looking for, and eventually will find, are the plants of various colors. Take the daily example of completing Time Rifts. More often than not, you’ll be running around the maps more than once. So on your way to the rift, open the target locking screen. Typically you’ll see Green Plant, Shining Plant, and other colored plants showing up in the target locking screen while running to the rift. Do yourself a huge favor and attack those plants. They are known for always dropping 480 zeny without a Lightning Chain and 960 with one. They don’t attack you so it’s a free gain. To add to your gains, they also drop colored dyestuff and sometimes Emperium (aim for the Shining Plants). As you may already know, Emperium is not cheap! And no, it wasn’t just bosses that drop Emperium!

3. Speed Leveling Second And Third Characters At Level 30

As most know, you can send items to your other characters in your account via the Shard Storage in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Yes, this works great for giving needed items to the specific character. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to get to level 40 for too many players. Thankfully, you don’t always have to!

ragnarok m eternal love pet travelling machine

The Pet Labor Travelling Machine in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the way to do it. So imagine you made your second character in your account already. But if that second or even the third character isn’t at level 40 just yet, you can’t give it items from your first character via the Shared Storage. Do remember this relies on your first character being at level 45+ with at least a level 45 pet Lunatic that has level 5 or higher intimacy. If your first character is already at level 70+ with a pet Poring, you’re even better off. Leave the pet Poring in the Cooking Center for Adventurer’s Meatballs. Now all you need is your second character at level 30. That’s the point where any character can get a pet. It doesn’t even matter which pet! For simplicity, even the free Poring each character can get will do.

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Once your second character has the free Poring pet and it has the Pet Labor Travelling Machine, you can open and use it. Your first character already opened it at level 45+. So if you did things properly, you’d already have a pet Lunatic permanently in the Item Shop. That’s where you can get the base and job EXP pots from. And yes, a level 30 character can collect them. Basically, leave the rewards in there overnight so that when your second character logs in for the day, it can collect the rewards from the item shop. Medium EXP pots can be used at any level. So if you managed to build up a nice stack of EXP pots either from a single collection from the Item Shop or from dual collecting, your second character can get to level 40+ with little effort! The dual collecting trick is when your first character is at level 60+ and your second character is at level 40+. Let your first character collect from the Item Shop. Leave the Medium EXP pots in the Shared Storage. Keep the large and extra-large pots on your first character.

4. The Free Poison Debuff Trick For Thieves, Assassins, And Rogues

This trick in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a bit more underutilized than most would admit to. Oddly enough, it’s a lot more potent than you think! So many like to think that using the Enchant Poison skill is the way to go. Mostly they were right. However, the skill has 3 glaring flaws.

ragnarok m eternal love enchant poison

At max level, you have a 12% chance to apply the poison debuff to your target. This skill lasts for 300 seconds (5 minutes) at max level. Considering the typically high attack speed of thieves and above, that’s pretty good. The first flaw will be the need to spend 10 skill points or you won’t get the full chance or duration of the skill. Since this skill has a time limit, you either have to use an auto-skill slot or manually control it. That would be the second flaw. The auto-skill slot and the 10 points could have been better used! The third flaw is the costly one. The idea is to gain. But if you look at the SP cost and the Special Cost, you’re really not gaining like you should. So at max level, this skill is costing you 500 zeny every 5 minutes. And unless you have some serious SP regeneration going on, your character might be using the Play Dead skill a lot!

Thankfully, there is a way around these flaws. That would be the Poison Knife.

ragnarok m eternal love poison knife

The 2 main disadvantages Ragnarok M: Eternal Love put towards the Poison Knife are that it’s not so great against large sized monsters and it never mentioned the exact chance percentage. The good news is that you’ll have a free poison debuff! At 100% zero cost, you can poison your targets which does activate the effects of other skills such as Virus Diffusion and Venom Knife. Being a dagger type weapon, you can use the other skills such as Double Blade Force and Double Attack. And yes, a Rogue with Plagiarism can get Virus Diffusion! The Dagger Proficiency skill of a Rogue can kick in with this weapon to boost damage further.

This weapon upgrades to the Venom Dagger. That will increase the capabilities of the attacks/effects. But the really fun part is that this weapon can have an easy/safe refine upgrade to add up to 8% defense ignoring. Going beyond +4 refining means you are taking your chances when it comes to breaking the item. Of high importance in this is to know the difference between the poison element and the poison debuff. They are 2 different things. Typically you can find a monster that has the poison element such as an Argiope. The holy element does more damage to it just like the wind element does more damage to water element targets. The poison debuff is described in the above screen shot. Also note, the poison debuff is applied via the auto-attack skill.

5. A Versatile And Devastating Monk Setup

The monks of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are known to be both versatile and devastating attackers. But the problem is, trying to not use up all SP and without having to use up all your auto-skill slots.

ragnarok m eternal love monk setup

When you check Critical Explosion and Asura Strike, you’ll find out that they both are activated skills. You need to be in Critical Explosion state before being able to use Asura Strike. The combination will drain all SP and up to all Spirit Bombs. Each Spirit Bomb (total of 5) will be needed to keep your attack damage and defense ignoring up high. Asura Strike will use up all remaining SP each time it’s activated and up to all 5 Spirit Bombs if they’re all out there to being with (direct or locked target use). So in total, you’ll need Spirits Recovery on max level to even think about using that combination. Even at that, you already have to use all 3 standard auto-skill slots to make it work for AFK hunting/grinding.

