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Lyrical Letters Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

It’s always a treat when a game creator goes out of the box and pulls together something that is both useful and fun. The Frosty Pop’s new mobile title called Lyrical Letters is a unique music game for iOS devices that can help you improve your vocabulary, listen for musical notes, and even record your own songs. It comes complete with its own synthesizer, chiptune, and digital guitar. Feel free to play around with the virtual keyboard as you would with a real one. The game’s recording feature not only allows you to save songs that you play, you can even share them with your friends. What really takes this game to the next level is the word puzzles, though. Remember those music class exams where the teacher makes you spell words with the different notes? Lyrical Letters has over 115 of those puzzles waiting for you to solve. If you need help answering any of them, our Lyrical Letters cheats, tips and tricks are here to help you out!

1. Choose The Right Style

lyrical letters cheats

One of the toughest parts of Lyrical Letters is discerning the right note. Of course, if you get a few notes correct, it should get easier. Those who are used to identifying notes by ear should have no problems with this game. If you are not one of those lucky people, you may have to try a few times before you can get them right. The best way to go about it is to choose the right sound style. The game will let you choose from eight options. The piano is a good way to go since it usually has the clearest distinctions between notes, but whichever you are most comfortable with should be enough.

2. Rely On Clues

If you still can’t get all the notes right despite choosing a sound style that you are comfortable with, then it may be time for a different approach. There are only seven letters to choose from. That’s A to G. The game starts off with very short words to help you get used to the mechanics. There aren’t a lot of words in that bunch, so you could probably get away with guessing. It would be better if you can at least get a couple of letters correct. You can then just base your guess on what makes the most sense.

3. Use The In-Game Hints

lyrical letters tips

The game has a HINT button that you can use if you are really stuck. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that some of the words could actually be slang. That means you may need to think outside the box before hitting that HINT. For example, the word BAE makes an appearance in Lyrical Letters and is defined as a person’s boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a common word now, but it isn’t something that you would expect from a word puzzle game.

4. Take Your Time

Don’t worry too much about making mistakes in Lyrical Letters. If you enter a letter that you are not sure of, you can still delete it and replay the tones to see if you got them right. You can replay the music as much as you need in order to figure them out. The letters you enter are not automatically submitted, so you will still have time to correct any mistakes. On top of that, the game also does not have a time limit. Take a break if you are stuck and you might be surprised how easily you can identify the notes with a fresh ear.

Playing around with notes and letters can be a lot of fun, especially if you rely on our Lyrical Letters cheats, tips and tricks to help you solve all those puzzles! If you have anything to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!