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MIR4 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Level Up Fast

MIR4 is the first game developed and published by Korean firm, Wemade Co., Ltd. It is an MMORPG that works as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game as well, enabling players not just to enjoy its massive open world but also to earn real money in the process as well. NFT games have been continuously on the rise largely because of its allure for players to actually earn money with the hours they invest into playing games. MIR4 essentially sets itself apart by being a top quality MMORPG that is above par in its genre even without the blockchain elements.

Despite a huge chunk of MIR4’s explosive success being attributable to being an NFT-based MMORPG, we will be focusing more on the gameplay elements. MIR4 certainly offers a plethora of content and features that can appear overwhelming especially for beginners in the MMORPG scene and the purpose of the beginner’s guide is to direct a faster and more efficient path towards growth and progression.

In any case, the money-earning part of MIR4 will be dependent not just on time and effort invested but in power you amass as well. To some extent, having a solid grasp of all the basic features and mechanics that greet you augments your capacity to move forward and a speedy growth and progression path in any MMORPG is always the best way to go.

mir4 guide

There is a plethora of gameplay mechanics to learn about in MIR4, most especially since you will unlock each of them at a rapid pace early in your adventure. Despite having a seemingly intimidating environment, MIR4 is actually designed to ensure that even total newbies can make progress in their adventure. This is all thanks to the extensive tutorial that walks you through every new feature, an auto mode that makes it fast and easy to travel, gather, and even battle enemies, and a detailed in-game guide to ensure that every aspect of the game can be learned with a bit of effort.

If you have just dived into MIR4 and have been struggling to decide on what to focus on first, as well as how to go about the overabundance of activities available to you, then we have you covered as our MIR4 beginner’s guide comes with tips and strategies you need to level up your hero and progress through your adventure fast and efficiently.

1. Choose The Class That Best Suits You

The very first challenge that comes to every player in any MMORPG is the class selection process. Most especially for complete beginners in the genre, the inclination to think that one class is better than all others is often assumed. To some extent, there is truth in that mentality given that each character class is designed to perform very differently from one another and naturally have different sets of skills and talents.

This results in each character class being specialized in their own way. As MIR4 comes with its own unique mix of different adventure types, one particular class will surely excel in something more than others.

Considering everything, though, each class is essentially created equal to one another so the question as to which class is the best actually depends on the player. Each player will naturally have their own set of preferences and play style and that should be the sole basis of choosing the right class for them. Some may prefer going on solo adventures more than team play and some will naturally enjoy PvE content more than the PvP aspect of the journey.

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Though there are expectedly players who enjoy an aggressive approach towards challenges, there are also those who prefer playing defensively. MIR4 certainly caters to each of these preferences more or less with the way each of the 4 character classes are designed.

warrior class mir4

The warrior class is the most basic character class in MIR4 and is a balanced character that exhibits commendable offensive strength and defensive capabilities. Warriors are very straightforward and are very easy to manage and play as compared to other character classes. With good damage outputs and a sturdier build, warriors are an excellent choice for players who want to contribute to DPS while not necessarily risking their own life. Warriors are also perfect for farming in auto mode as you will be certain that they can survive long grinds on their own.

sorcerer class mir4

Sorcerers in MIR4 do not stray far from the conventional magic-based AoE specialists in other RPGs. Sorcerers are an excellent choice for players who prefer keeping a safe distance from their enemies while dealing massive damage to groups of mobs in the process. Sorcerers are expectedly built largely for offense, and will lag behind other classes as far as survivability is concerned. Although sorcerers have abilities that grant them shields, using them in combat, especially on solo adventures, require players to take more evasive maneuvers and strategies to survive more challenging battles.

taoist class mir4

Taoists are a unique class that combines short range combat proficiency with healing and support. Like sorcerers, Taoists also swerve more towards having superb offensive capabilities but low defensive capabilities. The big difference, as far as offense goes, is the range of attacks as Taoists are melee combatants and need to get close and personal with their targets, having higher risks of taking damage. On the upside, Taoists can replenish health and provide other support skills that make them a highly-coveted member of any party.