So how do you make it versatile and keep it going with much less setup? Looking at the above screen shot does both and doesn’t cost you like using CE and AS. Please note that the skill build in the above screen shot is a work in progress and uses a Sword Mace. The monk is also quite capable of being versatile because of that Sword Mace. Notice the Holy Light Strike skill being in the mix? So when you go after undead and/or demon based monsters, you’ll have the bonuses of the Sword Mace and Holy Light Strike. Simply swap out Auto-Attack for Holy Light Strike and Combo Finish for Blessing. Swap the Call Spirits skill with Zen. Use the auto-skill slots as showing in the above screen shot for everything else. Yes, it does take quite some doing for your stats to effectively handle both auto-skill setups. But once you have it, you can go after anything and keep going! Also note that with the use of the Sword Mace, you already have extra damage towards demon and undead monsters.

So why not use Investigate, Flee, and Body Relocation? Again, please note that this character is still a work in progress as of this writing! That’s why Flee was not activated just yet but it is a good idea. Spirit Recovery is being built up just like Flee. Investigate is a short ranged attack that relies on using Spirit Bombs and the target’s defense. If you check your targets using the Adventurer’s Handbook, you’ll notice that most of your targets don’t have a really high defense. Again, the idea in this guide is doing lots while still at “lower” levels and without having an awesome gear setup. But in switching Investigate with Combo Finish, you’ll have 3 attacks in a row via 1 skill slot. When you reach Champion, you can add another 2 skill attacks via 1 skills slot.

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Use Call Spirits instead of Zen with Combo Finish. It was noticed that Zen was repeatedly used to replace Spirit Bombs instead of all 5 Spirit Bombs being replaced in 1 shot. But you don’t have to use Spirit Bombs with Holy Light Strike since Holy Light Strike is magic damage based. Blessing only lasts 5 minutes. You can always manually click it every so often even on auto hunting/grinding. Or get another auto-skill slot eventually!

6. The Very Fun, Highly Versatile, And Very Profitable Rogue Setup

If by chance you’ve tried the Rogue of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and did not have serious fun with it, you’re clearly doing it all wrong! This character is not only hours of entertainment, it’s the most versatile and profitable character in the game. Please note this uses the Fullblack Dagger crafted from Prontera. You can use any dagger you like or feel free to use a bow! Just be sure to know the pros and cons of each weapon type. Again, the idea here is to not take so much to get it all to work for you.

ragnarok m eternal love rogue setup

The first part is to make it profitable. The idea while attacking with the Rogue is to build its stats similar to an assassin. It’ll have high attack speed. That’s all well and good but to gain extra, you’ll have to attack targets that do take time to kill but still not too much time. Basically, you’ll have to balance it as best you can so Snatch has a chance to work. That’s the aim for using Snatch. Otherwise, switch it to something else. The higher the skill level of Snatch, the more zeny you’ll get when it works. However, leaving it at level 5 is fine. And yes, you can also gain the standard zeny drop after killing the target too. The real money maker for the Rogues of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the Rob skill. Max the level of that skill ASAP. Unlike Snatch, it does stack with a Lightning Chain but it does not require a skill slot. So when you do loot a crafting material (from normal monsters, plants, and eggs only), you have a 20% chance to double it. So on standard, if you loot 1 aquamarine from a for example, you stand a chance to gain 2 instantly without a Lightning Chain. With a very high killing speed, you can gain lots of crafting materials for your own use or for selling. Later when you reach Stalker, Snatch can become a passive.

If the Snatch and Rob skills were not quite fun enough for you, you also have the Plagiarism skill! That 1 skill is what makes the Rogues of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love the most versatile characters in the game. The bad news is that you’ll have to find a list of skills you can copy that’s accurate. Getting skill names wrong/mixed is what causes the problems. Also note that missing info from Plagiarism lists also doesn’t help. For example, Call Spirits level 1 on a Rogue can summon all 5 Spirit Bombs but there’s no mention of it in the lists. The good news is that even a level 1 character, even the first in your account, can get to any map to copy skills from the monsters. You’ll need to be a Rogue to get Plagiarism so you won’t be level 1 while going to all the maps! Do note that the Hiding skill of a Thief can help lots! Now it’s just a simple matter of placing the activating skill into the skill slots as needed. You’ll find the activating skill in the Adventurer Skills section.

So where’s the fun and versatility? Imagine your first skill as a Rogue in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is Plagiarism. Now picture your Rogue with a Poison Knife and Virus Diffusion! Now imagine your Rogue running around with a dagger type weapon and casting Arrow Shower from and Archer or Heaven’s Drive from a Wizard! How about that Rogue with a bow casting a level 7 Heal from an Acolyte?! And yes, we know the above screen shot shows Plagiarism maxing at level 5. It can max to level 10. It just so happens that the Rogue skill build in the above screen shot is using Call Spirits. Mixed with a standard Floral Bracelet, a +4 refined Poison Knife, and Call Spirits, that’s already 28% of your targets defense that’s completely ignored. Also, the Floral Bracelet and Poison Knife can be upgraded for more damage/effects. All together it’s really not that expensive or hard to get but it can be very potent when it comes to hunting.

Why not use the other skills? Please note that this Rogue is only job level 18 as showing in the above screen shot. Told you it doesn’t take that much to gain heavily and be fun! The bigger problem with using the other skills such as Back Stab and Raid is that you’ll be stuck with daggers no matter what. You’ll also be stuck using at least 2 auto-skill slots for those skills. It all has to start with the Hiding skill. Back Stab is used after Ambush which requires the Hiding skill first. But with the skill build as showing in the above screen shot, you won’t be guzzling SP or stuck with a specific gear and skill setup.