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Jelly Shift Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Earn More Gems and Clear All Levels

Unless you are an avid fan of ultra-casual mobile games, you probably haven’t heard of SayGames as they have only been active in the mobile gaming market for about 9 months. Surprisingly enough, though, this developer and publisher from Belarus has already broadened its portfolio with 13 games, falling within the arcade, simulation, or puzzle genre. Beyond the huge selection of offerings, almost all the games they released have received big support and largely positive reviews. As far as downloads are concerned, Twist Hit!, Clean Road and Train Taxi lead the pack, each registering more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone. With its solid line-up of games and fairly consistent reputation on both Android and iOS platforms, it’s a good sign for players who are into casual games to try out games released by SayGames.

Jelly Shift is one of SayGames’ latest offering for iOS and Android device owners. With an unwavering demand for casual games that people with very limited free time yearn for, and the overabundance of such games, you would think that you have seen it all. Jelly Shift will definitely change that mindset at it offers the usual simple controls and easy mechanics that anyone can learn enjoy in a totally new casual arcade game that tests concentration and reaction time.

Take control of a block of jelly as it slides through unique stages full of obstacles. You have a limitless ability to shift into different forms enabling you to pass through obstacles that also come in a variety of forms. It all seems simple in photos you will see on the app page and you might have the impression that it can only offer challenges to kids. Once you start the game, though, you will come to discover how challenging it can be considering the speed at which your jelly moves and the quick shifts in shape that you need do especially as you progress further through the levels.

There are no tutorials available in the game and there seriously isn’t any need for one. Everything you need to know (which is the controls) will be shown on the screen all the time and once you see that you need to swipe up or down to change the jelly’s shape, you will know why you need to once the jelly starts moving. As easy as it is to pick up and play Jelly Shift, it is truly a challenge to master it. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your performance on the early levels, or if you want to earn more gems to have more choices of appearance, then check out our Jelly Shift cheats, tips and tricks so you can master the game faster.

1. Practice The Pace Of Shifting Early On

The idea of swiping up or down to alter the shape of your jelly sounds way easier than actually doing it in the game. For starters, you might have thought that swiping multiple times is the way to do it when the easier way is simply holding down on the screen and swiping up or down as the need arises. Getting that out of the way is actually the easier part as you would have to learn how to control these shifts to get into the shape you have in mind when you need to.

jelly shift tips

To make it easier, you have to take note that there are basically 4 distinct shapes you can transform into based on the necessity that the obstacles present. With that in mind, you have to be able to go from one shape to any of the others at an instant so you need to get a firm grasp of the controls and the best opportunity to do so comes from the starting levels.

The initial levels of the game have less obstacles to give you ample time to get used to the controls. Similarly, obstacles on the first 10 levels or so are more loosely situated apart which makes it relatively easier to change shape to pass through one obstacle and change again for the next one. As things will become a little more demanding later on, use the clear spaces in-between each obstacle to try and practice your shape-shifting abilities to simulate harder obstacles on the latter levels. This way, you will be able to secure a firm grasp of how slightly or considerably you have to swipe to get to the right shape within a shorter timeframe.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of The Path

If you have a good amount of control as to how each swipe will change your shape as a jelly, then you should be able to manage not having to look closely at the jelly as it passes through each of the obstacles that come your way. While keeping your eye on the jelly seems like the basic thing to do, what you ought to be considering is what lies ahead of the path and if you keep your eyes ahead of the line, you will be better prepared for whatever obstacles and combinations of it come along.

Truthfully enough, this may not be an easy feat for anyone to accomplish. In any case, though, you can still catch a glimpse of your jelly on your peripherals while looking at the obstacles ahead. If you have mastered your swipes and have designated each shape with a number from 1 to 4, then the series of obstacles can likewise be seen as numbers that you sort of “dial” with a series of swipes as you pass through them.

3. Switch To A Middle Shape While Approaching Turns

It looks as if Jelly Shift, much like runner arcade games, knows that advanced players will keep their eyes ahead as much as possible and be ready for whatever each level can throw at them. As such, it will be common for each level to have a couple or more turns within its stretch to give you a blind spot of sorts every once in a while.

jelly shift tricks

As you will more likely not have an idea of what will pop up ahead of the track, or have little time to shift into the right form if the obstacle immediately pops up after a turn, you should refrain from staying in form 1 or 4 of the jelly (either the tallest or the widest can be 1 or 4) and instead be at form 2 or 3. This way, if the obstacle requires either form 2 or 3, you will be able to change into the right shape quicker and if it is a 1 or 4, frantic and quick swipes will easily get you to either of the extreme shapes.

