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MIR4 Farming Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Farm for Every Resource Fast and Efficiently

Wemade’s MIR4 continues to remain as a top-grossing mobile game across several countries a few months following its explosive release. While this may be attributable to the game being the first NFT MMORPG, as well as enabling players to earn through its mechanics without necessarily requiring players to invest real money, MIR4’s MMORPG elements, on its own, is more than sufficient to keep players hooked in and relishing in its massive fantasy world.

If you have yet to join the more than 1 million players who seem to have considered MIR4’s world as their virtual habitué, but are already very much inclined to dive into it, then we highly recommend that you peek through our MIR4 beginner’s guide first.

mir4 farming tips

Our dedicated guide for beginners can help jumpstart your progression in MIR4 especially with regard to grasping all the most basic game mechanics and features. It contains loads of tips and strategies as well on what you ought to do so you can focus more on leveling up your hero and progressing through the plethora of available quests and missions.

Given the abundance of systems, features, and actual locations to explore in MIR4, it is close to impossible to squeeze it all in a mere beginner’s guide. Some of the features you unlock at a later time as well as some concepts are best discussed following an initial immersion into its vast world. As such, we prepared an advanced guide that tackles more complex concepts like the PvP and karma system, death penalties, codices, and more.

The 5 playable character classes in MIR4 are as close to being balanced as can be based on our opinion and, with that, we seriously feel that choosing from among them as to which one should you focus on is largely, if not entirely dependent on your preferences and play style.

mir4 fight

Just the same, we ranked down each of the 5 classes in our MIR4 class tier list, highlighting each one’s strengths and limitations that place them in different tiers on both PvE content and PvP combat. You can expect the class tier list to be highly subjective but at the very least, you can still pick up a lot of useful points to consider when choosing which character class to go with and what to expect out of each one.

Now we will be focusing exclusively on how you can farm fast and efficiently in MIR4. While it is already an established fact that time spent on farming and grinding in MIR4 can be tremendously accelerated if you spend some real cash, it is still very possible to make good progress for players who play completely free. The amount of grinding and farming will surely seem endless, but it is practically what you would expect from any MMORPG.


mir4 exp

EXP needed to level up your character is a basic resource in every RPG. As reaching new levels stand as the primary source of increase in power as well, EXP is essentially a commodity that you will consistently have to earn until you reach the maximum level or level cap. Note that the current level cap in MIR4 is level 130, which entails a lot of grinding ahead for every player regardless of how they go about it.

As a beginner, it is likely that you would not mind just how much EXP you gain over time as you will practically be reaching new levels regardless of what you do for the most part. If you have read our beginner’s guide and adhered to prioritizing the completion of main quests as much as possible, then you should have a relatively quick progression rate in terms of levelling your character up right from the get-go. Once main quests become impossible to progress following the imposition of requirements, MIR4 also provides an overabundance of missions for you to complete for even more EXP as well as a variety of resources.

In our advanced guide, we mentioned just how important it is to always expend your 2 Magic Square Tickets on a daily basis. With the Magic Square being a popular avenue for players to get more of the resources they currently need, it becomes very easy for just about anyone to go about whatever resource they feel they need more of when stepping into the Magic Square. While we would also consider going for various resources ourselves, the top recommended option in Magic Square is to actually go for EXP as long as you can still earn them.

mir4 mystic incense burner

Prioritizing EXP when it comes to consuming your Magic Square Tickets does not necessarily mean exclusively spending time in rooms that purely reward you with EXP. Goblin Rooms also reward you with EXP and you also earn EXP from farming magic stones. Some rooms like those where Darksteel can be obtained leave you with no EXP gain.

MIR4 plunges players into a massive open world abundant in various materials and resources. As you make progress in your journey and get acquainted with more features and mechanics, particularly ones that can contribute to upgrading or enhancing your character directly or indirectly, it can become overwhelming to choose which from among your many needs you should cater to first. Although EXP gains and level ups are a well-known basic need, its importance can be overshadowed by other necessities from time to time.

