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Twist Hit! Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels and Get a High Score

It’s no novelty for anyone that deforestation has become a pressing issue. With this in mind, the guys at SayGames have developed Twist Hit!, a new game on iOS and Android that challenges players to plant and grow trees. Though at first sight it may look like an easy task, you are completely wrong! If you want to learn how to grow trees in Twist Hit!, keep reading for a bunch of useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Know The Challenges That You Are Facing

Leaving aside the satisfaction you will feel when replanting trees, you need to know that you are expected to grow layers of bark. And you will have to do it inside out. But there will be plenty of challenges in your path and you will need to overcome them. We are talking about obstacles that rotate in your way. If you hit one of them, you will fail the level and lose all the trees you have already planted. If, for instance, you need to plant 3 trees but, just as you reach your final tree, you get to hit a blocker, you will need to replant all the trees.

2. Be Patient And Play Wisely

twist hit! tricks

In the first 10-12 levels, you won’t have to overcome many obstacles. There will be a couple of them per level, but they won’t be in your way. If you are patient and pay attention, you will be able to complete the rings before the obstacles rotate into your way. On superior levels, timing will become a key factor. You will have to overcome various obstacles in one ring. If you manage to time your shots properly, you will pass the levels quickly and easily.

3. Learn When To Tap And When To Hold

If the space ahead is a large one, you will need to lay more bark. In order to do so, you will need to press and hold. If the gaps ahead of you are small, tapping the screen is your best choice. Combining tapping and holding will help you pass the more difficult levels.

4. Unlock New Trees And Skins

As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new trees and plant them. When you plant a tree, you will win coins that you can use to purchase new skins.

If you follow these simple Twist Hit! tips and tricks, you will be able to become a planting master in no time! Are there any other tips you would like to share with us? If so, be sure to drop us a line!