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MIR4 Tier List: A Complete Ranked List of Character Classes for PvE and PvP Combat

Wemade’s hugely successful NFT MMORPG, titled MIR4, has just gotten even bigger with the addition of a new character class and the introduction of the class change system. Players can continue to expect each server to remain active with only newer ones having available slots for newer players. MIR4 certainly has a lot to offer as far as content and features are concerned. The urge to farm and grind is so strong as well, given there is hardly any limit to how long each player can continue to gather the resources they need.

Within the same huge fantasy world, each player can have different sets of experiences based on the activities they choose to engage in and how they go about it. The experience is naturally impacted as well by the character class you choose to focus on. With 5 very distinct character classes to choose from, players should get to know each one well before deciding on their character choice.

mir4 tier list

Although MIR4 provides 5 available character slots per account, giving players an opportunity to create a character for each class, it still boils down to focusing on a main character whom you will spend as much of your efforts and resources on.

If you have just started diving into the world of MIR4 and still in the process of grasping its basic features and game modes, we recommend that you head over to our MIR4 beginner’s guide first. Our beginner’s guide offers loads of tips and strategies to help you get started right in your long, exciting adventure within the world of MIR4 and sets you up to level up and raise your character’s power fast and efficiently.

We have also published an advanced guide, where we explain numerous different features of the game. On top of that, we have come up with a detailed farming guide, that comes with useful information about how you can farm for resources fast and efficiently.

We feel that, considering everything, balance is largely maintained across each character class in MIR4. Each one performs differently given their unique stats and sets of skills. While some character classes will be perceived to lag behind others in a particular type of endeavor, these same classes will fare better in some aspects of the adventure.

As far as tier lists go, it feels peculiar to rank down character classes considering overall performance across all game modes. As such, our approach will be to rank each class for PvE content and PvP content separately.

mir4 best character class

Before we proceed, you should know that the recent update made it possible for players to choose a different class for their character once they hit level 50. These are not second or promotion classes as many players may expect. Instead your character can now play as any of the other 4 classes. This will have costs from copper to gold and you can always switch back to your first class.

This feature adds to the value of knowing what each character class’ strengths and limitations are so beyond what we already shared on our beginner’s guide, we will be providing more details to rationalize our ranking of each class in this tier list.

MIR4 PvE Tier S Class


The warrior class in MIR4 stands as the most basic class and is perhaps the most beginner-friendly. Warriors are melee combatants that exhibit a perfect balance between offense and defense, ensuring to kill fast enough while maintaining a good level of health even against fighting mobs of monsters in close range. Most PvE combat you will engage in will be on auto mode and even with passive farming, you can be confident that the warrior will come through with little to no health potion consumptions.

The warrior class has plenty of skills that inflict daze, knockdown, and even confusion on monsters and can gain temporary invincibility as well as immunity against crowd control effects. Pulling enemies near as well as taunting monsters naturally form part of a warrior’s kit as well. To top it all off, warriors also have abilities that reduce the enemy’s physical attack and can also boost their damage reduction stats as well.

warrior pve mir4

Ground Smash is a physical AoE attack that does 250% DMG at tier 1 that comes with a guaranteed knockdown to a monster hit. If they are dazed, it has a 50% increased DMG. However, more enemies hit also reduces the 100% chance of knocking them down. Lion’s Roar is another excellent control skill of the warrior class.

Although this skill only deals 130% physical DMG at tier 1, it reduces the target’s physical attack by 80 for 10 seconds, inflicts daze and confusion for 5 seconds, and will also stun the enemy monster for 2 seconds.

Taunts are especially essential to gather enemies around you when in party play. The warrior’s Riposte skill may not deal any damage to enemies, but it is valuable for its taunt effect. It grants the warrior temporary immunity against crowd control skills and increases the warrior’s DMG reduction by 24% for 3 seconds.

This also comes with a 100% chance of knocking down a monster, with reduced probability if more targets are hit. Iron Shackle works a lot like taunt in that it literally pulls enemies towards the warrior and deals 220% physical DMG to them at tier 1.

Unbreakable Stance will certainly not be as needed early on against weaker mobs of monsters but will come in very handy from mid to end game. Unbreakable Stance only deals 80% physical DMG but its added effect of increasing EVA by 60 for 20 seconds can go a long way. At tier 1, this skill also comes with a 20% monster DMG reduction for 10 seconds.

As an Ultimate Skill, the warrior’s Dragon Flame is a potent physical AoE attack that does 660% DMG at tier 1. This grants the warrior temporary invincibility for 3 seconds as well. As an added effect, Dragon Flame also inflicts knockdown with a 100% success rate that has decreased chances against multiple enemies.