One common instance of this happening comes at the early part of your adventure. As your level grows from 10 to about 40, you will feel the gap between your character’s level and power spread more and more apart. While this may leave you inclined to gather more upgrade and enhancement materials for skills and equipment to increase your character’s power, you should do so but never at the expense of giving up opportunities to earn more EXP.

mir4 bicheon castle

Relative to power and level, power may seem to be the more favorable priority as it serves as a metric that encompasses the character’s overall strength. You might be convinced that having a higher power rating gives you advantage even against higher level mobs, bosses, or even players but that is never the case in MIR4. Level almost always takes precedence over power and in most cases, you would rather have an advantage in level than in power rating.

MIR4 certainly ensures that every hard core player’s thirst for hours of gameplays are quenched on a daily basis with a long main quest, a plethora of missions, and dungeons to revel in on a daily basis. If it so happens that you still have plenty of free or idle time left for the day after accomplishing every thinkable feat, then additional grinding is still very much plausible.

MIR4’s global map system makes it very convenient for players to search and move about across different locations. Beyond that, each area shows the level bracket of mobs that players can expect to encounter within them. Depending on your current level and power rating, there are always plenty of choices to idly farm for EXP. You can tap on your current location at the upper right side of the screen to access the map. On the upper left side of the map, you can access the entire map thru the “Global Map”, and then zoom in on any area of interest.

mir4 snake pit area

It will always be advantageous to be in a party once you reach the spot where you want to grind. Perhaps the only exclusion from this is having such a tremendous amount of power in that you get more kills on your own than with a group. At this point in time, however, you should know that almost every possible farming spot is littered with a lot of players and being a member of any party is almost too certain of being the better option.

Relative to the valuation of EXP as well, always remember to restore lost EXP whenever you are killed in battle. As early as reaching level 20, you will begin being imposed with a death penalty that comes with a reduction of a percentage of EXP earned.

Although this can never result in a level down, in case you have 0% EXP at the time of death, every bit of EXP lost is valuable and you should always make it a point to buy them back. If you perish, a fourth icon will appear at the upper left side of your screen. The first 3 instances of restoring lost EXP is free each day. Additional deaths that result in more EXP loss, however, must be restored by spending copper.


mir4 copper

Copper stands as the most basic currency in MIR4. While you practically earn thousands of this currency from almost every activity you engage in, the abundance of its uses will undoubtedly leave you having less than what you need if neglect to monitor it and farm extra bits of it regularly. MIR4 is actually designed to leave players learning to appreciate everything they gather, from the most basic currency and most common resources down to the rarer and more expensive ones.

It could happen that you will wonder about copper’s inclusion in the choice of resources to farm in special dungeons like the Magic Square considering that you will earn it from main quests, missions and requests, daily activities and so on. However, choosing to farm for copper or even old silver, which you can sell for loads of copper is a viable option in Magic Square as well as you can still earn EXP from the venture as well.

Farming for anything in MIR4 should not be expected to be devoid of any costs, though, and health as well as mana potions are just the most basic necessities to have before you set out for an adventure or grind of any kind. We mentioned earlier as well that recovering lost EXP after dying a fourth time and onwards cost copper as well so you can expect to spend loads of your basic currency for that normally too.

One thing you should consider having to ensure more actual grinding while online is less travel time. We have said time and again that MIR4 does have a huge open-world and its vastness can be tremendously felt when you manually travel from one area to a different one even with a mount to speed up your travels. Fortunately enough, MIR4 hosts some items that help you travel faster to different locations. Most of these come at a price, though, but should still be considered especially if the trade-off as far as earnings and convenience goes nets positive value.

mir4 outfit gloves

You can purchase fast travel scrolls and jump scrolls from supply merchants in every town. Fast travel scrolls can instantly teleport you to any desired location while jump scrolls merely take you to whichever town is the nearest from where you are. Fast travel scrolls cost 200 copper each while jump scrolls cost only 150 copper. While fast travel scrolls are essential to speed up farming and general adventuring, you can do well without ever purchasing a jump scroll.

