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Game of Gods: Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Have you ever dreamed of having god-like powers? If the answer is yes, then Foursaken Media has just given you the possibility to bring your dream to life! Game of Gods, the company’s latest mobile release, challenges you to play as a God and complete your mission: protect the god stones.

The action of the game is placed in a time when demons are destroying everything, leaving humans helpless and fighting for their lives. As a player, you will have two options: join Odia and save humans or join the dark side and kill humans! Depending on your choice, you will enter different missions. With that said, let’s check out our collection of Game of Gods tips, tricks and cheats!

1. Don’t Let Humans Distract You

If you decide to save humanity, keep in mind that your primary goal is to protect the god stones. If the demons manage to destroy these stones, the connection between the Earth and the Hall of Gods will be ruined. And that means that humanity is doomed. So don’t let humans distract you from your mission!

game of gods tips

If you have decided to join the dark side, your goal is simple: kill as many humans as possible.

2. Make Sure To Be Accurate When Required

There are spells that require the utmost accuracy to do as much damage as possible. Though some spells – such as the flare spell which causes a large explosion that affects various enemies- don’t require much precision, other spells –such as the boulder drops or the lightning bolt – do require accurate moves.

3. Use Area Damage Spells Properly

There are certain spells that do area damage. Placing them ahead of your enemies will allow you to do more damage to them. Why? Because they will have to walk through the whole damage area. Instead, if you drop them above them, they will get out of the damage area sooner than you would want them to.

4. Mix Spells To Deal More Damage

game of gods tricks

If you combine spells you will be able to deal massive damage to your enemies. If, for example, you use the flare spell to knock over the bog tree, the tree will damage anyone placed in the blast area.

5. Unlock New Items, Abilities And Spells

When you pass a level, you will be rewarded with God Points. They can be used to upgrade spells and abilities. However, you must make sure you spend them as soon as you get them or they will disappear. Spells can be unlocked and upgraded with Gold. So, when you get gold, make sure to save it until you can unlock new spells.

Whether you decide to be good or evil, we hope you will find our quick guide for Game of Gods useful! Make sure to share your gaming experience with all of us, especially if you can come up with tips and tricks we may have overlooked.


Saturday 8th of October 2022

This is the only game I continue to play on Android. The only thing I don't understand is when you sell items, you get points or coins that are shown next to a small anvil. I have no idea how to use these and what they're for.