MIR4 PvE Tier A Class


Sorcerers have always been known to be a top-tier DPS class in most MMORPGs that have them and while the sorcerer’s damage outputs and range of attacks in MIR4 are nothing short of impressive, their lower defensive stats make them a little more challenging for newer players, especially those who rely on auto mode a lot.

They excel in ranged attacks and should consider keeping themselves in safe distance and auto mode simply does not take this into account. Sorcerers can farm fast because of their damage outputs but will require a good supply of potions to ensure their survival.

sorcerer pve mir4

Sorcerers are the master of elements and can utilize the power of fire, ice, and lightning. In addition to burn and freeze effects, sorcerers can also inflict knockdown on monsters. Beyond that, they can have temporary invincibility, DMG reduction boost, and spell ATK increases as well. Sorcerers have a wide array of utilities to say the least, and can be tremendously dreadful at the hands of a well-experienced player.

For PvE combat, having combination effects can matter a lot especially when it comes to farming. Knockdown and chill effects work a lot better against monsters as compared with players so it is best to take advantage of them. Frost Orb is a basic ice elemental spell that deals 178% spell DMG at tier 1, inflicting chill for 5 seconds that can stack up to 3 times, reducing the monster’s movement SPD by 50 for 10 seconds. A combo skill to consider when using chill effects is Thunderstorm, which deals 400% spell DMG at tier 1, further increasing DMG by 50% against chilled targets.

The sorcerer’s Magic Shield is an excellent utility spell and while it only does 110% spell DMG, the magic shield it creates for the sorcerer reduces all DMG taken from enemies by 24% and lasts for 25 seconds. The magic shield also initially has an absorption limit of 2,000 or 20 hits but the former increases based on the skill’s tier.

When playing in a party, particularly other spell users, Phoenix Embrace can grant everyone a 25% spell ATK boost that lasts for 60 seconds. At higher tiers, this comes with a skill cooldown reduction, MP potion efficacy increase, and skill ATK DMG boost as well.

Dragon Tornado, as an ultimate skill, does more than just heavy AoE damage. The 680% spell DMG it inflicts across 10 hits is much appreciated but the full 3 seconds of invincibility that comes immediately after casting is a tide-changer if utilized strategically. As auto combat would never use ultimate skills, the sorcerer is one character class whose efficiency gap stretches farthest between manual and auto mode.


Arbalists are the equivalent of archers or rangers in conventional RPGs. They exclusively deal PHYS DMG and are ranged combat experts like sorcerers. Although a newly-added class in the world of MIR4, Arbalists are certainly growing in popularity thanks to their high damage outputs and mix of single target and AoE attacks. Arbalists will certainly make quick work of farming from various mobs especially on the early part of the main campaign and will have an easy time being utilized on auto mode and idle farming.

arbalist pve mir4

On top of having decent raw damage outputs, Arbalists also have a wide array of utilities to exhibit in combat. Arbalists can effectively increase their CRIT and PHYS ATK DMG outputs. They can gain temporary invincibility, immunity from crowd control, and even temporary immunity against knockdown and stun. They can reduce PHYS and Spell DEF of their enemies as well as debuff their accuracy.

Quick Shot is an excellent basic skill that grants Arbalists focus. Focus can stack up to 10 times and exceeding 3/6/9 stacks will trigger weakness analysis, increasing their CRIT. Painstrike Gale is another basic skill that grants a 1-second temporary invincibility after use. Targeted enemies are marked for 5 seconds, raising chances to stun them.

Burst Shell does 220% PHYS ATK as DMG and reduces PHYS and Spell DEF of targets by 50 for 10 seconds. Flash Arrow, on the other hand, does 150% PHYS ATK as DMG, reducing the target’s accuracy by 50 and inflicts marked for 5 seconds. Mind’s Eye is a self-buff that increases the Arbalist’s PHYS ATK by 10 for 30 seconds. The Arbalist’s ultimate skill, Arrow Rain, does 600% PHYS DMG in a large area and also grants invincibility for 3 seconds after casting.

MIR4 PvE Tier B Class


Taoists are far from any conventional character classes that even veteran MMORPG players have experienced. Taoists can be a challenge to handle for beginners in MIR4 and can be a little difficult to appreciate in solo runs but when it comes to team and party adventures, they are undoubtedly the most wanted party members.

They are melee combatants just like warriors and lancers but have skills that can deal physical damage, spell damage, or even a mix of both. Damage outputs of Taoists also lag behind most character classes. Their unique talents in health recovery, not just for themselves but for the entire party, make them invaluable for any team endeavor whether it be PvE or PvP.

taoist pve mir4

We considered Taoists as B Tier in PvE combat because of damage outputs, making it take a lot longer to farm for resources especially on auto mode. There is advantage in survivability, though, as you are almost always certain that Taoists can replenish lost health even without the aid of HP potions.

