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Perfect Slices (SayGames) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score and Unlock All Knives

SayGames is back with another casual game that is simple and addictive, much like the company’s other mobile games. With just 10 months of being active in the mobile gaming industry, SayGames has already grown its app portfolio to a total of 19 games and stands at the top 1% of developers as far as overall app downloads are concerned breaking the 100 million downloads barrier with its barrage of successful titles. We recently covered Jelly Shift, OnPipe, and Train Taxi which are just some of SayGames’ most popular titles. Each one has amassed more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and continues to maintain highly positive reviews from users. Following SayGames’ tried and tested formula of providing the simplest of mechanics and controls that everyone can learn in a minute, the resulting games are almost guaranteed to get players across various ages and preferences a fresh yet familiar experience.

Perfect Slices is the company’s latest game for iOS and Android platforms and makes the routine and menial task of slicing fruits and vegetables fun and exciting. Within a month following its launch, Perfect Slices has already been installed more than a million times from the Google Play Store alone and has taken the overall top slot of free games in several countries.

Perfect Slices is a game that tests your reflexes and concentration and while it is very easy to learn and enjoy, mastering the game and consistently completing perfect runs is an engaging challenge in itself. The pace within which levels grow more challenging are just right and the sensitivity of hitboxes are fair and just. Any player, experienced or otherwise, can surely progress fast in the game, but if you yearn for high scores and perfect runs to collect those cool knives fast, then check out our Perfect Slices cheats, tips and tricks below!

1. Find A Comfortable Spot On The Screen

Perfect Slices only requires you to tap and hold the screen of your device to start slicing fruits and vegetables and release your hold to stop chopping. The sole challenge it has lies in the obstacles lined up on the table that you should avoid hitting as doing so will stagger you and will prevent you from chopping for a short while. With the on-screen instruction appearing at the center of the screen you might be inclined to think that you are required to tap the screen within a certain area or a specific spot, which would reasonably be the center. It may not instantly occur to you, though, that you are free to tap and hold any area on your screen and if you are more comfortable doing so on the right hand corner, then feel free to do so.

perfect slices tips

For starters, Perfect Slice seems all too simple up front and hitting a couple of obstacles here and there may still leave you with a fair amount of chance to complete a level. What you would want to go for, though, is earn high scores and a corresponding chef stamp to rake in more rewards and unlock knives faster and as such, should have perfectly no reason to make small errors on each of your runs.

Most especially if you intend to play the game for a while, find a comfortable position of playing the game. As you can tap and hold any part of the screen, be sure to not tap and hold on areas that may hinder your view of the stage and corresponding obstacles. Also if you are not comfortable with your device vibrating every time you chop something, simple head to the settings button at the top left corner of the main screen and tap the slider beside “HAPTIC” to turn it off.

2. Don’t Be Too Aggressive

As a competitive player, it is only natural to be tempted to chop as many fruits and vegetables as you can especially as you watch those meters on top of the screen fill up and you accomplish the needed feats to clear the level with a notable score. In attempting to do so, you will naturally tend to keep on holding the screen to slice until the last second before hitting the wooden or metal obstacles. As simple as those obstacles may seem, going through a lot of them is in itself a challenge not just for your reflexes but for your eyes as well. Most especially if you have just started playing the game, swerve more towards the safe side and stop slicing a little longer before you hit an obstacle.

perfect slices tricks

Continuously slicing earns you a score multiplier that raises up to x5 and keeping it that way will earn you more points. Hitting an obstacle will reduce your score multiplier as well stagger you for a short while or even instantly end your run, leaving you to lose even more opportunities to earn points. For the most part, continuing to slice too close to an obstacle presents a risk of actually hitting but playing a little more defensively will safely keep you to maintain your multiplier. For practicality and efficiency, therefore, go for safe mode first and as you progress farther in the game, then slice a little closer and closer to the obstacle as you please.

3. Keep Your Eyes On The Obstacles

Perfect Slices actually showcases an interface that is as plain and simple as its controls and mechanics. As you play through each level in the game, there are only a few items on the screen that can catch your attention. The fruits and vegetables you are slicing, the obstacles, the targets you need to meet at the top of the screen, and the score you continuously earn as you play through the level are all variables that you may glance at, or even stare at occasionally. Among all these items, though, only the obstacle are important and as you play each level, you should absolutely maintain your focus on these.

perfect slices hints

The fruits and vegetables being sliced are truly attractive to watch and serves as a great distraction in some instances. Keep in mind that while you may enjoy seeing fruits and vegetables perfectly chopped, it may keep you from reacting more efficiently in the presence of obstacles especially on latter stages where obstacles appear more often and the stage lasts longer.

The icons you can see at the top of the screen which indicates how far or close you are to completing targets for each sliced ingredient may seem important. The more you look at it, though, the more risk you put on yourself as you may miss your timing when an obstacle comes your way. Truthfully enough, each level leaves plenty of allowance for you to complete all three targets and with a lot more fruits and vegetables coming your way towards the end of each level, you will almost always complete those objectives.

The ever-active score that screams at you to look at it is likewise a mere distraction. Those numbers, as well as the score multiplier at the upper left side of the screen gives you an idea of how well you are doing in real time and yet, glancing upon it will mean less focus on the obstacles that ceaselessly come forth through the level. As such, simply ignore it and leave the excitement of high score achievements at the end of the level.

4. Be Conscious Of The Hastening Pace

perfect slices cheats

One feature that makes Perfect Slices more challenging the better you perform is the speed boost that initiates when you rack up score multipliers. As you successfully slice more fruits and vegetables and avoid obstacles, the multiplier at the upper left side of your screen goes up. As it does, you will notice that your knife begins to slice faster and faster. At the same time, the pace at which everything moves goes faster as well. In these situations, keep in mind that your timing should work differently than before and if you maintained playing a little more defensively during the initial stretch of the level, then you should continue to make adjustments with regard to holding the screen and letting go. While this game mechanic is very simple to understand, the latter levels you will encounter makes the speed boosts very challenging. Be sure to keep your hand-eye coordination intact and at its peak once you engage in amassing points that trigger speed boosts.

5. Watch Video Ads For Extra Rewards

Many free-to-play mobile games, especially casual ones, contain video ads that may either pop up randomly in-between stages or are voluntarily triggered for various perks and rewards to help you progress faster in the game. In Perfect Slices, both these types of ads are present and while you don’t necessarily have to be connected to the internet to play the game, being online while playing the game, despite seeing some ads in-between stages, can help you earn more coins as well as knives to complete your collection.

perfect slices rewards

At the knife collection screen accessible through the icon at the upper left side of your screen, you can play 10 to 30-second video ads to instantly earn 150 coins. Rewards from gold rush as well as high scores can further be boosted as well through watching some ads. The most rewarding part is when you have collected 3 chef patches and will have 3 chances to pick rewards from 9 boxes.
Failing to secure the best reward from it will present you with an option to watch a short video ad to gain 3 more chances. If luck is not on your side, you can watch another video ad to open all 9 boxes.

And this wraps up our list of tips, cheats and tricks for Perfect Slices. If you know additional tips or strategies to add to the ones we provided in the article, then please let us know in the comments!