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Chess Rush Advanced Guide: Tactics, Strategies, Super Combos & Best Teams

The creators of PUBG Mobile, gaming giant Tencent Games, have just unveiled another exciting game, that’s available now for mobile gamers worldwide. The company’s latest game is a brand new MMORPG called Chess Rush, which is a fantastic strategy title. The game places you and 7 others in a series of matches played on what looks to be a chess board. During the matches all players gain pieces via buying them from a shop. The trick to it is that all the pieces in the shop are displayed at random for the players to buy. That happens to be the beauty part to it. You could end up in matches against much higher ranked opponents. It won’t matter because you can win or lose against anyone due to the random output of the shop.

Even though the matches are all played out automatically, there’s another catch. Any changes made to a player’s piece(s) during the preparation phase can drastically change the outcome of the matches. Suddenly the player that was in last place is in first place and vice versa! This is definitely a strategy game which relies on your luck of the draw as much as your capability to create a winning team.

Each piece in Chess Rush has its own skill and bonuses depending on how you group them. The balance in the game comes from those groupings called Combos. These are based on the race and class of each piece and are activated when placed together. So now the problem is which Combos work the best. This Chess Rush advanced guide will provide you with several Combos to use for maximum squishing of your opponents! So let’s not waste any more of your time and instead let’s check out our Chess Rush tactics and strategies!

1. The Various Modes In Chess Rush

Of course, you’ll first need to know exactly how the different game modes of Chess Rush work so you can enjoy things better. Tencent Games really included quite a set of game modes to keep you busy for hours on end!

chess rush game modes

The good news is that there’s a tutorial at the start of Chess Rush. The bad news is that it doesn’t give the details of all the game modes. It only shows how to play in general. So here we’ll go through each tab on the left of the above screen shot. The exception being the Custom tab. That should be pretty self-explanatory! The Rank tab is setup a little bit different compared to other games. Here, each rank for matches is separate from the other two. You’ll have a rank for Classic Mode and the other two at the same time. So if you want anything for a ranking in any one of them or all of them, you can. The Classic Mode is the standard game as shown to you during the opening tutorials. You’ll all have 100 HP to start with and the rest worked just like the tutorials. These matches usually last quite a while unless the players either leave for some reason or get disconnected somehow.

The Co-op Mode is some fun for you and your friends. This includes people you’ve added to your friends list even if you don’t know them IRL. It’ll work just like the Classic Mode matches but while you’re “tag team” partnered with another player; you can trade pieces with each other. The Turbo Mode is where you’ll get some fast paced action as the name implies. The speed isn’t in the game play. It’s in the fact that you’ll gain twice the mana (in-match currency) and EXP. It makes for faster games because you can quickly build up your pieces. The other difference is that everyone will have 60 HP instead of 100 HP to start with. The typical case is that Turbo Mode matches last around 10 minutes (give or take). Classic Mode matches in comparisons can last for around 30 minutes (give or take). In any case, Turbo Mode is certainly different and does make for some good fun!

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The Basic Tab in the game modes of Chess Rush only has to parts to it. This only includes Practice and Tutorial Modes. Hopefully both modes should be obvious to you! As it turns out, the Practice Mode is a great way to attempt the various Combo setups like the ones found here below. Those matches are short and won’t offer up much of anything in terms of gains. They’re still worth doing for trying new/different Combo setups you encounter.

The Casual tab is where your bigger money making located is in Chess Rush! Each difficulty of the Casual tab costs more and more of your gold to enter. It’s an entry fee. The prizes are sizeable enough to make the attempts worth it. The bad news is that you’ll have to get into at least third place or better to truly score. Fourth place will gain you some of your entry fee gold back but you’ll lose gold being in fourth place or below. The bad news is that the entry fees range from 1,000 gold clear up to 100,000 gold. The good news is that gaining at least a third place spot will score you from 1,200gold up to 120,000 gold. Higher amounts are for those in first and second place. The great news is that you can be rewarded Free Entry tickets from various sections of the game. The terrible news is that you better believe the competition will be fierce in the Casual tab. That’s one of the reasons why you need strong Combo setups to use!