lancer class mir4

Last, but most definitely not the least, are lancers. At first glance, lancers can be seen as closely similar to warriors, who also perform melee attacks and have sturdy defense attributes. A noticeable difference would be the lancer’s farther reach compared to the warrior but considering general stats and skill sets, Lancers are actually built more for defense than warriors. Warriors can deal more raw damage than lancers but lancers have skills that provide debuffs as well as crowd control. While lancers may find it more challenging in PvE environments, they will certainly stand out in PvP combat.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Main Quests

MIR4 makes it so that players can find a lot of ease in progressing the main campaign even before they familiarize themselves with any of the game’s numerous features and game modes. The line between the end of the tutorial session and the beginning of your real adventure can hardly be noticed as you will constantly feel a helping hand throughout the early part of your journey. The auto mode in MIR4 lets you take on quests with a click of a button, making it fast and convenient for even total beginners to make progress in their adventures.

The main quest objective can be easily seen at the right side of your screen. Most especially at the early part of your adventure, main quest objectives are not all tied up to battles and some objectives will simply require you to travel to certain areas, talk to some NPCs, or even perform gathering errands. In essence, the main quests largely introduce you to and familiarize you with all the basic features and mechanics of the game.

mir4 quest progression

Main quests also provide you rewards upon completion and rewards not only come as basic resources to sustain the basic upgrades and enhancements you need but also EXP to level up and strengthen your character. EXP and some basic resource materials can be earned from grinding and farming, and there will be plenty of opportunities to do that but the amount of EXP you can get from killing mobs of monsters are very minimal and almost insignificant compared to what you get from completing quests.

The most important reason for prioritizing main quests over everything else is that progression through them is key to unlocking the rest of the features in MIR4. There are certain activities that come with a limit on a daily basis and engaging in these activities will naturally form part of the daily routine. Being able to access them as soon as possible means having plenty more opportunities to earn additional EXP and resources.

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There are basically 2 reasons that would justify putting the main quest progression on hold. The first is a natural outcome of difficulty growth that would bar you from moving forward, in which case, you will need to engage in all other activities and grow more in power before pursuing main quest objectives. The other is to tend to daily activities within the day’s cut-off period.

3. Do Not Hesitate To Perform Upgrades

While gaining EXP and reaching new levels instantly increase your character’s stats and combat power, there are a plethora of ways and means in MIR4 to boost your hero’s strength. This directly relates to progressing the main quests as some of the features that links to enhancing your character can be unlocked following the completion of certain campaign chapter quests.

Each feature unlocked comes with a brief but tutorial session that is easy to comprehend. The “+” icon at the top right side of your gateway to see the main menu with its top-most icons directly related to empowering your character.

You will notice that tapping on some icon will reveals more options below it like for the “Character” icon, as an example, can lead you to equipment, magic stone, outfit and mount. The equipment actually leads to your inventory, which holds more than just your actual gears. Gears can be earned as is but you can ones with existing gears. Once a better gear is available, you can quickly equip it even while adventuring. If not, then peeking into your inventory will show you if you have better equipment that you can swap in on your character.

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Magic stones somewhat work like gars as well but ultimately lead to a more customized build for your character. Magic stones have different colors that grant different stat bonuses and also follow a rarity grade that determines difficulty of acquisition as well as potency of effects.

mir4 upgrades

Outfits or skins were conventionally exclusively made for aesthetics but in MIR4, outfits actually have stat boost effects for your character. You cannot expect any MMORPG to be complete without mounts and mounts in MIR4, just like most modern MMORPGs are more than having faster means to travel.

You can expect each character class in MIR4 to have an abundance of unique skills and while some take a bit of time to become available, the ability to enhance them comes very early in the adventure. Skills only require energy and skill tomes to upgrade to the next level and one important point to consider is that prioritization in terms of which skills to focus on first is important.

You can expect costs to increase as the skill level rises, making it viable to spread out upgrades far and wide. As gathering the necessary resources, particularly skill tomes, can be a challenge, it is best to upgrade the skills that you rely on more heavily than others.