MIR4 provides an “Unstuck” option on the main menu at the lower left side of the screen, which you can tap on if ever you are stuck anywhere to be taken to the nearest town. As you do not necessarily need to be stuck to use it, it very much serves as your free, unlimited supply of jump scrolls.

If you can afford to, most especially when farming in special locations like the Magic Square, use Greed Cordials and Greed Tonic to further boost the rate at which you obtain copper. On the other hand, the best way to go when it comes to idle farming are locations where you can eliminate mobs of monsters without the extra expense of consuming mana potions. There is always the option of selling unwanted items for copper but we do not recommend it as much as possible unless selling it for copper stands as its exclusive purpose for you.


mir4 darksteel

Darksteel is a type of premium currency in MIR4 that can basically be converted to Draco, which is the cryptocurrency at the core of how MIR4 can become a pay-to-earn experience for its players. There are expectedly numerous ways to farm for Darksteel and an equally abundant number of ways to spend them. Darksteel is a valuable commodity even for players who are uninterested in the idea of smelting them for Draco or playing MIR4 to earn as crafting, enhancing and a ton of expenses and purchases require Darksteel.

Although there are some quests that offer Darksteel as part of the rewards you obtain upon its completion, these do not come very often. Daily tasks and achievements also provide means for players to obtain the resource by the thousands, but hardly ever enough for your average needs. As much as this is a very valuable resource or currency, though, we cannot consider it as more important than EXP, which is why we would not recommend you to prioritize farming it in dungeons like the Magic Square at the cost of passing up on opportunities to earn more EXP.

There are locations in the map where you can also mine for Darksteel. A perfect example would be the Darksteel Mining Site at Bicheon Valley. You can access this location as early as when you hit level 20 and this location has 4 floors each with its own increasing level of difficulties commensurate to the rewards they hold.

The main problem with mining Darksteel anywhere is the notoriety of players who kill other players in these areas. PvP and PK are common events in MIR4 as one would expect, and where Darksteel can be farmed or mined, you can expect there to be a prevalence of aggressive players. Mining Darksteel idly or on power saver mode is definitely out of the question.

mir4 crafting

Considering all the above does not leave you with zero options to obtain more Darksteel. Another very important reason we urge players to make the most of their Magic Square Ticket usage daily is to gather shards from across almost any of its numerous rooms. Monsters inside the Magic Square, even if resembling mobs in the world map, drop different shards at random.

These shards are like added incentives from what they would normally give based on which room they are located in. These shards can be used at the Magic Square entrance to craft various items or chests by interacting with the different NPCs located there.

With the exception of the Potion Merchant and the Magic Square Ostiary, the 4 other merchants can give you a lot of the resources you need in exchange for the shards that you collected. Note that higher grade shards can be collected from higher floors inside Magic Square and these higher rarity shards can be used to get much better items from them.

The Ore Merchant can give you resources needed for constitution and inner force upgrades. The Special Material Merchant basically sells chests that contain copper, energy, Darksteel, or glittering powder at the cost of shards. The Herb Merchant sells yin pills, yang pills, and other herbs as well. The Equipment Material Merchant exchanges various gear crafting materials for your shards.

While a lot of the materials and resources you can obtain from these merchants are valuable and important to have too, this is where we recommend obtaining a lot of Darksteel from. All items you can obtain here can be obtained thru other means but Darksteel, as we have mentioned, is riskier to farm directly outside of earning as rewards from quests and missions.


mir4 gold

Gold in MIR4 comes at an even higher level of premium currency than Darksteel and cannot be purchased in the shop or stores without spending real money. Just the same, this premium currency is still not out of reach for free players given at least 2 ways to essentially earn them. Gold is expectedly a lot more difficult to earn and keep given that some items like special outfits can only be purchased using gold.

The first, but more challenging way to basically earn gold is to actually manage to amass more than enough Darksteel to smelt and convert to Draco. Draco can be sold for real money and with enough, you can use that money to purchase gold from the store. As simple as that may sound, we actually do not see it as the viable choice between the 2 options.