2. The Flood Fill Tactic

What makes you think 10 pieces on the board is the limit in Chess Rush?! The idea here is to overwhelm opponents with summoning pieces. This is also known as a Summons Marathon! The fun part to notice is that your opponent’s pieces usually go after the summons more than your pieces!

chess rush witch doctor

The hard part to pulling off this Combo setup in Chess Rush is not just gaining the pieces; it’s also in gaining enough Spellbane Staffs. Those staffs add mana to the pieces determined by the damage they do. The only piece you shouldn’t use the Spellbane Staff on is the Werewolf. The cool down of his skill is far too long anyway. The good news is that you’ll also have Beast pieces. The Beast Combo will increase damage to all allies (including summons). With at least 4 Beast pieces on the board, your pieces will have a chance to summon at the start of a battle. Not just the summoning pieces; it’s all of your ally pieces!

The best piece in this Combo strategy is the Marsh Lord of Chess Rush. The trick is that Marsh Lord’s summon will slow the attack speed of enemy pieces. Basically you’ll be hitting them two or three times before they hit you once! The catch is that anyone would think Nightowl is the best piece here. The problem is that even though Nightowl is included and his summon is strong, he’s difficult to obtain. The oddball piece to this Combo is the Witch Doctor. He does have a summon skill but it’s only a stationary totem for healing. Of course, this can be really nice to have but it’s more fun to note he’s a Beast piece! The remaining piece is Everbloom. The bad news is that her summon is not very strong. The good news is that she’s also a Druid piece which works with the Witch Doctor. So upgrading those two will be easy.

3. The Attacking Super Defense Strategy

This is a difficult Combo tactic to gain in Chess Rush because of the variety of pieces you have to get. The good news is that this is one seriously vicious Combo strategy in both attack and defense aspects! If done correctly, it’s nearly unstoppable.

chess rush bionic ninja

Chess Rush can easily start you with this strategy right from the start of the matches. It’s just a matter of your own luck of the draw and you not missing something in between. This strategy includes the Cyborg, Furry, Beast, Warrior, Rider, and Undead pieces. With Cyborg, any of your ally pieces randomly gain a bonus increase to their armor and HP regen for that entire 1 battle. The fun part is that many Cyborg pieces are also Engineer pieces. At the minimum and at the same time, all Engineers will also gain another HP regen boost. With just the Cyborgs and Engineers, your pieces are already pretty tough!

Next in the list are the Furry pieces of Chess Rush. You’ll see those pieces with a white colored bar attached to their HP bars. That white colored bar on their HP bars is a shield which absorbs 800 up to 2,000 damage. So no, they won’t die easily! You might be thinking you’ll get a damage boost (hence the “attacking” part in the name) with the Warrior pieces. No, they boost their armor. Throughout the battle, their armor will increase between 40 up to 100 points. Also note Warrior pieces branch out quite a bit for other Combos. The Riders randomly (via chance percentage) boost their defenses extremely high. It’s a temporary boost but it shows and is 100% worth having!

This just leaves the Beast and Undead pieces. Again, the name does indicate an attack boost of some sort! Naturally, you won’t want your pieces hitting like wet noodles! The Beast pieces will boost damage for all ally pieces. But to “put the hurt” on your opponent’s, the Undead pieces will reduce all enemy armor. Basically, you’ll be hitting harder even without the Beast Combo activated. But you also don’t want to take all day so yes, include the Beast Combo!

4. The Monster Mash

This is a just plain fun Combo strategy in Chess Rush for those monster movie fans! It can be a bit difficult to get depending on your luck of the draw and that’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s full of capability and quite nasty on the attack! You could branch off quite a lot to other Combos fairly easily with this setup.

chess rush scourge

This Chess Rush Combo strategy starts off with any piece type you can get. What you’ll need is Dragon, Beast, Demon, and Warlock pieces. The trick with the Dragon pieces is to aim for having all 3 of them. Being able to start off a battle with your piece’s skills ready to go does provide you with a great advantage. You’ll already have a start into Beast when you obtain Venom. Demon pieces naturally hit pretty hard anyway. So yes, they’re a great addition to your lineup. But mixing the Demon with the Beast Combos is a very nasty attack wanting to happen! The Nether Prince piece is usually fairly easy to gain and it gives you a start into the Warlock Combo. Mixing in the Marsh Lord is the better bet to gain the Warlock Combo and either gets you going into the Beast Combo or activates it.