Travelling and adventuring without a party does not necessarily need to be lonesome as MIR4 provides you with spirits as companions for your journey. Progressing through your adventure will let you deploy up to 5 different spirits at a time, making it a huge incentive to collect as many as you can.

mir4 battle

Spirits have rarity grades that determine the passive boosts they provide and combining lower grade spirit stones can earn you a higher grade one. Beyond the stat boost effect inherent in each spirit, you can also equip them with treasures that add additional stat increases. Higher grade spirits have more treasure slots and once a treasure is equipped, you will no longer be able to retrieve it.

There are additional stat boosts your character can receive through training, which is divided between constitution and inner force. The constitution upgrades focus on specific stats and may appear to give you a decision point as to which stat to prioritize in cases where the resource materials are similar.

However, there are level caps where each one must be tied first before further enhancement, pushing for a more balanced upgrade process. If you are missing a specific resource, you can always just tap on it and check for the source. Yin Pills and Yang Pills are an important resource you will need a lot of to upgrade your character’s stats via the Inner Force feature.

4. Take On Missions And Requests

It may take a while before you feel the need to get stronger becomes imminent for you to continue pursuing the main quest objective. One clear sign of this is when you are facing enemies that have a higher level than you. Note that there are EXP penalties if ever your character perishes and a 5% EXP drop is quite painful. Instead of pushing towards harder main quest challenges in your current state, you can opt to take on missions and requests instead to earn more EXP and reach new levels as well as earn more resources to perform additional upgrades to your character.

Saying that MIR4 provides players with a ton of missions to take on is actually an understatement as you will come to find early on that the list of missions to unlock and take on seem limitless. Reaching certain milestones in the main campaign unlocks additional missions for you to complete. There are field missions, elite missions, labyrinth missions, and valley missions. Some missions are available to complete only once while some missions can be repeated 3 times per day.

mir4 missions

The repeatable missions should be your priority on a daily basis as failing to max out the 30-mission limit for repeatable quests essentially means forgone opportunities to earn extra rewards. Given that each mission comes with different sets of rewards, it is important for you to determine the resources you need more of before choosing form among the available repeatable missions as to which ones you want to pursue.

One of the finer conveniences that MIR4 provides to players is the auto-mission mode. You can choose to pursue any 10 missions at a time and have your character accomplish them one after another. You simply need to accept mission and then click on the “Auto-Play” button at the top of the mission page.

mir4 army

In the Auto-Mission window, you can tick the check mark at the upper left side to choose to automatically pursue all lodged missions. You can also sort the order by which the lodged missions will be pursued and you can also claim rewards for instantly once the mission has been completed.

Requests also work like missions but cannot be lodged on auto mode. They are still easy and convenient to pursue given auto-pathing, auto battle, and auto gathering. Clues are prerequisites to taking on requests and are basically uncovered with story progression. You need to peek into it, though, to see the quest requirements as well as mission conditions, if any.

5. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

Clans, guilds, alliances, factions, and all other similarly-themed player associations have grown to become an integral part of most online games. Although primarily serving as an extension of the virtual world’s social aspects, the concept of clans has grown tremendously over time, making a then optional feature to becoming a critical factor to a player’s overall growth and progression. While most game genres have clan or guild features, the value of the clan system is of utmost importance in RPGs and strategy games.

MIR4 offers plenty of activities to engage in on your own and while some players may actually prefer going on solo quests, MIR4 is an MMORPG and present numerous avenues for players to go on adventures with others. One of the first things you will notice before entering the game is that MIR4 delimits people who can who can log in on each server.

mir4 clan vault

At the same time, if you do not see a server being tagged as full, then it is more likely busy instead. This recurring scenario can be further verified when you step into MIR4’s world as despite the herculean size of the world map, you will hardly experience being alone anywhere.