They can inflict quelled, darkness, and knockdown on their targets. Taoists can also gain temporary immunity from crowd control effects as well as gain temporary invincibility. In addition to health recovery, Taoists can also boost their party’s physical defense and spell defense attributes.

Taoists do still employ some skills that can deal decent damage to targets. Rain of Blades, for starters, deal 190% PHYS ATK + 110% Spell ATK DMG to targets. Tai Chi combines 240% PHYS ATK and 80% Spell ATK DMG, grants temporary immunity to crow control effects to the user, and inflicts knockdown as well. Soaring Slash is another comparatively powerful attack that does 290% PHYS DMG and 110% Spell DMG.

The Taoist class’ ultimate skill, Ray of Light does not just heal the entire party. It also deals 220% PHYS DMG and 340% Spell DMG to targets, grants the caster temporary invincibility for 3 seconds, and inflicts knockdown to targets. At higher tiers, it also gains skill ATK DMG boost to monsters, can be used even when silenced, and ultimately dispels silence debuffs.


Lancers are, at first glance, easily compared to warriors although they more closely resemble Taoists, given the usually lower DPS outputs and the mix of PHYS DMG and Spell DMG in their attacks. Compared to Warriors, Lancers are sturdier and more focused on Def than warriors. Lancers have a slightly better range than both Warriors and Taoists as well. Given that pure DMG and AoE skills reign in PvE farming and especially auto mode, Lancers are at the bottom tier considering general PvE content.

It certainly is difficult to lodge classes in tiers and we want to avoid any impressions that playing as a Lancer will make it difficult for you to progress through MIR4’s PvE campaign. With high defensive capabilities, it will actually be relatively easy for Lancers to progress. However, quests and battles that will take the other classes to accomplish faster. For team adventures and engagements, Lancers are valuable as they serve as the party’s tank, soaking in as much damage as possible and protecting the rest of the party.

lancer pve mir4

Chill, knockdown, and darkness, are common negative status effects that Lancers can inflict on their enemies. Some skills endow the Lancer with temporary invincibility as well as immunity from crowd control skills while casting. Lancers can also increase damage reduction attributes and can even leech DMG inflicted back to their health.

One notable skill is Wind Wall. This skill does 140% PHYS ATK and 80% Spell ATK as DMG and grants immunity to crowd control while casting. This provides the Lancer a 5% increase in monster DMG reduction, a 20% boost to all DMG reduction, and a 15% bonus to Bash DMG reduction at tier 1. The percentages improve with tier upgrades and grants a shield to the party at tier 5, along with Boss DMG reduction and Spell ATK boost for the party.

Absorption is a valuable ability as well, although dealing only 110% PHYS ATK as DMG at tier 1. This recovers 100% of DMG inflicted as HP and at higher tiers, can reduce DMG Reduction attributes of the target and even remove their shields if they have any.

The Lancer’s ultimate skill, Dragon Spear, does 300% PHYS ATK and 400% Spell ATK DMG to enemies, giving the caster invincibility for 2 seconds. It also inflicts knockdown on targets, which is great in PvE but has lower chances on PvP enemies, especially with larger numbers. Higher tier levels of this ultimate skill will have increased damage on targets inflicted with burn or chill.

MIR4 PvP Tier S Class


While the Lancer is far from our favorite pick in PvE combat, particularly solo adventures, Lancers are a common favorite choice for PvP combat. Considerably having better range than Warriors and Taoists, as well as defensive capabilities to outlive both, Lancers should typically only worry about Arbalists and Sorcerers who prefer keeping themselves away in a safe spot.

Lancers, however, have a charge attack that can close the gap and combined with knockdown resistance reductions that come at higher skill tiers, you can cripple just about anyone and swarm them with your more powerful attacks.

lancer pvp mir4

Crescent Blade is a skill that can inflict knockdown as well as reduce knockdown RES at higher tiers. Nirvana Kick is the charge attack that does 160% PHYS ATK as DMG and causes knockdown as well. Just like Crescent Blade, this skill will also inflict knockdown RES reduction at higher tiers. Sweeping Storm is another combo attack that deals both PHYS and Spell DMG, granting crowd control immunity to the caster. This skill inflicts darkness on targets and can reduce the target’s PHYS and skill ATK DMG at higher tiers.

Absorption will prove very useful in PvP matches as well, given its leech effect that returns health from damage inflicted. At higher tiers, this will reduce DMG reduction stats of the enemy, and remove magic shield as well as prevent them from having one.

MIR4 PvP Tier A Class


Despite being a melee combatant that are mostly popular in party adventures and endeavors, Taoists are formidable contenders in PvP game modes, more so in team-based scuffles. On a one-on-one duel, Taoists are disadvantaged by range but the variety of utilities they can employ makes them difficult to take on.

