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Supercell’s New Strategy Game ‘Rush Wars’ Soft-Launches in Select Regions

When Supercell first came out with Clash of Clans, people were surprised by just how addicting it was. It gained millions of fans and catapulted the base-building genre to stardom. Now, some developers would stick to what they know and just release a sequel that gives a flashier version of the same thing. That’s not Supercell, though. The company decided to release Clash Royale and invent an entirely new genre. Fans have been thinking what else could Supercell do to top that? The answer is Rush Wars, a shiny new game that combines the best features of both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

rush wars supercell

Supercell released teaser trailers for Rush Wars on August 26 and while it revealed very little gameplay, the parts that it did show look like combat that is similar to Clash Royale. Players will be able to assemble teams by recruiting various unit cards. These units can then be upgraded in order to make them more powerful in battle.

Rush Wars will also have a base-building aspect since players will need a place to stash all the loot that they will steal from others. The short teaser video shows how players will need to place their defensive structures in order to defend their gold mines.

As of this writing, Rush Wars has been soft launched in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Players in those regions may head over to the App Store or Google Play to download the game for free.