Killing mobs of monsters can be a challenge if there are so many players hunting the same ones. You cannot forget as well that there are mission targets that will prove too difficult for any single player to slay alone. In these instances, it is a great help to be a member of a party and while you can just as easily join one among random players you encounter, playing with fellow clan members as well as friends can provide a more streamlined objective.

mir4 party info

Once the clan system becomes available to you, you can either create your very own clan or join an existing clan. For beginners, we recommend finding an active clan to join first, most especially if you are new to MMORPGs and the clan features within MIR4. Creating and leading your very own clan requires a lot of dedication and hard work and even for a committed clan member, there are some things you also need to do for your clan.

There are certainly a lot of benefits in being a clan member in MIR4. In all honesty, it will be difficult to catch up to everyone else if you do not join a clan soon enough and engage in clan activities. Most importantly, you need to consistently make donations to your clan and check on available activities to ensure its continuous growth. Any improvement in the clan naturally means benefits for each member, so if you are raring to be a strong player in MIR4, you should definitely join an active clan and engage as much as you can with clan activities.

6. Take Time To Gather Resources

The predominant expectation that comes with every MMORPG adventure is that it Is largely, if not entirely, focused on action and combat. Truthfully enough, MIR4, just like most modern RPGs, have a huge chunk of the activities in their offerings inclined towards engaging in various battles, not just mobs of monsters and bosses, but also other players. Combat power has dominantly become the measure by which a character’s value is gauged and players naturally clamor to raise their character’s combat strength more and more as they progress through their journey.

While it is needless to say the combat power is a crucial element relative to how you can progress in the world of MIR4, fighting and engaging in various scuffles do not make up the entirety of activities you need to partake in.

mir4 resources

Even at the early part of you adventure, you will be introduced to various gathering methods such as collecting herbs and even mining ores. There are plenty of spots scattered around the map where you can farm for resources, and how these resource spots have limited items that replenish over time should be a clear enough indicator of their value.

There are various resources you can gather and as an alternative to merely selling them for copper, each one can be used as crafting material or even sold in the market. These resources have different rarity grades as well.

Crafting various gears that lead to the creation of higher grade gears can be an excellent source of gold from the market. If you ever get tired of engaging in one set of battles after another and would want to spend a more relaxing time away from chaos, then you should certainly engage in item gathering and trading.

7. Pursue Achievements For Extra Rewards

MIR4 most certainly is a grand adventure that provides a lot of content and features for its players. Having an abundance of features, particularly once that dabble in upgrades and enhancements, makes it necessary for players to farm and grind.

There are plenty of resource materials to earn as rewards from the completion of quests and missions. Beyond that, there are also direct ways to gather some of the resources you need via collecting and mining. Engaging in all these activities will still not be sufficient especially considering your hero’s growing needs.

Thankfully, MIR4 also holds a daily task and achievements system to reward active players. In essence, these additional tasks do not necessarily equate to additional work or hours. In contrast, since the objectives set under tasks and achievements directly relate to the usual activities you should engage in on a regular basis, these instead can serve as a guide towards how you should progress on a daily basis as well as in the long run.

mir4 achievements

Daily tasks unlock at level 20, which is fairly easy to reach on your first day if you play enough, even mostly on auto mode. Objectives listed under the daily task are as easy and simple as they come and you will naturally even accomplish some feats without knowing what the specific targets. Each objective met earns you outright rewards and completing 5 and 10 tasks within the day also earns you chest rewards at the top of the page.

Achievements, on the other hand, encompass the entirety of your adventure and set various milestones for you to reach as indication of your overall progress in the game. Some achievement targets will certainly be easy to accomplish while others will take some time. Achievement targets are basically divided into adventure, upgrade, and challenge targets.

Do not be intimidated by some target numbers you see especially those that appear massive. Natural progression will push you towards the completion of each target. It helps to peek into the list of objectives, though, especially if you clamor some of the rewards more than others. Likewise, some targets can serve as a reminder for you on certain aspects of the game you may be missing on.

MIR4 certainly holds a lot more in store for every adventurer but for now, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide. While there are still plenty of features and content we did not include in this guide, we are fairly confident that the tips and strategies we covered here will lead to a better understanding of the ones you will unlock later in your adventure. If you have invested a lot of hours in MIR4 and stumbled upon something we missed, you are very much welcome to share your thoughts and experiences below!


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