The combination of PHYS and Spell DMG they can inflict on enemies can prove painful to any character’s DEF. Despite potentially having lower damage outputs, health recovery can bring a unique advantage especially if it is exclusive to the class.

taoist pvp mir4

Both Heal and Greater Heal immunizes the Taoist against crowd control skill at the time of casting. Guardian Circle and Expulsion Circle can boost the Taoist’ PHYS DEF and Spell DEF respectively. These boosts start of at a 25% rate for 60 seconds at tier 1 and the boost granted increases with each tier upgrade.

With an array of skills that deal combo damage, there are plenty of strategies and play strategies to consider as a Taoist. It can be a little complex for beginners but Taoists are definitely considerable performers against any kind of opponent.


The warrior class’ knockdown effects can make him a better character in PvP if the same success chances applies across both monsters and characters. The chances of inflicting knockdown, however starts at 10% for characters and skills would have to be upgraded to higher tiers to make them effective. Range will work against the warrior in PvP and while warriors can be a little tougher to kill, warriors will also find it very challenging to eliminate targets in a duel.

Despite much lower reliability on stun and knockdown effects in PVP, temporary crowd control skill immunity, temporary invincibility, and daze are still useful effects in the warrior’s kit. Gale Slash, for example, does 380% physical DMG and grants temporary immunity to crowd control skills while being cast. The same temporary immunity also comes with Riposte.

warrior pvp mir4

Iron Shackles is especially useful if you want to close the distance between you and your opponent and this will come with damage reduction bonus on higher tiers. Berserk may only deal 80% physical DMG but it grants invincibility for 1.5 seconds at tier 1, increasing the warrior’s skill damage as well by 12% for the next 15 seconds and inflicts confusion for 5 seconds on targets.

As warriors can be disadvantaged in a duel with enemies who prefer keeping their safe distance, Barbaric Charge should be among the skills you equip to close the gap between you and your target. This lets you literally charge at your enemy, inflict 280% of physical DMG, and inflict both daze and knockdown.

MIR4 PvP Tier B Class


The Arbalist looks promising in PvP combat as well but still seems not at par with the character classes above. The usual conception of advantage brought about by range combatants comes at a price of having lower defensive capabilities especially when enemies are up close. While Arbalists can certainly win PvP matches given range, power, and utility, we feel that doing so requires some effort and strategy difficult to pull off from a beginner’s perspective.

arbalist pvp mir4

Considering the number of skills to choose from as an Arbalist, the general choice is divided across going for skills that do more raw damage and those that have added effects. For PvP combat, it is wiser to bank on abilities that give you more protection and survivability instead of pumping damage outputs further.

One skill we feel is invaluable in PvP is Cloaking. This skill only deals 90% PHYS ATK as DMG and gives stealth to the caster for up to 2 seconds, provided you do not attack. Skill ATK DMG increases for 2 seconds once stealth dissipates. Skills that inflict knockdown on enemies, most especially those that reduce knockdown resistance are excellent skill choices for PvP combat as well.


As powerful as the sorcerer is especially against huge mobs of monsters, engaging in a one-on-one duel against a thinking, strategizing player. Keeping a safe distance will certainly be a bigger challenge and skills would have to be at higher tiers for added or improved status effects to kick in. You should not get the wrong idea that sorcerers are weak at all, it is just that it requires a lot more effort and expertise to engage in PvP as a sorcerer given her defensive capabilities.

For starters, though, there is temporary invincibility from the ultimate skill, Dragon Tornado, as well as Frozen Block. Timely utilization of these defensive effects can give Sorcerers a huge edge and 3 seconds of invincibility can really go a long way. Magic Shield is good to have in PvP as well for the damage reduction of 24% that lasts 25 seconds at tier 1.

sorcerer pvp mir4

While a frost and thunder combo can be utilized for its chill effects and extra damage, especially with chill stun at higher tiers, another option is to capitalize on fire-based spells like Flame Orb and Flame Strike that inflicts burn and damage over time. As you will want to keep putting a good amount of distance between you and your enemy, it will help to keep damaging them even with small bits over time to gain or maintain your advantage.

As tier lists such as this one are highly opinionated, we expect each player to have their own version of how each list goes. Chances are that if you have played MIR4 long enough, you will also be in disagreement with some, or perhaps even all, of our choices. Again, we stand by our initial belief that all character classes are created equal and while some seem less appealing in certain aspects of the adventure, a different setup for that character or a different strategy altogether can certainly close the gap.

We hope that the things we shared we you through our tier list will prove useful in your adventures within the world of MIR4 moving forward. If you would like to share your opinions as well as reactions to our tier list, we welcome them very much so do not hesitate to drop us a message down in the comments!