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Kitten Up! Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock All Skins

Kitten Up! is a new platformer created by Honey Poney Games and published by Dual Cat, that’s available for iOS and Android devices. The game lets you control a rectangular kitty as it jumps from one platform to another in order to escape the rising water. It all starts out easy, with wide platforms that are easy to hop on to. As you progress through the levels, however, you will start encountering traps, giant cat-eating fish, smaller platforms, and more.

The further you go, the more difficult it will be to keep climbing higher. Scattered throughout the levels are coins that you can collect. Use these coins to unlock new kitties that you can use in playing. There are hundreds of levels to complete, and at least 30 kitties to unlock. If you want to collect all skins, make sure you check out our compilation of Kitten Up! cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Take Your Time

kitten up! tips

Don’t panic if you see water at the bottom of each level. It won’t really rise until you climb up to the next platform. That means you have all the time in the world to wait for the platforms to align perfectly before you jump. This will allow you to position your kitten properly to ensure you will be able to pick up any coins or score multipliers above. It will also help avoid landing in the wrong part of a platform that will make it difficult for you to make the next jump.

2. Aim For Perfection

Aside from helping you get into position, taking your time will also allow you to execute Perfect combos. You get a score multiplier for each consecutive Perfect jump that you make. A Perfect jump is when your kitten lands completely within the platform. This seems easy during the first few levels, but later on, you will encounter platforms that are only as wide as your kitten. You will need Perfect combos in order to drive your high scores up. There is no way to return to lower levels, so you won’t be able to get better scores if you don’t master your timing.

3. Act Fast On Boss Levels

kitten up! boss levels

There is an exception to our first tip when it comes to taking your time. You will encounter a Boss every five levels. You know it’s a boss level because the icon is shaped like the outline of cross bones. Bosses are giant fish that await at the bottom of the level. If you take too long to jump, it will leap onto your platform and gobble you up. You will see it slowly rise up before making a leap, so you will be able to tell when it is about to eat you. Make sure you jump to the next platform before it takes a bite. Jumping quickly through platforms will leave the Boss further behind, giving you more time to pause in case you encounter a trap.

4. Watch Out For Traps

kitten up! traps

There are various traps that are scattered throughout levels. Some of them are obvious, like the flying spike, the laser, and the rolling wheel. Others can be a bit more difficult to notice because they are right on top of the platforms. The sticky oil that looks like black coating on a platform will keep you stranded unless you double tap. They seem harmless until they appear on a Boss level and you end up getting caught because you couldn’t double tap on time. The pink coating on platforms, on the other hand, does the opposite. It makes you automatically bounce to the next platform. You need to be careful when hopping on to these because you could hit a spike or miss the platform above.

5. Try Out Challenge Levels

kitten up! challenge mode

If you feel like the regular levels are too easy, you can test your skills in Challenge mode. Challenge levels are unlocked after you complete the 12th level in normal mode. These levels start out at a much higher difficulty. The platforms are smaller and faster. You also encounter more traps per level. There are currently 200 Challenge levels available. Try to complete them all in order to gain even more coins.

6. Multiply Your Earnings, Here’s How

Coins can be hard to come by if you just rely on picking them up per level. Since you can’t replay easier levels, it will be more difficult to get more coins the higher you go. That is why you should take advantage of every opportunity to earn more. The good news is that you can multiply your earnings per level through ad offers. You get offers after completing levels and before starting new ones. If you fail a level, you also get a chance to continue your progress by watching yet another ad.

7. How To Unlock New Kittens

We have talked a lot about playing the game and collecting coins. You are probably wondering by now how you can use them to unlock new kittens. Unlike other games where you either get a random skin thru a gacha system, or unlock specific ones by spending varying amounts, this game makes you work for it through a claw machine.

how to unlock new kittens in kitten up

The claw machine in this game is just as infuriating as its real-life counterpart. The claw swings around, making it difficult to aim. If that’s not enough, it has a pathetic grasping ability. There will be times when you think you already have an egg because it has been lifted into the air, only to watch it fall back into the pit for no good reason.

To control the claw, you get three buttons. Press the right arrow button to make the claw move towards the right. You can’t make it go back, so proceed with caution. Once the claw is above the egg you want to grab, press the down arrow button to make the claw go down. Be careful because once you press this button, your turn will end. That means if you accidentally press down instead of right, the claw will grab air and you will say goodbye to your 25 coins. The lightning button nudges the box holding the eggs, allowing you to somehow reposition the eggs. Keep in mind that the right arrow is the only button you can press repeatedly, so think before you tap.

8. Save Up Before Using The Claw

kitten up! claw

When you start playing the claw machine, the box will have nine eggs in it. The number of eggs does not reset if you don’t leave the session. That means it will be easier to get the rest of the eggs as you make more room for the claw. As you use the claw more often, you will realize that the most common reason for its failure is that it cannot dig in deep enough to grab any of the eggs because there isn’t space. Just keep shaking the box until you get one of the eggs loose enough to pick up.

Playing through hundreds of platform-jumping levels is a lot more fun when you have different skins to choose from. Just remember everything you learned from our Kitten Up! guide to unlock them all!