4. It Is Better To Bump Than To Fall

Soon enough into the levels, you will encounter pitfalls that would require you to shift into the widest shape or else you will fall through and end your run. While this seems to be the most challenging obstacle in the game on its own, it can be far more perplexing in combination with the other obstacles. As you will more commonly encounter these pitfalls as you reach higher levels, you have to assume that at some point in the game, you may fall victim to it considering the number of consecutive shapeshifting moves you need to perform to pass through other obstacles before and after the pitfall.

What is important for you to understand at this point is that you would not want to bump into obstacles as it will slow you down and keep you far behind the dashing food that you are running after. Despite that, though, it is considerably better to make an error and bump into any obstacle or two than actually miss the transformation before the pit and fall into it. For the most part, you can still catch up and earn a good score with a bump or two on each level. Falling into the pit will be a lot more hassle and leave you farther behind. The best route, of course, is to pass through all of it correctly but if push comes to shove, then better hit a few barriers than falling into the abyss.

5. Don’t Let The Gems Distract You

It is important to note at this point in time, that your primary objective in Jelly Shift is to clear the level to proceed to the next one. You collect gems on the side to unlock different varieties of the jelly character and while it adds more to the fun, actually getting through each level is your top priority.

There are special levels in Jelly Shift called Gem Runs where you can collect tons of gems by shifting into the right shape to nab gems on the track on top of shifting to pass through obstacles. While you would naturally want to collect all the gems you see, you have to keep in mind that missing one or a couple is okay as you will be rewarded with more after completing the level.
As you will also see gems randomly on other levels, try your best not to let it distract you from passing through each of the obstacles close to it as it will never be worth it. You will always receive gems by completing levels and missing to get a few within the level won’t matter that much.

6. Aim For Fever Time As Soon As You Can

Getting through each obstacle doesn’t just bring you closer towards the goal, but it also fills up the fever bar that gives you temporary invulnerability to break through all sorts of barriers that come your way. Although it won’t help you move over gaps while in the wrong shape, it still makes everything a lot easier as you can practically just stay on the widest shape for the greater part of a level.

jelly shift fever time

With this feature, be sure to try your best to perfectly get through the initial obstacles as getting fever time by the middle part of each level will leave you with enough juice to complete the rest of it with relative ease. As such, this gives you more reasons to not get distracted by gems too much at least at the first half of the level as you can more freely grab some while on fever time for the latter half of it.

7. Watch Video Ads For Revives And Gem Multipliers

It’s a known fact that free-to-play games abound in the mobile gaming industry and its existence largely depends on the advertisements that form part of it. Some players may still not get the logic and reasoning behind this but most especially in the case of games that hardly offer in-game items for sale or not at all, then the costs of that games development as well as its availability will have to be sourced through the advertisements.

jelly shift gem multipliers

While there are plenty of free casual games that play video ads in-between levels exclusively, Jelly Shift actually offers you some choice instances where deciding to watch an ad can give you exclusive benefits. For starters, choosing to play a video ad after completing a level can multiply the gems you receive as a reward by 5. The value of this benefit is dependent on how well you perform on each level so if you don’t want to go for it all the time, at least do so when you nab at least 100 gems for the particular run. In any case, as playing through a series of levels may tire your eyes and fingers out, consider the optional video ads as rest stops.

Beyond the 5x multiplier for gems at the end of each level, the more important perk you can get out of watching video ads in the game is the revival option when you fall off a ledge. Watching an ad at this point gives you a second chance at completing the level, and chances are, that it will be all you need to successfully complete it.

And this wraps up our compilation of Jelly Shift cheats, tips and tricks. We hope you learned a great deal from the simple tips and tricks we shared and that you likewise enjoyed reading our article. If there are other tips and strategies you are aware of that we haven’t mentioned in the guide and you would like to share with us, then feel free to drop us a line!