What we recommend for you to actually spend more time in is the Market, which is a feature in MIR4 where you basically trade some of your items with other players for gold. You can access the Market from the main menu and serves as the only way for players to actually buy from or sell to other players in the game.

Gold is the only currency used in the market and if you are raring to have more gold, then you should also be open to parting with some of your marketable items, even if you know you need them. Again, gaining strength at a fast and efficient way in MIR4 is a matter of prioritization and once you have given all you have to push your character’s level to the limit, then that would be the time to shift focus on improving the power rating.

You can identify items inside your bag if you can sell them in the market or not based on the weighing scale icon on their picture. A weighing scale is an indication that the item can be sold in the market. Although recent average unit price and current unit price for each item is provided, players can set the price for the items they sell.

Note that set price goes for the total price of items being sold in the case of multiple items like ores. Registering items for trade comes with a cost, which is ten times its cost in copper, paid upfront, and is also non-refundable.

It takes around 30 minutes after an item has been registered for sale before any player can buy the item. Once successfully purchases, it also takes about the same amount of time for you to be able to collect the gold you have earned from the settlement tab. Likewise a sales fee of 25% will also be deducted from your total sale.

As taxing as it may sound, the market is an excellent way for free players to rack up gold. This is especially effective for players who are at a high enough level to farm for various in-demand items and at the same time can afford a lot of time to spend on the market to profit even more from trading.

Enhancement And Upgrade Materials

mir4 hunting

We have played tons of MMORPGs before and we consider MIR4 as among the ones that provides the most number of ways for players to raise the combat power of their character. From strengthening the characters themselves beyond levelling up to raising their skill levels down to enhancement and upgrades of gears among other things, the sources and means of amassing more power in MIR4 will almost appear endless even to the most hardcore of players.

While reaching new levels only require EXP, making it the simplest and most straightforward means of increasing the hero’s power, it is an expected scenario that all other means of raising stats and overall power entails costs. Every means of enhancement and upgrade available in MIR4 has an attached cost, which is often currency coupled with enhancement or upgrade materials unique to each enhancement or upgrade system.

As we have already covered these features in our previous guides, we will no longer be laying them down again. Instead, what we will focus on is there relative value in comparison with the other resources we have discussed and the best ways to secure them, in general. Like most other resources, upgrade and enhancement materials can also be earned through various quests and missions.

The merchants at the Magic Square entrance, as we mentioned earlier as well, can craft upgrade materials in exchange for shards you have collected from within the Magic Square. Given the choice of securing other equally or even more valuable items such as Darksteel from these merchants, however, we would recommend for you to always check for other viable sources of the upgrade and enhancement materials you need.

mir4 magic square

MIR4 is designed in such a way that it becomes easy and convenient for players to determine all possible sources for any item in the game. Although everyone is expected to be familiar with each item in their bag at some point later in their journey, identifying sources of these items, more especially the ones you have none of and at the same time in need of, will surely take a long while.

Taking a Blue Dragon Scale, for example, you can tap on the item in your inventory and click the “source” button underneath its photo in the upper left side of the window. The list of available sources for this crafting material will be outlined, highlighting ones you can access at your current level as well.

While crafting a rare weapon and you are in need of this item specifically, you can also tap on its photo from the crafting menu, check for sources and identify ones that are easier for you to proceed to. In the case of sources being Magic Square and Secret, we reiterate the consideration to prioritize EXP over everything.

Higher levels of upgrades almost always mean having higher rarity items that are more challenging to gather or obtain. There will be instances as well where monsters that are stronger and spawn less often will be your best source for an item. These instances will be ones that would make it more convenient for you to pack lots of Fast Travel Scrolls, especially if you are on the hunt for something that is constantly being hunted by other players.

Well, that’s about it for our MIR4 farming guide and we once again hope that everything we discussed in this guide will help you farm every resource you need faster and more efficiently moving forward. If you have spent quite some time in the massive fantasy world of MIR4 and have some more useful tips to add to the list, then we welcome you to share them with us in the comments below!