When you put this all together in Chess Rush, your physical attacks for each battle gain a damage boost. Do note that two of the Dragon pieces have skills that are magic based damage. The immediate start is that you’ll have two bombs going off on your opponents with the Dragon pieces. It’s Dragon that gains a constant boost because his setup is all physical attacking based. The Demon pieces will hit a ton already. Then they again get boosted by the Beast Combo. Then all of your piece’s survival rate increases once the Warlock Combo is activated. After all that, you can branch off into other Combos if you happen to have space left in your lineup.

5. The Elven Mix

The Elven Mix of Chess Rush is an attempt at gaining a good Combo setup without that much effort. You won’t have to rely too much on your luck of the draw as well. There’re 8 Elf pieces in total. The “mix” in this strategy refers to the fact that it’s very easy to branch into other Combos. It’s so easy that two of the Elf pieces can already activate Druid. Two others can already give you 2 out of 3 pieces needed for the Assassin Combo.

chess rush nightingale

The bad news is to watch out for Nightingale. Notice in the above screen shot that she’s in the Punisher class. As of this writing, the Punisher class has a weird bug. Its description shows a 4 piece setup. However, there’re only 2 Punisher class pieces in total! Upon gaining Everbloom and Evergreen, you’ll have 2 out of 3 pieces needed to gain the Elf Combo. But you’ll already have the Druid Combo. That Combo makes it very easy to upgrade Druid pieces. And yes, there’s a bit of a catch included. You can temporarily set a second Druid piece on the board only long enough to upgrade your Druid piece that’s in use. This is more of a “work around” rather than a type of cheat. This is because the Druid Combo does make the piece upgrades easy but never said all Druid pieces must be in use for it to work.

The Moonlight Dragon can be your start for having the Dragon Combo. The Unicorn Cavalier can be your start for having the Rider Combo. The Stinger and Sword Dancer pieces are 2 out of 3 to gain the Assassin Combo. The Assassin Combo is a good one to have. Your pieces gain the advantage in being able to attack first. Being invisible means your opponent’s pieces can’t target or hit them. So if anything, you’ll gain at least 1 free hit on your opponent for each Assassin piece you have in play. Forest’s Breath is a heavy hitting piece which gives you a start into the Hunter Combo. The Hunter Combo means your Hunter pieces will have a damage boost. So what did you think was going to happen when it’s activated on Forest’s Breath?! If you guessed he’s going to be hard to kill off and hits like a freight train, you’re a good guesser!

6. The General Destruction Setup

This particular strategy in Chess Rush is not only hilarious, it’s highly destructive. The fun part is that more often than not, your opponents won’t even know what’s really happening. The great news is that this is one way to defeat the Attacking Super Defense strategy.

chess rush general puffer

If you haven’t guessed already, this strategy starts with General Puffer. Make sure to upgrade him as much as possible and have at least 1 Spellbane Staff on him. It’s a disaster wanting to happen to your opponents because his skill casts onto random targets. The “ouchy” part to General Puffer is that his skill can seriously reduce a target’s armor. Now add in the fact that his skill only has a 3 seconds cool down! So that thing can spread like the plague and your opponent can only watch (and wonder how) as their pieces suddenly get dismantled awful quickly!

Although this Chess Rush strategy is started with General Puffer, that doesn’t mean you have to stop there! To really make this brutal all around, you have to add in the Undead Combo and the Demon Combo. The Demon Combo is all too easy since it only needs 1 piece to activate it! The Undead Combo will make all your opponent’s pieces start with -20armor. This can go down to -50armor (all 4 Undead pieces). So all together, you can have multiple opponent pieces with a total of -275armor for up to 20 seconds each. Then add in the naturally heavy hitting of Demon pieces! Also note that the Undead pieces can hit quite well for themselves too! If you want to go all out with this strategy, feel free to include the Beast Combo if you still have room in your lineup!

Do you know other Combos that we should include in the guide? If so, please let us know in the comment section below!

Yovi Yudoyudanto

Saturday 20th of July 2019

The punisher class isn't a bug. It works as to convert our demons pieces into punisher classes, hence the 4 punisher effect. For example, by having nightingale and devourer, if we have another two demons pieces in the board they will be counted as punishers, but their demon effects won't be nullified. It is quite a great lineup to combine with riders if you're quite lucky to obtain many demon pieces early in the game. 6 riders with 4 punishers is quite enough to harass the enemy, at least for me. I've tried it before, while having all riders and demons in my board, and nightingale, of course. Feel free to experiment with it.